Lab-arbarians At The Gate
Hallow, Hallow, Hallow, What's Going On 'Ere Then???

Oven' You, Is Easy 'Cause You're Beautiful.

The Oven has landed. Here it is, in the garage with the cook top, waiting patiently till it can be connected. In a little bit. Peri is undertaking some quality control. The kind Delivery Men opened the difficult non-rolly uppy double garage door and popped them inside. Easy Peasy!!!

Peri Inspecting the oven etc

Today I had a lovely day with Ms TinkingBell. We met a little after 9am and then we spent the day in these happy pursuits:

  • we started with a cup of tea and coffee
  • shopped at Esme's for some cute fabric fat quarters
  • eyed off some green trousers for me
  • had a happy visit to The BlackSpot of DoomLight(tm) where I bought the cutest ever crochet kit in an olde worlde beauty case bag (made from cardboard, but still...) Ms TinkingBell bought wool!!!
  • there was a little secret shopping then Cocoon
  • Gourlays for some lollies
  • Petrachs for some books
  • toasted sandwiches for lunch
  • then a fond farewell

Ms TinkingBell looked extremely cool and trendy in her skant(sp?) and her Tempest cardigan. I've had to do some tricksy editing because of the 'secret shopping'!!!

Ms TinkingBell Cute crochet

The thing about Imaginary Friends is that surprisingly often, it's as if they have never been Imaginary at all.  Believe me, we spent all day chatting non-stop: we could chat for Britain!!!

Harki and Peri went for a walk yesterday, on a Non-walking day, so that I could make my rendezvous today. It was walk and roll: Harki walked and Peri rolled.

Walk and Roll

Lorelai Gilmore has had to supplement her breakfast with a treat: a stick of celery. Apparently it's delicious, after all her eyes are closed in ecstasy as she chews away at the stalk.

Gilly loves Celery

And this is the loveliest photo of Harki. She was lying in The Forbidden Zone amongst the leaves and rose petals and it was quite warm. She's a happy girl!!!

Harki's a Hottie

I am quite worn out. I have been making myself stay awake so that when I go to bed I will fall straight to sleep. I hope. My tooth is a little sensitive but it has got over itself and settled down nicely. This evening I caught up on watching the news from the last two days, Spicks & Specks and NCIS whilst knitting the second unnamed striped sock.

Only two days to go until the end of Blogtober.  Fingers crossed I won't lose my nerve at the last moment!!



Sounds like a fine day. The crochet kit looks lovely and so do all the puppy pictures! Celery stalks are yummy???

Jennifer Rose


Harki looks so happy :D she has gorgeous coloured eyes! celery is great to eat until it gets stuck in your teeth, and then its just a pain


Oh, I've heard of Spicks and Specks - it's hosted by that comedian Adam with the metal foot. He spends 6 months a year over hear and turns up on comedy panel game shows.


sounds like you had a good day out, i'm intrigued by that lovely retro looking make-up case, it's very cute. is your crochet case now?


Great photos. That sounds like a lovely day. JUst think of all the baking you need to do to test out your new oven! LOL All sorts of different recipes.


It was just a lovely day - and just think - if there was a chatting section in the Olympics, we could be elite athletes! LOL! The secret shoppping is about to be smugggled inside and hidden - I snuck it into the back of MY car last night - So wonderful to see you again!


Wow - Mrs Tinkingbell is shrinking before my very eyes....and having met her and spent time with her, I am not surprized you could have talked for the whole of Europe - she is a good one to instill much chattiness. Most excellent on the oven-front too - me wants.


how exciting!! new oven and cook top!! bet you cant wait for it to be connected :) love the walk and roll photos. hehehe. they're so cute.

Rose Red

New oven! How exciting! I hope it will cook things just as you like them! (unlike my oven, which is taking some getting used to).

I am pretty sure if I was there with you and Tinkingbell I would not be able to get a word in edgewise!! You two would be so funny together! And I love that little case with the yarn in. I wonder if my Spotlight stocks those...probably not, I imagine!!


Sounds like you both had a great day!


I always thought dogs are carnivores and never understood why people fed them fruits and vegetables. Now that I've seen the pic of a very very contented Lorelai Gilmore, i'm sold!

Lots of hugs, kisses and pets to dear Harki

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