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K-Nine to Five

Apparently they have this new thing called Typepad Micro which is a Twittery kind of Blog thing. Now when I go to post to my blog, a new box appears, so I am just typing in it to see what happens!! Rest assured, I am far to wordy to ever limit myself to something Micro or 140 characters!! Will this have a title?? So many questions, so little time
Lorelia Gilmore had fun destroying a box yesterday
Boxing Gilly



I'm just checking that we can comments on these posts that aren't posts.....


your mini post turned out fine, Lorelia looks like she is killing that box before it gets her!!!!!! I LOVE what you are making for Auntie Dutch too - looks rather gorgeous

Rose Red

Hmmmm, I hope this comment doesn't appear twice...I just did one, but it didn't appear!

Anyway, am glad Lorelai has saved the world from the evils of boxes. I bet that box had plans of world domination! Now foiled!


Not to mention, boxes often contain those evil creatures, CATS!

So best for all the doggies to keep themselves safe by destroying the boxes before cats arrive :):)


oh typepad tries to be twitter. I don't get it. Twitter is twitter. Blog posts are blog posts. Crazy stuff!

Jennifer Rose

destroying boxes is fun and can be pretty therapeutic :D


apparently she felt that it was a danger to you and was compelled to destroy it!


HOw is it dogs can create so much mess from such a simple thing as a box. How many pieces have I had to pick up off the back verandah.

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