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Your Home Is Skirt By Sea

Because You're Mine, I'll Walk Online

Oh I am soooo happy. I have my hard drive back: all safe and sound and clean and fast. How happy I am and how not driven to mental torment by the lack of internettage. I had a little celebratory drink in one of my dad's glasses: it tasted oh so sweet. Isn't it nice that is is so green inside my hard drive???

Happy days are here again 

Thank you everyone for your lovely comments and positive tooth, earache and computer hard drive wishes. Luckily, my tooth doesn't seem hurt much, a few pings, that's all. I have an appointment at noon on Wednesday for Dental Reconstruction. The earache is all gone and my computer is back online, so it seems all the Good Karma is working!!!

I whipped up a little batch of sour cream lemon cupcakes from my Campion & Curtis cook book. I had forgotten I had it, and it's a great book. I used my special muffin papers in the spirit of using special things, and I poured a little lemon syrup over them.

Cup. Cakes.

 Lorelai Gilmore has been walking at The Tailrace near the Hydro plant and all the water comes out clean and fresh from producing power (!!!) and yesterday there was a seal catching fish and cavorting in the inlet. Out of the all pictures I took, I managed to snap it LochNess Monster style. It's right in the centre of the photo.

Loch Ness seal

Lorelai Gilmore was much more fascinated by the duckies.....

Lorelai Loves Duckies

There was a General Hackles alert this afternoon when the next house but one's Cocker Spaniel made a short but successful bid for freedom!!!

General Hackles Alert

Can you tell I cleaned my windows today?? They are very shiny. Lorelai Gilmore watches the TV reflected in all the windows at night. It keeps her most amused.

I have finished one Striped Sock which doesn't have a good name yet. I am most pleased with my even and matching stripes. It was worth the extra effort.

One evenly striped sock

I am having to draw a line in the sand. Unlike our Premier's lines in the sand, which always seem to be blown away so easily by the wind, mine shall not be. I have decided that I can't answer all my comments made while I have been 'away'. There are over 120, and the number is too daunting. Please pretend that I have sent you a lovely chatty reply, possibly it might even be witty, and The Labradors have sent you lots of waggy tails and happy smiles. Will that be OK???


Rose Red

I absolutely let you off the hook re replying to comments - computer outage is totally an acceptable reason!

Those lemony muffiny cupcakes look and sound delicious!! I'm glad you used the special papers, I too am guilty of keeping things for special and then never using them, I'm trying to get out of that habit!


more than okay!


Of course we understand. Good to have you back, although I do think you were tempting fate with that glass of liquid so close to your lovely clean hard drive.

Those hackles are amazing. I wished my camera was handy to catch little Sweetpea Cat all fluffed up at a possum outside the other night. She has very short, sleek hair normally and looked ridiculous.


My first thought when I saw your computer's innards was "How green!" -apparently the shiny reen thing is the cooling duct for the CPU (in case you were wondering). Let's hope our tooth wishes keep working for your appointment. I think your time is better spent baking and knitting, than replying to those comments.

Jennifer Rose

ooh those cupcakes look so good :D I don't think anyone would expect an answer to comments they have left, especially after you have had computer problems :)


Lovely stripes on your sock!!

So glad you have your computer back. Ours has been offline with a phone fault since Friday night......what a nightmare LOL #1Son couldn't work on his thesis, #2Son couldn't do homework & study for his School Certificate....but more importantly, I couldn't log onto Ravelry or read any of the blogs I visit....disaster!!

I hope that tooth feels better after Wednesday's appointment.....& you are most certainly 'let off the hook' from replying to all those comments. Pesky aren't we making all those comments :D


guess what cindy, i finally workedout how to easily follow you from my blogger account. so simple, i must be a bit simple!
x isis


All has been forgiven providing you send me a Labrador. Or at the very least, a sour cream lemon cupcake.


Absolutely fine - and besides - I am going to be ringing you in a few minutes....


Yummy cupcakes. Hope you are feeling better now. The sock looks great!


how good do theose cupcakes look and sound? Can we have the recipe? Please?


those cupcakes look delish!! the sock looks delish too and those little labs look sooooo cute at the windows!! xxxx


Totally understandable of course!

Those wee cakes look SCRUMPTIOUS! And aren't your doggers lovely lined up at the window there - how sweet :D


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