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Tomorrow, Tomorrow, You'll Read This Tomorrrow!!

By some strange magic, which I do not understand, my post should have appeared at 9am. Ta da!!!!!

I do not know how I will be feeling, but perhaps I will be all lean and perspiring and lying in bed thrashing my head about on the pillow suffering Internet withdrawal. Or, I could be making morning tea for The GardyGardeners!!!

I am knitting my first SSoS (Southern Summer of Socks) sock. I am using some Tofutsies which was a gift in a Sci-Fi swap. I keep smelling it, wondering if I should be able to smell the sea, but it just smells like sock wool. (Oh and if you hold it to your ear, you can't hear the sea either!!) I wanted a pattern that would hug my foot and be easy TV knitting, so I am doing 2 x 2 rib, with a 16 stitch chevron down the front (K2 tog, K5, Kf&b twice, K5, SSK) I like the effect a lot. I like short socks so I will be whipping these socks up pretty pronto- I am almost to the heel turn. My goal was to make two pairs, so I may meet and exceed my expectations.

SSoS 1
Oh the sock looks really nice. I always find that a photo sharpens my focus on the object.

Now for some old pictures of my Animal Companions. This is Harki, on the left, and Tori Tompkins. It would have been Tori's 20th Birthday last Monday. Tori was a lovely Labrador. She was a cripple, but she was stoic and happy. Tori was quite bossy and would decide, quite out of the blue some days, that no other dogs could come up the steps. She would lie at the top and stare them down: Vundy the German Shepherd and Young Harki too.

Harki and Tori 

And here on the couch are Vundy the German Shepherd, Harki and Baby Peri. Look at the gorgeous expression on Peri's face, She could get away with murder!! She spent quite a lot of time asleep on top of the other two dogs!!! She hasn't changed much at all, while I think Harki looks quite different now compared to when she was a puppy.

Vundy, Harki and Peri

Obviously, I haven't read any comments or answered any comments either.  Who knows what conversations are happening in my comments?? All hell could have broken loose!!! By my calculations this will be my Blogtober Post 21. Not long to go now, and I didn't really think I had the stamina to do it.

It's Been A Hard Drive's Night

And I don't know how I will be sleeping but there will definitely be dogs. My hard drive is disconnected and sitting here, sad and alone, ready to go to school tomorrow with MrsDrWho. If I want to know a fact, or where I've seen that person in the TV programme before, or what MrsDrWho is doing, or I need a pattern or a recipe: what shall I do now?? I shall be bereft. I have not been internet-less for many years and I am afraid: afraid my name is 2paw and I am an internetaholic.

Perhaps I will get a whole lot of something done, instead of whiling my life away on the internet?? Time will tell. So I am setting this post and another to, hopefully, upload automatically and maybe by Thursday my computer will be back?? (I am making a yearning face and quite possibly the little grunting sounds that Lorelai Gilmore makes when she really wants something)

So to be going on with, let's see if I can upload a photo from MrsDrWho's computer here into which I have downloaded some:

Clean Hari and Peri

Oh, yes I can and this is Harki and Peri on their walk, before they hop into the creek, and they are lovely and clean.

Dirty paws

This is after the creek and they have both been in all the smelly mud. Just before we get back into the car. Look at Peri smiling...

Lorelai Gilmore has been sun-baking and checking for lizards.


Those pesky lizards keep darting between the rocks. Thank goodness I say.

I will go home now and get used to living in the 70s again!!! It will be just like the olden days before computers.

We Got A Lotta Lotta Lotta Lotto Work To Do

Today The Labradors were workin' for the woman. I made a list of participants and their items of Give-Away interest. I had a lot of help from Lorelai Gilmore when I was drawing the DogLotto form outside. Apparently chalk is very nice to eat until you actually eat it, and then it's all horrid and chalky tasting. 

The DogLotto worked this way: One of the Labradors came outside and then when they were wandering in the general DogLotto area I closed my eyes and then said 'Sit'. When I opened my eyes I looked to see where their left front paw was. That letter's assigned person was the winner. We had a few placement issues, ie actually sitting on the grid, but on the whole it worked quite well.  By the time we reached Lorelai, who was last, the others were quite over the whole sitting on the hard horrid ground thing and were resting on the blanket. I took photos as we went.


And so the winners are:

Leonie from Dr Bones Knits, Lorelai Gilmore chose the 2paw red face cloth and mask for you!!

Jennifer Rose from Fuzzy Dragons, Peri Naughty coose the 2paw Handwarmers and hot chocolate for you!!

Wendy from The Spiralling Shape, Harki-Parki-Parker-Posey chose the Baktus Front scarf and spearmints lollies for you!!!

Thank you all for visiting my blog and congratulations to the winners. There may be a slight delay in the sending of your parcels as my computer is off to visit Kurt The Technician to have a service and some more memory added. At least I hope that is all that will happen. So I won't have the internet at home and may slowly, or quickly, go mad. MrsDrWho has kindly said that I can use her computer. Excellent, I thought, I'll just type up my posts and save them to a disc and then........ Yes, I am that silly at the moment!!

The thing I was making yesterday?? It is a K9 handbag from my very precious Doctor Who pattern book. I think the Fifth Doctor's celery put a lot of people onto the chicken legs track. I bag isn't lined or interfaced, but I did both and I also sewed the strap into the seam at the top. Now I have to properly attach and decorate the head with eyes, ears, a collar and an engraved dog tag, and I have to attach the Velcro and make the K9 logo out of white felt and appliqué it onto the flap. I am going to make a fabric covered plastic base that can be removed if needs be.

Canine bag in the making 

I shall try to keep up my Blogtober posts but I shan't be about commenting till my computer is back. It's off tomorrow and might not be back for a while. (sniff) I will be coming back with my last Give-Away though, I've had the bags then the three things in this post and my fifth and final effort will be a custom made skirt!! Yes, I will draft a personal pattern for someone and make them a skirt!! More on that later though.

The Labradors and I will be back as soon as they have sorted out who's the boss of the new blanket!!!

Too squashy on the special mat

The Shoes: Brothers!!!

Hey, I put some new shoes on and everybody's smiling: well I certainly am. Third new pair of unexpected shoes  this Spring when I thought there would be none. These were $139, and why shops persist in the and 9 whatevers I don't know, but they are pretty fabulous shoes. They are a tad tight at the toe, but as they're leather they will stretch and I will wear them after I've treated my feet to a nice soak in some lavender concoction!!! (Have I confessed before that I have never seen The Blues Brothers film? Ever. I know it is about men wearing suits and hats and sunnies, and maybe some songs(????) but I'd prefer to watch Showboat or Kiss Me Kate. Oh or Chariots of Fire. I love that film with all the running on the beach and the Vangelis music.)

New green shoes

Today I slept in way past The Labradors' breakfast time. My outing with my sister and niece was fabulous but I needed a long sleep and some extra drugs to recover from all the excitement. I woke up at about 10-30am, totally unrefreshed after Lorelai Gilmore trod on and kneaded my head and sat on my hair and pulled it. I expect she was ravenous, again. Though why that should be I do not know as she has taken to assuaging her hunger by nibbling around the edges of things: the doona cover, the mat and now the woollen underlay. I bought the underlay at the op shop, it's pure wool, and it was $10. But while it was a bargain, I think she should stop all edge nibbling immediately. Harki sets such a good example:

Harki do

And Lorelai Gilmore sees, and does the same in most other areas!!!

Gilly see, Gilly do

It is difficult to take a photo of Peri Naughty lately as Lorelai Gilmore is always teasing and tormenting her, but on our walk the other day, she sat perfectly and looked adorable, though covered in smelliness.

Peri is so adorable

It is Auntie Dutch's birthday tomorrow, so look away now if you are reading this, but other people may look and marvel (or wonder) at my madness, because tomorrow I am making this:

Canine adventure

Can you guess what it might be?? Oh I feel like I am on Play School. I took my precious book into the Xerox shop and they enlarged the pattern pages 250% onto a huge piece of paper for me for less than $5. It was much easier than faffing about on a photocopier somewhere myself. I have everything I need except an engraved tag, so I will have to make that happen tomorrow. Expect pictures.

The Zara scarf is going along nicely, I've finished one ball's worth and it is divinely soft, though I almost stabbed myself whilst trying it on for size. (too small yet obviously)

Zara scarf no good name yet

I have started my first SSoS sock. Pictures tomorrow as well as some kind of Dog Lotto for choosing the GIve-Away recipients. Now I can watch the end of The 39 Steps as I have fulfilled my Blogtober requirement for the day.

Sisters Are Rueing It For Themselves

My sister and I don't see each other very often, though we keep in touch regularly. As we have grown older we have become more tolerant and understanding of each other- more sisterly!! I was a bit sad to think she was moving and then I realised we can still email and text and phone just as much as when I didn't see her when she lived here, albeit at the other end of the island!!! Today my sister (Mrs Hood) and my niece (Miss Deniece) came to visit and we went to lunch and had a lovely shop and chat. The kind where you wander along the street and talk while the young thing dashes in and out of shops buying things. This is Miss Deniece's car, very brand new, sporty, leather seats and a sun roof!!

Miss Deniece's car

My sister brought me things that she isn't taking with her to Queensland when she moves and so I have lots of lovely new old things. Some I remember from my childhood!!

First is my favourite pre-green obsession dress. My mum knitted it for me and it must be almost forty years old now. It has been passed around various girl children and now it has come back to me and it's pretty much ready to wear. It needs a wash and a press and there's a little yellowing on the shoulder but other than that it is good as new. I am very happy to have my dress back though I don't know what I shall do with it.

Dress for success

There was a whole bar's worth of glasses: some 'modern',

Drink to me only

and some old. I remember my dad drinking beer from the delicate long glasses at the back and I am totally in love with all the coloured glasses at the front.

With thine eyes

Then there are the plates. What a wonderful selection. I will be ready for every occasion!!!

Cakes and biscuits

There were a few other things: a set of metal nesting mixing bowls, a pink(!!) deep trifle dish and random other glasses and dishes. Everything needs a wash, but I am exhausted after my day out so that will have to wait till tomorrow. I really want to go to bed right now, but I know I am overtired and I will just lie there, unable to sleep.

I had a tiny medical emergency when I stuck a pin into my ring finger, in the fleshy pad at the top, and it all swelled up and looked like a giant blood blister inside my finger. I ran it under the cold water and then went to the chemist and she gave me some bruise bringing out ointment. It's much better now but I have to keep a eye on it. Isn't that a funny expression 'to run your finger under the tap'???

Harki and Peri had a sniffy walk today, there were extra smells, it seems and their mission was to smell them all.

Harki and Peri's sniffy adventure

Lorelai Gilmore is afeared of the vacuum cleaner and I managed to snap a photo of her sneaking inside to see if it was well and truly gone. Maybe the noise stopping was just a trick???

Is the hellish machine gone

Tomorrow at noon I will close the comments on my Give-away and devise a Dog-lotto method of choosing the winners. Thus far good October intentions are fading fast: no photos scanned, no dress made, but I have finished The Pop Tartigan and made some zippy pouches. I do want to catch up with the Blogtober blogs, though I fear some may be Blogvember by the time I get to them. Comments await me as well.

However, now I am going to sit down with a nice cup of Earl Grey and a comforting hot water bottle and watch the last episode of Heart and Soul.

Some Like It Hop.

We have a new table. School was clearing out older furniture and at $10 it's a bargain. It will eventually house the TV sitting in the dining room waiting, inconsolably, for an HD Twin Tuner DVR. MrsDrWho dropped it off while I was out. She saw one little Labrador head pop up and then it disappeared and came back with all The Labradors. By the time I arrived home they were very ready to meet the new table. Some more ready than others!!!

I love the way Lorelai Gilmore's ears go all funny when she hears me gasp. She know someone is doing something wrong and she's not sure if it is her, or not!! Peri is so wicked, fancy deciding to hop up on the table. Jumping up on top of things is her speciality. Harki is feeling quite chipper at the moment. Today I clipped her claws. She is so amenable and happily sits there while I gingerly clip away. Peri took one look at the brand new clippers and took off like a shot. She hates having her feet touched. Lorelai Gilmore will have to become acclimatised to the clippers over the next few weeks. 

I still have my nice haircut from earlier in the week. My very kind hairdresser fitted me in before he went on holidays and happily indulged me when I asked him to take a photo of my hair for my blog. I like the clever way he didn't take my picture in the mirror!! You can still see the foily red colours from last time at the top. The rest is my normal brown colour. I remain posh and grown up looking until I wash my hair, then I look like me again.

Hair we go again

Today I was thinking about standard alcoholic drinks. I usually take something for supper when I go to Sewing, but because I was poorly I bought a bottle of the lovely Moscato to take along. We don't have sewing at my house: it's a small house and full of Labradors though I do have enough chairs now!!! There are 3.1 standard drinks in the 750ml bottle which means you can have a whole cup, but when you are dining out they only pour up to the standard drink 125ml line on the wine glass. It would seem fairer if each drink you ordered was One Standard Drink, instead of 125ml.

The Riesling I am using for cooking has 7 standard drinks in a 750ml bottle, so that's 107ml and the Merlot from the lentil dish last week has 8 standard drinks, which means a tiny glass of just 94ml which is just over a third of a cup. I suppose it is more economical to drink the Merlot, but I don't think I have ever poured a 94ml glass. I never actually drink more than one small glass of wine when I am out as I am terrified of being over the limit. The mere sight of a Booze Bus makes me go all hot and cold. I have been RB Tested quite a few times and have always blown 0.0000, but I have an irrational fear!!!

Today I went to Knitting Afternoon Tea with my knitting, but no pattern. Happily, I could walk through the shops, around the Quadrant Mall and over the road to the LYS where I bought some beautiful Zara and I am making my friend a scarf for her birthday. I was back inside, sitting down to my Earl Grey in about ten minutes. The Zara is beautifully soft and lovely to knit with. It makes my knitting look so even and smooth.

Starting the Holt scarf

Today I was tidying and looking for things. I found almost all of them: three pairs of glasses, my Buffy Diary for this year, I can't find last year's, and one of my drugs!! Hurray, I knew I had a whole packet and I put them somewhere safe. Always a bad idea. So now I shall take all my drugs and go to bed and finish reading my book and sleep, perchance to dream!!! Tomorrow we all have to go for walks and then my sister is coming to visit and we are going out to lunch!!!

A Finch Called Wanda.

MrsDrWho has a lonely finch in her classroom. Her finch will remain lonely because it is bird breeding season and so there are only exotic finches worth $60 for sale. Apparently in, well however long it takes birds to breed, there will be veritable flocks of finches for sale. I met MrsDrWho, Mr Ireland and their classes at The Aquatic Centre (very narcissistic array of indoor pools etc) to break the sad finch news. I cannot go into the pool area because it is so hot I would expire. It will be a wonder if she gets a finch........

Today Lorelai Gilmore went for a walk at the Tailrace and we met some men fishing and two other Labradors (who were nowhere near as cute as Gilly!!) and we saw duckies and walked on the jetty. Lorelai Gilmore was not sure about the whole jetty thing, and the other dogs leaped off the end and swam splashily about. It is supposed to be an on leash area, and being very law abiding, we stayed on our lead.

Gilly Jetty

It has been a dull and rainy day. We all went for walks and then it was a slow day.

Harki was slow, so she slept on the couch:

Slow day Harki

Lorelai Gilmore slept on the ottoman on her Labrador rug:

Gilly is sleepy 

Peri Naughty was asleep in bed, but she doesn't like to miss out, so when I went to the letter box she was waiting at the top of the stairs, all sleepy eyed and sleepy eared:

Peri has sleepy ears and eyes

The internet is slow here, but it is slow in quite a few places. At school all the servers are slow. So my internet issues are not all mine. It does make me stressed when things are not going the way they should. Who knew????

Thanks for all the well wishes. I have a doctor's appointment next week, so I will just moan and whine about feeling boogelly till then!! I have done a little desultory knitting and lounged on the couch all afternoon. I still haven't run out of things to say for Blogtober. Not that anyone expected I would.

Tomorrow I have a picture of my hair after going to the hairdresser. There's something riveting to look forward to!!

Give-away My Regards To Broadway

Aaargghh. I'm back. My computer is fine but I have been poorly today. Let's face it, I am poorly every day but today I am more poorly than usually and we all went back to bed at noon and I have just woken up. Still have a slight headache and residual poorliness.

Yesterday was Very Rainy and Wet so Harki and Peri sheltered in the garage. Harki looks quite grumpy, but I think she's looking at Lorelai Gilmore who keeps biting her ears and licking her. Obsessively.

Harki grumbles about the rain

Peri is practising for a catalogue shot or hoping for some sun. Not sure which, but she knows a flattering angle when she sees one.

Peri's catalogue shot 

Lorelai Gilmore has been auditioning for a role in The Three Little Pigs, or This Little Piggy Went To Market!! She snuffled and grunted about outside while the day was still sunny.

Gilly Piggy 

I am a day late, but I do have Give-aways. There are three and there is a 2paw theme:

One: a cotton cloth I knitted with my 2paw symbol on it, and a face mask which you can wash off with the cloth. It is some Random Worsted Red Cotton.

2paw cloth

Two: A pair of handwarmers, no thumbs because I am lazy, but crocheted thumb divider. They are made from Rowan Donegal Tweed with the Kureyon stripes spelling out 2paw in Binary code. Oh and a hot chocolate sachet to warm the cockles of your heart.

2paw hand warmers 

Three: 2paw Baktus Front (as I like to call it) made from bamboo and soy. I knitted a paw print into one end. It is being beautifully modelled by the BareNakedLady. And there's a packet of spearmint lollies for some minty fun as well.

2paw Baktus Front

To enter, all you need to do is leave a comment and the number of the item/items you'd like to win:

1, 2, 3 , 12, 13, 23, 123. I love combinations!!!

I realise everyone may not want a green scarf!!

The Give-away ends on Sunday 18th October at noon AEST.
And I'm thinking some form of Dog-lotto for the choosing!!!

Non, je ne forgette rien

No, I have no forgets, except I was sitting on the couch knitting, and suddenly realised I hadn't blogtobered today. Oh no, too late to take any photos and the new fangled energy efficient light globes are as bright as night anyway.

I have a new chair for sitting at the computer desk, I have some new books, I even have some exciting gifts to show, all to no avail. Instead I shall treat you to what happened at out house today. Aren't you lucky???

Harki and Peri went for a walk at the dam.

Walking at the dam again

Lorelai Gilmore waited at home till it was her turn and she went for a walk by the river. We walked half way and then had to turn back because the tide was high (and now I am humming that Blondie song) and the path was covered with horrid river water, water that would have reached half way up my calves. Lorelai Gilmore looks quite regal I think, as if she is at the court of Henry VIII.

Regal Lorelai Gilmore

To entertain her we went to town and she practised walking through town without leaping on anyone to say hello. I made her sit and wait at two sets of lights and by the third she was ready to sit and wait all by herself, she's very clever. (and now I am humming the Eric Carmen song) In the book shop she stood up twice and tried and look over the counter but she was Very Well Behaved.

Then The Labradors had delicious grated raw carrot and boiled celery for breakfast and  they all went outside to watch the rain falling. It rained all day today.

Rain, rain, go away

Harki and Lorelai Gilmore played together, I think they were waiting for something. Maybe Peri???

Harki and Gilly. Waiting

They both closed their eyes: synchronised wishing I think.

Harki and Gilly wishing

And then their wish was granted and Peri came barrelling through and apparently both her ears needed checking!!! Poor Peri.

Peri's auditory check up

I have nothing else entertaining so.....Blogtober visitors may not be aware that I am cooking and reviewing my way through Coles and Curtis Stones' 16 Value Meal recipes, where a meal to feed four can be cooked for less than $10.

Today's meal is #6 Fettucini and Garlic Prawns


  • 12 Cherry tomatoes
  • Coles Fettucine 500g
  • 2 garlic cloves, minced
  • 12 large raw prawns peeled and deveined
  • Parmesan shavings for garnish (10-20g)
  • Pesto 1/2 jar - Coles Basil Pesto 190g
  • Pantry:
  • 4 tablespoons olive oil
  • Salt
  • Ground black pepper


  1. Preheat oven to 450°F/230°C. Place tomatoes on an ovenproof tray. Drizzle with 1 tbsp of oil and sprinkle with salt and pepper. Roast tomatoes until heated through.
  2. Meanwhile, bring a large pot of salted water to boil. Add pasta and cook, stirring occasionally, until al denté. While the pasta cooks, heat the remaining 3 tbsp of olive oil in a medium sauté pan over medium heat. Add garlic and prawns and sauté until prawns are just cooked through and garlic is tender. Add pesto and stir.
  3. Drain pasta, reserve ½ cup of the water. Toss pasta with the prawns pesto mixture, adding enough of the reserved water to moisten the sauce so it coats the pasta evenly.
  4. Stir through roasted tomatoes, garnish with cheese and serve.
  5. Serving suggestion: Serve with fresh basil & mixed salad.
Not very prawny

Ingredients: The actual recipe card specifies a certain type of prawn, but the deli knew nothing about them. I waved the card in their general direction and in the end we decided on some butterflied raw prawns. Everything else was easy to obtain though I chose to grate some fresh Parmesan rather than use Coles brand. 

Method: Instead of turning the oven on, you can just drizzle the tomatoes with oil and then grill them until their skins split a little and they are cooked on top. This is a very quick and easy meal to whip up when you are in a hurry.

Taste and Presentation: Really, three prawns each is just not enough. It is, in my opinion, laughable. Am I just spoiled?  The meal needs more prawns and half the pasta and then could serve two people very happily. When it serves four, though there is ample pasta, it is barely coated by the sauce. Thus it looks a little bland and the three prawns look very sad.

Cost Effectiveness: I was able to bring this meal in under the $10 bar, but really it is not very tasty. I think it would be far tastier if you added more prawns and served just two people. The addition of a fresh basil and mixed salad would push the cost to almost double.

I give this 4/10 mainly because the taste was so diluted through the large amount of pasta and three prawns each is just not enough.

Tomorrow I have another Give Away. Believe me, The Labradors are very excited!!