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We Got A Lotta Lotta Lotta Lotto Work To Do

Today The Labradors were workin' for the woman. I made a list of participants and their items of Give-Away interest. I had a lot of help from Lorelai Gilmore when I was drawing the DogLotto form outside. Apparently chalk is very nice to eat until you actually eat it, and then it's all horrid and chalky tasting. 

The DogLotto worked this way: One of the Labradors came outside and then when they were wandering in the general DogLotto area I closed my eyes and then said 'Sit'. When I opened my eyes I looked to see where their left front paw was. That letter's assigned person was the winner. We had a few placement issues, ie actually sitting on the grid, but on the whole it worked quite well.  By the time we reached Lorelai, who was last, the others were quite over the whole sitting on the hard horrid ground thing and were resting on the blanket. I took photos as we went.


And so the winners are:

Leonie from Dr Bones Knits, Lorelai Gilmore chose the 2paw red face cloth and mask for you!!

Jennifer Rose from Fuzzy Dragons, Peri Naughty coose the 2paw Handwarmers and hot chocolate for you!!

Wendy from The Spiralling Shape, Harki-Parki-Parker-Posey chose the Baktus Front scarf and spearmints lollies for you!!!

Thank you all for visiting my blog and congratulations to the winners. There may be a slight delay in the sending of your parcels as my computer is off to visit Kurt The Technician to have a service and some more memory added. At least I hope that is all that will happen. So I won't have the internet at home and may slowly, or quickly, go mad. MrsDrWho has kindly said that I can use her computer. Excellent, I thought, I'll just type up my posts and save them to a disc and then........ Yes, I am that silly at the moment!!

The thing I was making yesterday?? It is a K9 handbag from my very precious Doctor Who pattern book. I think the Fifth Doctor's celery put a lot of people onto the chicken legs track. I bag isn't lined or interfaced, but I did both and I also sewed the strap into the seam at the top. Now I have to properly attach and decorate the head with eyes, ears, a collar and an engraved dog tag, and I have to attach the Velcro and make the K9 logo out of white felt and appliqué it onto the flap. I am going to make a fabric covered plastic base that can be removed if needs be.

Canine bag in the making 

I shall try to keep up my Blogtober posts but I shan't be about commenting till my computer is back. It's off tomorrow and might not be back for a while. (sniff) I will be coming back with my last Give-Away though, I've had the bags then the three things in this post and my fifth and final effort will be a custom made skirt!! Yes, I will draft a personal pattern for someone and make them a skirt!! More on that later though.

The Labradors and I will be back as soon as they have sorted out who's the boss of the new blanket!!!

Too squashy on the special mat



Ingenious way of picking winners, and congratulations to those who won.

I love the handbag - very whimsical but it looks practical as well.

Good luck with the computer; all fingers are crossed.

(Sorry for the lack of comments this week; I've been veering from busy to tired and I've only been up to reading)


I love how you - sorry, The Labradors - pick winners, I shall have to think of an interesting way to pick the winner of my own giveaway now, you've set the standard!! I'm obviously gutted not to win but wow, a custom made skirt... I'll so be back to enter that one!


I'm so excited!!! Give my biggest thanks to Harki-Parki-Parker Posey :)

Jennifer Rose

oh thank you and thank you Peri Naughty :)

love the bag, would get stolen around here :( don't go too mad without the net!

let me know when you need an address to send to :) obviously when you get your comp back and settled :)

hmm need to find another blanket ;) our dog would have hidden then blanket in his kennel so the other dogs couldn't have it :p


Yay for doglotto - and congrats to the winners - they look so lovely on their blankie!

Rose Red

Love doglotto!! very clever!

Heh, I would never have guessed a bag!! (obviously!)


Such clever puppies!!!

Congratulations to the lucky winners :)

Wow a custom made skirt....another great prize to look forward to possibly winning :D


Wow! Thank you to the lovely Lorelai for picking me, I will probably have to fight the children off for the face washer but the mask will be all mine!! Let me know when you need address details. I can't wait!

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