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Welcome to the blog of 2paw. I am MrsDrWho and I am standing in for her today. Panic not fans...she is well but as she may have told you her computer is having a bit of a conniption and is off to be dealt with.

I have been asked to blog for her so her commitment to Blogtober will be fulfilled. She did tell me what to write...and true to form I can't remember what she said. There will be no photos of craft, dogs although I am tempted to include one of the cats to give the girls something to bark at on their blog!although I am kicking myself that I didn't take a picture of the inside of her computer. The poor Techie nearly had a fit...there were cobwebs inside and dust bunnies big enough to challenge a Labrador!

It is on the mend and she will have it back on Monday night. She will blog for herself tomorrow becasue she has to come over and watch episode 3 and 4 of Torchwood!!!! It is exciting... and Capt'n Jack( ooh arrgh) had his kit good times!

So is that enough? Will the Blogging Gods be satisfied? Haven't written on my own blog for ALL of October but here I am gaining karma for her....excellent!

Ok...I will taunt Harki, Peri and Gilly. Here is Caramello playing with Mr Spuck the light up bath duck, and both of them trying to out stare each other for possession of the chair.

S6303322 S6303328

2paw will be here tomorrow so be ready for dogs and green and clever stuff.


Jennifer Rose

hello MrsDrWho :)

finding cobwebs is better then finding cockroaches ;) I've had techs tell me of the horrible things they sometimes find. blagh o.0

Rose Red

Hello MrsDrWho! Nice to read you!

Love the pictures of the kitties. Don't tell 2Paw, but I really am a cat person, not a dog person. I think I have to make an exception to that for labradors though...


Then again, perhaps those photos may just be a bad example to Peri Naughty and Lorelai Gilmore. Up on the handbasin!


Big fan of the guest post myself! I say it will keep the blogging gods happy! Lovely to meet you Mrs DrWho.


Hi MrsDrWho. Nice to meet you again :D

Your kitties are almost as cute as 'the puppies'.....I do have to say 'almost' since 'they' might hear me LOL

I shudder to think what's inside our computer!!


Hello MrsDrWho, I would say the blogging gods should be well and truly appeased! I think the cats are lovely and the labradors should be ok with it!

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