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Just Take A Walk Down Lonely Street To Toothbreak Hotel

Yes, my tooth broke. Ahhhh, I had to take to my bed yesterday afternoon, but I am acclimatised now, eating and drinking on one side of my mouth and ready to make the phone call to the dentist tomorrow. Thus far, it only hurts when I eat or drink. Sigh.

Thank you, MrsDrWho, for blogging for me yesterday. I don't mind Cleo and Caramello visiting, I am sure The Labradors wouldn't bark at them at all. Didn't Harki and Peri visit your house earlier in the year and see The Kittens???

I have started a new sock, in an effort to defeat the dreaded Second Sock Syndrome. Don't have the label with me, but maybe it's some Regia?? I am doing something I have never done before, I am adding in wool at the gusset decreases to keep the stripes true. Nine rows of colour and 2-3 rows of the variegated. So far so good.

Stripy Sock

Yesterday I put clean water into the paddle pool and there was a general paddle-fest for a good fifteen minutes or so. Even Harki came up the steps. She likes to 'bite' the water coming out of the hose.

Everyone in the pool 

Right, must dash, we have episodes 3 and 4 of Torchwood The Children of Earth to watch. 'We are coming....."



Looks as if the older two are hogging all the water and making Gilly wait.I hope the dentist can see you sooner rathe than later.

Rose Red

Oh the dreaded dentist...I really need to have a checkup...ugh! Hope your tooth doesn't require too much work!


Hope your tooth is not hurting you too much. I really like those socks.
My Pepper loves to bite the water in tubs, not sure what he thinks he is doing but it is always amusing to watch him.


You have my heartfelt sympathies regarding your tooth. Here's hoping it's fixed quickly and easily.

crafty things

Hope the tooth gets fixed OK. Nice colours in the sock.


Ah, yes, biting the water coming out of the hose was Sam's speciality.
I hope everything goes fine at the dentist!


Thinking good dentisty thoughts for you.

Look at little (or not so little) Gilly now!


Ouch! Hope you are OK - toothache is almost worst than any other pain!


ouch! Broken teeth are nasty!


Poor you (I know, I know, no sympathy, but I think you deserve it!)

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