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The Hunt For Red Blogtober

I feel all 'My Way': And now, the end is here, And so I face the final curtain. Way back when, Bells suggested that I could actually succeed in the Blogtoberfest, I pooh-poohed her idea, but she was certain. So I joined and here I am, gentle reader, at the end of the fest. Thanks Bells, for knowing I could do it!!

It has been the best of fests, it has been the worst of fests: but now the fest is over. I'd love to pinch Bells' great collage idea, but really I can't choose one Labrador over the other and I'd need 93 pictures. Oh I'm just having a lemony drink with ice and I thought for one horrid moment I had another broken tooth, but it was just a piece of ice!!!

Peri hopped in the creek on our walk, but Harki finds it harder to jump out now, so she paddles in the shallower part of the creek upstream.

It has been unbearable hot all day, hot and humid. It was 28*C in the city. I bought a bag of ice, I hosed The Labradors and there was much playing in the paddle pool and lying in the shade. (Them not me!!) It was too hot to knit my socks or the scarf that needs to be finished by Wednesday. Quelle Horreur!!!

Almost back to the creek

Lorelai Gilmore is quite confused by hot weather and ice. The former has suddenly appeared, and the latter suddenly disappears if you lick it. She's been mooching around because I had to hide her frisbee. Harki keeps finding a sudden playfulness and snatches it away. She's on a mission to chew it up, so I had to put it up high and away from everyone!!!

Film star Lorelai Gilmore

Halloween has come and gone with much upset in the neighbourhood. There was screaming and yelling and that set all the dogs in the street barking. They blew raspberries and 'boo-ed' in the front windows and upset The Labradors. I left a note that said I wasn't participating but I would defend to the death their right to 'celebrate' or words to that effect. They were not happy. Fences were jumped, gardens were run over, parents smiled indulgently. I shall draw a line under Halloween now.

I have unearthed my Easiyo Yoghurt maker and made my first batch for the year. In Winter I am all about the slow cooked rolled oats, but in Summer I like yoghurt and fruit for breakfast. I have some apples and raspberries to add to my morning yoghurt tomorrow!!!

I have not fulfilled all my Blogtober goals. I have not read all the Blogtober participants' blogs, computer circumstances beyond our control intervened, so I shall be doing some extra reading in November. Due to said circumstances there was not any scanning of photos, but now my computer is zoomingly fast there is some hope that will occur anon. I have cut out a pattern for a dress, and if it's cool tomorrow, I shall be tracing it and undertaking some adjustments!! So much for my goals. I have, however, found blogging every day quite good. Usually if I am feeling poorly I avoid blogging but I have really enjoyed posting everyday. I can't ever say I will do it again between now and next October, but I would like to blog more frequently. 

Since it's too hot to knit, I will have some peppermint tea and watch the end of Taggart and then to bed, where we hope it is cool enough to sleep.

Till next Blogtober then: thank you, thank you very much!!!

Oh and tomorrow there will be some form of Labrador Enhanced choosing of the 'Bespoke' skirt winner!!!

Hallow, Hallow, Hallow, What's Going On 'Ere Then???

RoseRed posted about Halloween and how she 'doesn't like it'. Though some may think me a wowser, I don't like it either. I liked it even less, with all it's commercialism and not being part of our Australian culture, when this appeared in my letter box today:

Annoying junk mail

Pretty sure I am going to make a sign for my front steps and back gate saying that I am philosophically opposed to Halloween, regardless of its origins. I am Australian, not Celtic or American, and I believe it to be nothing more than an out and out attempt by businesses to make money by co-opting Australian children to their Halloween cause. MrsDrWho will be happy to help I am sure. I shall be ready!!

I just googled and found most of the text is taken from Yahoo Answers. Not even original.

Generic Blue Police Box Bag I did give Ms TinkingBell some gifts. I have been pondering the TARDIS lately and working on a 'generic blue police box' zippy bag. (As she says, I don't want to be hunted down by the BBC) It still needs a bit of tweaking because the gap between the windows is a tad small, but I am inordinately happy with the way the handle pops out of the top.I also embroidered some fabric and covered buttons. I am not sure how many were needed, so I did some, with the promise of more when needed!!!

Buttons DTF

I bought Gilly a new toy, a frisbee. She seems to like things that fly through the air, like flies. I threw it from the gate and then lost sight of it. I spent a bad twenty minutes searching for it up and under trees. Gilly helped, searching and sniffing ever so diligently. Then she went back inside and came proudly out with the frisbee in her mouth. She had taken it inside at the very start!!!! Harki likes the frisbee too, it's a proper dog toy, but she didn't get a look in.


Here is Peri looking ever so happy. She's usually hiding from Lorelai Gilmore and this may be her happiest look for a while. Today when she opened the gate and slipped into The Forbidden Zone, Lorelai Gilmore ran to the gate but it was too late and the gate closed. Undeterred, she put her little paw and nose in the gap and opened that gate and went in all by herself. Poor Peri!! Clever Lorelai Gilmore!!

Peri is pretty happy

I have had a restful day today and I may just have a little nap before I go to MrsDrWho's house to watch the end of (beware of spoilers) Torchwood: Children of Earth and Stargate Universe.

Oven' You, Is Easy 'Cause You're Beautiful.

The Oven has landed. Here it is, in the garage with the cook top, waiting patiently till it can be connected. In a little bit. Peri is undertaking some quality control. The kind Delivery Men opened the difficult non-rolly uppy double garage door and popped them inside. Easy Peasy!!!

Peri Inspecting the oven etc

Today I had a lovely day with Ms TinkingBell. We met a little after 9am and then we spent the day in these happy pursuits:

  • we started with a cup of tea and coffee
  • shopped at Esme's for some cute fabric fat quarters
  • eyed off some green trousers for me
  • had a happy visit to The BlackSpot of DoomLight(tm) where I bought the cutest ever crochet kit in an olde worlde beauty case bag (made from cardboard, but still...) Ms TinkingBell bought wool!!!
  • there was a little secret shopping then Cocoon
  • Gourlays for some lollies
  • Petrachs for some books
  • toasted sandwiches for lunch
  • then a fond farewell

Ms TinkingBell looked extremely cool and trendy in her skant(sp?) and her Tempest cardigan. I've had to do some tricksy editing because of the 'secret shopping'!!!

Ms TinkingBell Cute crochet

The thing about Imaginary Friends is that surprisingly often, it's as if they have never been Imaginary at all.  Believe me, we spent all day chatting non-stop: we could chat for Britain!!!

Harki and Peri went for a walk yesterday, on a Non-walking day, so that I could make my rendezvous today. It was walk and roll: Harki walked and Peri rolled.

Walk and Roll

Lorelai Gilmore has had to supplement her breakfast with a treat: a stick of celery. Apparently it's delicious, after all her eyes are closed in ecstasy as she chews away at the stalk.

Gilly loves Celery

And this is the loveliest photo of Harki. She was lying in The Forbidden Zone amongst the leaves and rose petals and it was quite warm. She's a happy girl!!!

Harki's a Hottie

I am quite worn out. I have been making myself stay awake so that when I go to bed I will fall straight to sleep. I hope. My tooth is a little sensitive but it has got over itself and settled down nicely. This evening I caught up on watching the news from the last two days, Spicks & Specks and NCIS whilst knitting the second unnamed striped sock.

Only two days to go until the end of Blogtober.  Fingers crossed I won't lose my nerve at the last moment!!

Lab-arbarians At The Gate

As requested, here is the recipe I used for the sour cream lemon cupcakes pictured two posts ago. The recipe is from Campion and Curtis In The Kitchen, the original 2002 edition. They have a new and more whacky-do edition out now, but I still like my old one.

  • 125g softened butter
  • 200g caster sugar
  • 3 eggs
  • zest of 3 lemons (they say one, I say three)
  • 2 tbspn lemon juice
  • 150g plain flour
  • 60g self raising flour
  • 100g sour cream
Heat oven to 180*C. Cream the butter and sugar till light and fluffy. Add the zest, the eggs, one at a time, and then the juice. Sift the flours together and then add, alternating with the sour cream. Spoon into the muffin papers and bake for 25-30 minutes. Cool a little on a rack and then pour the hot lemon syrup* over them

*To make the lemon syrup put 100ml lemon juice and 90g of caster sugar in a pan and stir over a low to medium heat till the sugar is dissolved. Bring to the boil and simmer for 2-3 minutes. Pour over the cooling cakes. You may need to add a splash of water if it is a too thick.

Today I cleaned the windows of my car, well the ones I can reach, ie the front and back, not the wagonny ones. Then I had to have a little lie down. The Labradors were allowed into The Forbidden Zone and pined for me. Or if you are Lorelai Gilmore, you nibbled at the Jasmine like a little goat.

Blowin' like the jasmine in my mind

Then it was off to the dentist, Dr Galloway: he is very good. He fixed my tooth. As always, it hurt afterwards when the anaesthetic injection wore off. But the whole thing was very painless. In the interest of Blogtober, I have photographed the inside of my mouth. In the interest of any readers, I have Black and Whited the picture. It was scarily pink. Must be the effect of the flash.  Then I came home and had some drugs, and a little lie down!!!

Going Dental

My handbag fell off the chair last night and my mobile had a sad accident. It would only work if you pressed hard on the back. I tried a little green cardboard fix, but to no avail. Luckily I still have my original phone, so I charged it up and popped the SIM card in and off it went. It is ever so hard to take a photo in this house without someone sticking their nose in. This is, well you know who it would be!!!

LG Phone Home

So now I must go to bed, have a long lie down, and be up bright and early in the morning because I am meeting up with someone tomorrow morning!!!! There will be pictures, if I remember. And my new oven is being delivered tomorrow too. An exciting day!!

Your Home Is Skirt By Sea

I find it hard to do sweeping. Well I can do the big sweeping, but the small dusty sweeping eludes me. If only I could find the broom to go with the dustpan.......

A brush with Lorelai Gilmore

Peri has been keeping watch at the window again. One dog running free and she thinks there will be one every day!!

Peri is concentrating

Harki is happy on her walk, but her walks are getting shorter and she is not so fast any more. She's a bit grumpy with Lorelai Gilmore (though aren't we all sometimes: about brooms for example). We are making the most of every day at the moment and though there's still boiled celery for breakfast, today there was a little poached chicken as well!!! I just went and gave her a big rub on her ears as her sore leg makes it hard to have a good ear scratch. If you stop, she whacks you gently with her paw and wags her tail. I start again.

Harki's Happy Walk

Poor Leonie, Jennifer Rose and Wendy are waiting for me to post their DogLotto winnings and I promise to email tomorrow and ask for details!!

Today I have my final Blogtober Give-Away. It's a skirt, custom made for you, whomever you are. Sadly, I can only offer this to people who live in Australia, as I might need to send a toile/muslin for fitting. Who knows??

Your skirt can be:

Negotiations will be entered into. I would need waist, hip, waist to hip and length measurements which would, of course, be confidential. I will draft a pattern, purchase some fabric and sew your skirt for you and I'll send you the pattern too!!!

To enter, just leave a comment and tell me the fabric colour or print you'd like if you win. The time to enter ends at midnight on October 31st or whenever I remember to shut the comments off.

Because You're Mine, I'll Walk Online

Oh I am soooo happy. I have my hard drive back: all safe and sound and clean and fast. How happy I am and how not driven to mental torment by the lack of internettage. I had a little celebratory drink in one of my dad's glasses: it tasted oh so sweet. Isn't it nice that is is so green inside my hard drive???

Happy days are here again 

Thank you everyone for your lovely comments and positive tooth, earache and computer hard drive wishes. Luckily, my tooth doesn't seem hurt much, a few pings, that's all. I have an appointment at noon on Wednesday for Dental Reconstruction. The earache is all gone and my computer is back online, so it seems all the Good Karma is working!!!

I whipped up a little batch of sour cream lemon cupcakes from my Campion & Curtis cook book. I had forgotten I had it, and it's a great book. I used my special muffin papers in the spirit of using special things, and I poured a little lemon syrup over them.

Cup. Cakes.

 Lorelai Gilmore has been walking at The Tailrace near the Hydro plant and all the water comes out clean and fresh from producing power (!!!) and yesterday there was a seal catching fish and cavorting in the inlet. Out of the all pictures I took, I managed to snap it LochNess Monster style. It's right in the centre of the photo.

Loch Ness seal

Lorelai Gilmore was much more fascinated by the duckies.....

Lorelai Loves Duckies

There was a General Hackles alert this afternoon when the next house but one's Cocker Spaniel made a short but successful bid for freedom!!!

General Hackles Alert

Can you tell I cleaned my windows today?? They are very shiny. Lorelai Gilmore watches the TV reflected in all the windows at night. It keeps her most amused.

I have finished one Striped Sock which doesn't have a good name yet. I am most pleased with my even and matching stripes. It was worth the extra effort.

One evenly striped sock

I am having to draw a line in the sand. Unlike our Premier's lines in the sand, which always seem to be blown away so easily by the wind, mine shall not be. I have decided that I can't answer all my comments made while I have been 'away'. There are over 120, and the number is too daunting. Please pretend that I have sent you a lovely chatty reply, possibly it might even be witty, and The Labradors have sent you lots of waggy tails and happy smiles. Will that be OK???

Just Take A Walk Down Lonely Street To Toothbreak Hotel

Yes, my tooth broke. Ahhhh, I had to take to my bed yesterday afternoon, but I am acclimatised now, eating and drinking on one side of my mouth and ready to make the phone call to the dentist tomorrow. Thus far, it only hurts when I eat or drink. Sigh.

Thank you, MrsDrWho, for blogging for me yesterday. I don't mind Cleo and Caramello visiting, I am sure The Labradors wouldn't bark at them at all. Didn't Harki and Peri visit your house earlier in the year and see The Kittens???

I have started a new sock, in an effort to defeat the dreaded Second Sock Syndrome. Don't have the label with me, but maybe it's some Regia?? I am doing something I have never done before, I am adding in wool at the gusset decreases to keep the stripes true. Nine rows of colour and 2-3 rows of the variegated. So far so good.

Stripy Sock

Yesterday I put clean water into the paddle pool and there was a general paddle-fest for a good fifteen minutes or so. Even Harki came up the steps. She likes to 'bite' the water coming out of the hose.

Everyone in the pool 

Right, must dash, we have episodes 3 and 4 of Torchwood The Children of Earth to watch. 'We are coming....."

Guest Appearance By.......


Welcome to the blog of 2paw. I am MrsDrWho and I am standing in for her today. Panic not fans...she is well but as she may have told you her computer is having a bit of a conniption and is off to be dealt with.

I have been asked to blog for her so her commitment to Blogtober will be fulfilled. She did tell me what to write...and true to form I can't remember what she said. There will be no photos of craft, dogs although I am tempted to include one of the cats to give the girls something to bark at on their blog!although I am kicking myself that I didn't take a picture of the inside of her computer. The poor Techie nearly had a fit...there were cobwebs inside and dust bunnies big enough to challenge a Labrador!

It is on the mend and she will have it back on Monday night. She will blog for herself tomorrow becasue she has to come over and watch episode 3 and 4 of Torchwood!!!! It is exciting... and Capt'n Jack( ooh arrgh) had his kit good times!

So is that enough? Will the Blogging Gods be satisfied? Haven't written on my own blog for ALL of October but here I am gaining karma for her....excellent!

Ok...I will taunt Harki, Peri and Gilly. Here is Caramello playing with Mr Spuck the light up bath duck, and both of them trying to out stare each other for possession of the chair.

S6303322 S6303328

2paw will be here tomorrow so be ready for dogs and green and clever stuff.

Friday I've Got Monday On My Mind

And that would be because that's when I get my hard drive back!!! Huzzah, I am so excited!!!The hard drive: she is fine. She's getting a new free anti-virus thing and new memory, a Gig (??) I think and a jolly good dusting. And Kurt The Technician's getting the cheesecake of his desires as an extra thank you!!

Oh I feel so much better today. The endless pounding in my ear and face and jaw has finally stopped. I didn't realise what a companion it had become in the last few weeks. And I have just read all the lovely comments which have cheered me up no end!!

I have finished one Sea Sock. I am very happy. It is cool to the wearing too. The photo is sideways. Tilting of the head is required.

Sea sock one

The poor Labradors finally had walks today. Harki and Peri went to The Dam and thankfully there was not any mud to be puddled in. You can see their Shrek lead in the photo. Peri wouldn't look, but Harki is very photogenic

Happy Labs

Here is Lorelai Gilmore gambolling in the water at the Tailrace. She likes the jetty because birds sit there and do, well, bird 'dos' and they smell fantastic. For a dog.

Gilly likes the water

MrsDrWho has just made tea, home made steak 'subways' and there are cherry compote crepes from our house for dessert. I am starving so I'm off to eat right now. We've had an episode of Torchwood Season Three and Stargate Universe is only 14 minutes away!!!

Tomorrow we are going to a Craft Fair of sorts so I will have many pictures!!!

A Passage to Ear-ndia

Well, no wonder I have been feeling poorly for the last few weeks or so: I have acute sinusitis (thought as far as I can tell there is nothing 'cute' about it) and an ear infection. There you go. Therefore I have new drugs and strangely,. I am feeling worse, before I hopefully feel better. I went to the chemist and they gave be some saline nasal spray (yuck) but it seems to help. Worst thing?? I have the Unseen Academicals and A Tyrant's Blood to read and I can't concentrate on either of them.

My computer also has passage issues: it was full of spider webs and chock-a-block full of dust. Apparently I missed the very important message that you press a button on my hard drive and the side pops out and you can clean it. The Technician reckons this is pretty much the whole issue, that, and the lack of memory. Good news so far.

My Sea Sock has has issues too, I unravelled it totally and started again. That's the trouble when you don't do the maths before you start. When I started the foot section I realised I had K2 on one side of the chevron panel and P2 on the other. It had to go, but yesterday I knitted it back to the same spot.

Sea Sock mark2

The Labradors have been either looking after me, or, bringing small planks into the house through the dog door. Harki despairs of Lorelai Gilmore sometimes.

Harki having a rest 

Peri escaped to The Forbidden Zone and explored without Lorelai Gilmore.

Peri the explorer 

While the baby herself has no idea why she's standing here alone. After all, she's so cute.

Wicked Lorelai Gilmore-1

That's it, Day 22 of Blogtober. Thank you again to MrsDrWho for letting me use her internet. Now I'm off home to bed.