A Passage to Ear-ndia
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Friday I've Got Monday On My Mind

And that would be because that's when I get my hard drive back!!! Huzzah, I am so excited!!!The hard drive: she is fine. She's getting a new free anti-virus thing and new memory, a Gig (??) I think and a jolly good dusting. And Kurt The Technician's getting the cheesecake of his desires as an extra thank you!!

Oh I feel so much better today. The endless pounding in my ear and face and jaw has finally stopped. I didn't realise what a companion it had become in the last few weeks. And I have just read all the lovely comments which have cheered me up no end!!

I have finished one Sea Sock. I am very happy. It is cool to the wearing too. The photo is sideways. Tilting of the head is required.

Sea sock one

The poor Labradors finally had walks today. Harki and Peri went to The Dam and thankfully there was not any mud to be puddled in. You can see their Shrek lead in the photo. Peri wouldn't look, but Harki is very photogenic

Happy Labs

Here is Lorelai Gilmore gambolling in the water at the Tailrace. She likes the jetty because birds sit there and do, well, bird 'dos' and they smell fantastic. For a dog.

Gilly likes the water

MrsDrWho has just made tea, home made steak 'subways' and there are cherry compote crepes from our house for dessert. I am starving so I'm off to eat right now. We've had an episode of Torchwood Season Three and Stargate Universe is only 14 minutes away!!!

Tomorrow we are going to a Craft Fair of sorts so I will have many pictures!!!


Rose Red

Craft fair - fun!! Look forward to see what you bring home!

(when you get a chance, when you get your computer back, you might like to read my post from this Wednesday 21st) (not to advertise or anything, I just think you'll like it!)


So glad you are feeling better. Ear and sinus problems are awful


Glad to hear the meds are working, it's always nice when the doctors get it right!


Glad to hear you're feeling better. Have fun at the craft fair.


I'm glad you're feeling better too.
The sock looks gorgeous...and dinner sounds like it's going to be deeeelicious.
Happy weekend! =>


I wish MrsDrWho was my friend too!

What a beautiful sock, very springy.

Big kisses to the Labradors. :)

Jennifer Rose

glad you are feeling better :)


Very happy to hear the nasty non-cute sinusitis is on it's way out, and that you're well enough for Craft Fair Joy! Licks from Petal :)


So pleased you are better - and how 'watter dog' (yes that is the speeling!) are labradors?

have fun with SGU and I missed Torchwood - dang nabit!


oh but see now i have an image of you prancing around with the doggies with just one sock on and you head tilted to one side. Tis very funny for me

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