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Lab-arbarians At The Gate

Your Home Is Skirt By Sea

I find it hard to do sweeping. Well I can do the big sweeping, but the small dusty sweeping eludes me. If only I could find the broom to go with the dustpan.......

A brush with Lorelai Gilmore

Peri has been keeping watch at the window again. One dog running free and she thinks there will be one every day!!

Peri is concentrating

Harki is happy on her walk, but her walks are getting shorter and she is not so fast any more. She's a bit grumpy with Lorelai Gilmore (though aren't we all sometimes: about brooms for example). We are making the most of every day at the moment and though there's still boiled celery for breakfast, today there was a little poached chicken as well!!! I just went and gave her a big rub on her ears as her sore leg makes it hard to have a good ear scratch. If you stop, she whacks you gently with her paw and wags her tail. I start again.

Harki's Happy Walk

Poor Leonie, Jennifer Rose and Wendy are waiting for me to post their DogLotto winnings and I promise to email tomorrow and ask for details!!

Today I have my final Blogtober Give-Away. It's a skirt, custom made for you, whomever you are. Sadly, I can only offer this to people who live in Australia, as I might need to send a toile/muslin for fitting. Who knows??

Your skirt can be:

Negotiations will be entered into. I would need waist, hip, waist to hip and length measurements which would, of course, be confidential. I will draft a pattern, purchase some fabric and sew your skirt for you and I'll send you the pattern too!!!

To enter, just leave a comment and tell me the fabric colour or print you'd like if you win. The time to enter ends at midnight on October 31st or whenever I remember to shut the comments off.



well this is probably a bit greedy seeing as i have already won a doglotto but if i were to win i would adore a forest green and brown long tiered skirt.

(but I hoping someone else will win...really!)


Gee Cindy...this is such a generous giveaway. I love lots of pure, crisp colours....nothing creamy or dusky, but probably purple would be my absolute favourite. For a skirt I think something with large abstract florals &/or paisley would be lovely.

It's a shame you haven't trained Gilly to do all that sweeping!!!

Hugs to Harki. Daisy can appreciate her 'hoppiness' & needing a good ear/head rub. She has hurt her other back leg this week & I'm hoping that she has just sprained it & doesn't need surgery as with her other leg :( I feel for her as she is only 3 years old & still wants to jump around & go chasing those intruders (possums!!) out of our yard at night, but her legs get the better of her.

Good luck Peri....keep watching for those escapees :)


what is harki's favorite food or toy?

Jennifer Rose

dammit :p i need to move to Australia now lol

"If you stop, she whacks you gently with her paw and wags her tail. I start again."

aww that is very cute :) sorry to read about the sore leg :(

no rush with the email, never is when its someones giveaway. you have been busy with everything!


this could be the most generous giveaway I've ever seen! but if you're offering, i'll be in it :) i think a short/mid length tiered skirt would be good for summer and falls festival coming up, and how cute would it be with a mix of paisley/idian style fabrics so i can look all hippy and pretend to be at woodstock instead of just falls festival! maybe i'll have to wear it and only it ;)
x isis


Wowee what an amazing giveaway. I just can't resist entering!
I like skirts in dark colours - black, chocolate brown, dark denim etc with some type of large contrast print, and I love A-line. Thanks so much for offering such a generous prize.


That is a very generous giveaway. A bespoke skirt, so to speak. I've already had something beautifully handmade from you, so don't enter me this time.

Pats to all who need them and an extra good ear rub to Harki. One cat I once had used to do that. A gentle bop on the arm if I stopped stroking him.


Wow. Could I ever do with a custom made skirt. That is such a huge jo. You are a very capable and generous person to offer such a giveaway. Cherrie


You are so generous to share your excellent sewing skills. I wear jeans or pants most of the time & only have a couple of skirts. I don't think I look good in skirts.

Rose Red

Oh a made to measure skirt - what a wonderful generous prize. If only I could wear a pencil skirt. But I think a maternity skirt is too big an ask, and I already have your lovely handmade goodness so I won't be in this one. But will be envious of lucky lucky skirt winner!


Oh what a joy it would be to win!
Well - green (of course) - but a happy grass green or sea green - red (of course), or yellow or orange

How exciting!


I'm afraid I only comment when there's a giveaway..... bad blog friend! But gee whiz what a lovely offer! I am sadly lacking in clothes that fit me post-maternity! I would love something green or blue xo


I would love a blue skirt


I think you need to train Gilly to use the broom ;) A made-to-measure skirt sounds very generous......I would have no idea of style or colour or fabric though.



I would love a faux patchwork long tiered skirt, one that looks deliciously hippie, as opposed to hip-y, as I myself am... ;)

Colour.... hmmm, red & white? Rainbow? Green & brown? No idea... perhaps all of the above!

What a generous, original & exciting giveaway - I have EVERYTHING tightly crossed!

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