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Friday I've Got Monday On My Mind

A Passage to Ear-ndia

Well, no wonder I have been feeling poorly for the last few weeks or so: I have acute sinusitis (thought as far as I can tell there is nothing 'cute' about it) and an ear infection. There you go. Therefore I have new drugs and strangely,. I am feeling worse, before I hopefully feel better. I went to the chemist and they gave be some saline nasal spray (yuck) but it seems to help. Worst thing?? I have the Unseen Academicals and A Tyrant's Blood to read and I can't concentrate on either of them.

My computer also has passage issues: it was full of spider webs and chock-a-block full of dust. Apparently I missed the very important message that you press a button on my hard drive and the side pops out and you can clean it. The Technician reckons this is pretty much the whole issue, that, and the lack of memory. Good news so far.

My Sea Sock has has issues too, I unravelled it totally and started again. That's the trouble when you don't do the maths before you start. When I started the foot section I realised I had K2 on one side of the chevron panel and P2 on the other. It had to go, but yesterday I knitted it back to the same spot.

Sea Sock mark2

The Labradors have been either looking after me, or, bringing small planks into the house through the dog door. Harki despairs of Lorelai Gilmore sometimes.

Harki having a rest 

Peri escaped to The Forbidden Zone and explored without Lorelai Gilmore.

Peri the explorer 

While the baby herself has no idea why she's standing here alone. After all, she's so cute.

Wicked Lorelai Gilmore-1

That's it, Day 22 of Blogtober. Thank you again to MrsDrWho for letting me use her internet. Now I'm off home to bed.



I hope the medication kicks in soon. I've got a lurgy today, but I did manage to start Unseen Academicals. Then I had to out it down for a nap. Hope your computer is feeling better soon, too.


Massive envy over unseen academicals!

hope you feel much better soon - but you are bound too - with such lovely nurses!


Get well soon. x

[PS: I received your beautiful parcel last week - thank you so much for thinking of me. You definitely put a smile on my face. I have the puppy photo pinned to my noticeboard. I owe you a long email...]

Thank you again.

Hugs, kisses and a tickle to you and the girls. xxxx


I hope you are feeling well again soon. Nice looking sock.


I hope your cute sinusitis gets better soon. And talking of dogs bringing planks in the door, I used to pass a black lab each morning, and it would always be carrying a huge stick in its mouth, up to 5 feet long.


Here's to a very quick recovery, I hate ear infections. The dogs look so cuddly. Nice sock, colours suit the pattern.


Feel better soon! The pups are adorable, each one in her own way.

Rose Red

Oh Harki really does disapprove of Lorelai! That is such a funny photo!


Gosh, I never realised that one has to dust one's computer! I bet mine's full of toast crumbs. I'm sorry that you're feeling poorly and hope you get well really soon. I love the sock ~ the pattern's pretty.
Hugs to you and to your gorgeous pooches.

Jennifer Rose

hope you get better soon!!

I know you should get rid of the dust from a desktop once and awhile, but harder to do on a laptop.


I hope you feel better soon Cindy & that your hard drive will be as squeaky clean as those sinuses will be after all that saline flushing!! :D


Seeeeee - all that outpouring of good thoughts is bound to work better than some yucky nasal spray (double yuck). Love the photo of long suffering Harki. We looked at your house on Google yesterday so we could work out where you you are thought of much in our house.

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