Hallow, Hallow, Hallow, What's Going On 'Ere Then???
Ball's Well That Ends Well

The Hunt For Red Blogtober

I feel all 'My Way': And now, the end is here, And so I face the final curtain. Way back when, Bells suggested that I could actually succeed in the Blogtoberfest, I pooh-poohed her idea, but she was certain. So I joined and here I am, gentle reader, at the end of the fest. Thanks Bells, for knowing I could do it!!

It has been the best of fests, it has been the worst of fests: but now the fest is over. I'd love to pinch Bells' great collage idea, but really I can't choose one Labrador over the other and I'd need 93 pictures. Oh I'm just having a lemony drink with ice and I thought for one horrid moment I had another broken tooth, but it was just a piece of ice!!!

Peri hopped in the creek on our walk, but Harki finds it harder to jump out now, so she paddles in the shallower part of the creek upstream.

It has been unbearable hot all day, hot and humid. It was 28*C in the city. I bought a bag of ice, I hosed The Labradors and there was much playing in the paddle pool and lying in the shade. (Them not me!!) It was too hot to knit my socks or the scarf that needs to be finished by Wednesday. Quelle Horreur!!!

Almost back to the creek

Lorelai Gilmore is quite confused by hot weather and ice. The former has suddenly appeared, and the latter suddenly disappears if you lick it. She's been mooching around because I had to hide her frisbee. Harki keeps finding a sudden playfulness and snatches it away. She's on a mission to chew it up, so I had to put it up high and away from everyone!!!

Film star Lorelai Gilmore

Halloween has come and gone with much upset in the neighbourhood. There was screaming and yelling and that set all the dogs in the street barking. They blew raspberries and 'boo-ed' in the front windows and upset The Labradors. I left a note that said I wasn't participating but I would defend to the death their right to 'celebrate' or words to that effect. They were not happy. Fences were jumped, gardens were run over, parents smiled indulgently. I shall draw a line under Halloween now.

I have unearthed my Easiyo Yoghurt maker and made my first batch for the year. In Winter I am all about the slow cooked rolled oats, but in Summer I like yoghurt and fruit for breakfast. I have some apples and raspberries to add to my morning yoghurt tomorrow!!!

I have not fulfilled all my Blogtober goals. I have not read all the Blogtober participants' blogs, computer circumstances beyond our control intervened, so I shall be doing some extra reading in November. Due to said circumstances there was not any scanning of photos, but now my computer is zoomingly fast there is some hope that will occur anon. I have cut out a pattern for a dress, and if it's cool tomorrow, I shall be tracing it and undertaking some adjustments!! So much for my goals. I have, however, found blogging every day quite good. Usually if I am feeling poorly I avoid blogging but I have really enjoyed posting everyday. I can't ever say I will do it again between now and next October, but I would like to blog more frequently. 

Since it's too hot to knit, I will have some peppermint tea and watch the end of Taggart and then to bed, where we hope it is cool enough to sleep.

Till next Blogtober then: thank you, thank you very much!!!

Oh and tomorrow there will be some form of Labrador Enhanced choosing of the 'Bespoke' skirt winner!!!


Rose Red

I'm glad blogtoberfest had a similar effect on you as it did on me!

Sorry about the Halloween spoilsports - another reason for us boycotting it!

I hope it is a cooler day for you and the pups tomorrow.


It was fun to read your blog post throughout this month! We've got Halloween still before us. I wont participate either. Lights out and watching TV for a couple of hours. It's so weird to think you have hot weather now, and we don't. Happy LOVES his frisbees. We've got several. I have to take them away from him, he would chew them up good. But this way it's special, just for being outside.


The best thing about Blogtober was finding your blog! And what an absolutely beautiful accent you have. :)


i'm so glad you did it! Well done! It's been lovely.

And that creek looks so damn inviting right now. I'm boiling!


Congratulations on making it through Blogtoberfest! It's been lovely visiting with you every day :-)


Oh - congratulations - I have been so impressed, and lo0ved reading all the Blogtober posts from chez 2Pawplusone! Hasn't it been hot - we climbed the Nut and did allthe Stanley things - and I wish I had taken a t-shirt and shorts!

Jennifer Rose

I'm mean but if a kid was blowing raspberries or boo in the front windows i would have either hit the window if they had their face on it (would be more surprised then hurt), or words would be said that probably shouldn't :p but then again the kids around here are little sh**s :p and I don't put up with crap like that from kids or their parents (who should know better).

i love that video :D made me smile

So many blogs to read so little time. the days need to be longer so people can get lots of reading done :)

lynne s of oz

Good going on Blogtoberfest! (I admit I have not read every post - computer woes of my own!).
I really dislike people smiling away, watching their darling sprogs running rampant. They are probably thinking "at least it isn't our garden..."

Laurie (Moo!)

You did a wonderful job with the whole month and I've enjoyed reading everything. Unfortunately, I can't keep up with the comments. Just know that I agree with your view on Halloween, tho the little darlings might not understand your right to have that view.


Hand (and paw) shakes all 'round for Blogtober and Boo to misbehaving rugrats.

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