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Hallow, Hallow, Hallow, What's Going On 'Ere Then???

RoseRed posted about Halloween and how she 'doesn't like it'. Though some may think me a wowser, I don't like it either. I liked it even less, with all it's commercialism and not being part of our Australian culture, when this appeared in my letter box today:

Annoying junk mail

Pretty sure I am going to make a sign for my front steps and back gate saying that I am philosophically opposed to Halloween, regardless of its origins. I am Australian, not Celtic or American, and I believe it to be nothing more than an out and out attempt by businesses to make money by co-opting Australian children to their Halloween cause. MrsDrWho will be happy to help I am sure. I shall be ready!!

I just googled and found most of the text is taken from Yahoo Answers. Not even original.

Generic Blue Police Box Bag I did give Ms TinkingBell some gifts. I have been pondering the TARDIS lately and working on a 'generic blue police box' zippy bag. (As she says, I don't want to be hunted down by the BBC) It still needs a bit of tweaking because the gap between the windows is a tad small, but I am inordinately happy with the way the handle pops out of the top.I also embroidered some fabric and covered buttons. I am not sure how many were needed, so I did some, with the promise of more when needed!!!

Buttons DTF

I bought Gilly a new toy, a frisbee. She seems to like things that fly through the air, like flies. I threw it from the gate and then lost sight of it. I spent a bad twenty minutes searching for it up and under trees. Gilly helped, searching and sniffing ever so diligently. Then she went back inside and came proudly out with the frisbee in her mouth. She had taken it inside at the very start!!!! Harki likes the frisbee too, it's a proper dog toy, but she didn't get a look in.


Here is Peri looking ever so happy. She's usually hiding from Lorelai Gilmore and this may be her happiest look for a while. Today when she opened the gate and slipped into The Forbidden Zone, Lorelai Gilmore ran to the gate but it was too late and the gate closed. Undeterred, she put her little paw and nose in the gap and opened that gate and went in all by herself. Poor Peri!! Clever Lorelai Gilmore!!

Peri is pretty happy

I have had a restful day today and I may just have a little nap before I go to MrsDrWho's house to watch the end of (beware of spoilers) Torchwood: Children of Earth and Stargate Universe.


Rose Red

Peri does indeed look very happy! I love the frisbee story too, that is funny (although somewhat annoying!!)

Oh Halloween - I got a notice in my mailbox today too - the kids in our street are doing it - but they thoughtfully included a balloon for residents who want to participate to blow up and put out the front of the house - I thought that was a good idea, so at least it's clear who is in and who is out.

oh, and those buttons are fabulous!! you are so clever!


erk, that note is pretty off putting. I'm totally respectful of the origins - I love knowing such stuff and appreciating ancient stuff but it's infecting us here in a way I don't like.

The closest I've come to participating was when a neighbour with very small children asked if we would accept them coming just to our house (they weren't allowed to go elsewhere being so small) and would I give them each one lolly, which the neighbour provided. She said the children were excited about dressing up and this was the most she'd let them do. It was fun in that one small way but outside of that, not for me!


Oh the balloon is such good idea. I don't want to be horrid or beastly, I just don't want to participate!!


Here here!

I like the sound of the sensible neighbour asking about one visit and one lolly - very good - and the balloon thing - I know children can get enormously excited over any excuse to dress up....

and the buttons and generic police box are indeed wonderful - as is Ms 2paw! Pats all round, I think!


What a lovely smiley face Peri has! I'm not keen on the Halloween thing myself, either. I do love the generic blue police box bag.


I did paint my fingernails black today for Halloween but that's as far as it went and only because there was a theme morning tea at work. Some people hired costumes! And I already non-Halloween black toenails. So really it was just a question of colour coordination. If any small children knock at my door they will be sorely disappointed. I only have vitaweats or cruskits.


Love the embroidered buttons! I enjoyed Halloween a great deal as a child and mum in the years i lived in the States - but it doesn't ever seem to have taken off here. Apart from the philosophical reasons, I wonder if not being in Autumn has had an impact too?

I like the idea of the letter with the balloons, I've never seen anything like that before, makes good sense. I've got a few cheapy Aldi lollies in case anyone comes to the door ...


The zippy pouch is most impressive. I have been admiring all your Doctor Who crafts with the idea of making something for my friend who is a fan for Christmas. I had better get onto it as Christmas is not far away and I am a notoriously slow crafter!


I'm afraid I'm a wowser too where it comes to Halloween. I felt terrible last year though when some kids came to the door, so maybe this year I'll just have a few lollies in stand by....just in case.

Your embroidered buttons are gorgeous. Do you have a button press or do you just do it with a button set kit & hammer? My grandmother used to have this great big heavy button press. I used to love it. Unfortunately when she died my grandfather sold it :(

Poor Peri & 'the last stand'!! I guess there is no place of peace anymore LOL She looks like she is grinning from ear to ear in that photo :)

I love the Tardis...very clever!!


Hurrah and indeed huzzah about All Hallow's Eve. I am actually Celtic (somewhere down the line) so I think I'd be entitled to "celebrate" but I don't. After the first few years the kids around here got the message and just don't bother knocking on anymore!

Those covered buttons looked like cupcakes on first glance and I got all hungry for a second!

Jennifer Rose

i love halloween, my favorite time of year :D cheap candy the days after is a bonus too :p but when we went out when we were younger we made our outfits unlike now when everyone buys them (cheaters!)

what an odd thing to put in someone's mail in a country that doesn't celebrate halloween. seems like they are saying give us stuff our we egg your door :/


Lol - what the pamphlet doesn't mention is that 'trick or treat' used to be a form of extortion. The pagans sent their children around to the houses of the Christians to beg for food, and if none was given they'd do something nasty (the trick). So the Christians, as they so often did (smart people), adopted and changed the holiday to make it their own. Or so my academic historian friends tell me...

Catherine Roberts

Nope I dont believe either,sorry but I also think its started to thrive here when the influx of Kiwis(no insult intended either) started with the mining boom!
We had a P&C Halloween Disco which was fantastic the way it was set up though the precooked snags was off putting!Other than that no I dislike it immensley,my kids however are thrilled that they now can have the added sport of egging the older teens and "big" kids that will come knocking! Woolies have actually stopped sales of eggs to the younger members of our town for this week!


I must say we had our second halloween party and i love it. What other excuse do you need to dress up(as an adult) and the kids had so much fun. I had heaps of fun decorating the house and then we tried to work out what it was we were actually celebrating. Still dont know but I spent the night as a ghost, all white and ghostly.

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