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Soldier, Soldier, Will You Marry Me With Your Musket, Fife And Tub?

Close Encounters of the Bird Kind

There's never a dull moment at our house. Lorelai Gilmore had a close encounter with a duck. The ducky, because that's what we call them, was standing on the jetty and like Margaret Thatcher, was not for turning. We were not deterred and walked along towards it. There was no chance of Lorelai Gilmore catching the ducky, I made sure of that, but he was a ducky with a death wish and only dove into the water at the last possibly moment.

Look out ducky, here comes Gilly 

Ooh ducky, here she comes 

Here's Peri bucking the system as usual. We are allowed to be just here in the BBQ area, but we are not allowed to walk along the tracks. Peri just likes to push the boundaries. She was a bit quiet yesterday and I was a little worried about her, but she seems fine today. Maybe she ate something smelly???

Wicked Peri

Harki went for her third and final ear check and though there are still a few tiny bacteria, she's fine and we just have to put the ear drops in twice a week. We're in caretaker mode. I am glad that Harki is not frightened at The Hospital anymore. She has a routine: we go inside and say hello and get pats and then we go outside and she wees in their garden, then we are allowed to go back inside and await our turn.

Harki, at the vet

I did a little top shopping and picked up five various green tops. Just what I needed and they averaged out at $14 each!! The day is dull so the colours are not very true.

Top shopping

Lunch was some delicious watermelon (seedless) and some tasty juice with a big splash of lemon juice and some ice. I had the new Delicious and the new Interweave Weekends to read and I was thinking about my Christmas Cooking list. I didn't really get much done, as you can see.....

Peepo pups

The plastic cups are my Guilty Pleasure (thank you Margaret!!!) It is far too dangerous to have glasses or cups about with Lorelai at the moment. She's really leapy. Plus, the cups are toys later on for Peri, and Lorelai Gilmore!!!

Gilly's a lizard

I have begun some Christmas crafting. I bought some new embroidery thread and then realised after I was home that I has no little bobbins. Never fear, because the Internet is here!!! I found some delightful free printable bobbins here and look, they even matched pretty fabulously with my colours!!

Bob bob bobbin along 

It is Trivia tonight, and I have just has a text from MrsDrWho to say her excursion has gone exceedingly well and they are on their way home from the other end of the state, so I hold out hope she will be able to come. I am going to have a nap now, if I can. There is a cool breeze and I have five new tops to choose from so I am lazily putting off washing till tomorrow.


Rose Red

Excellent top shopping!

I think the labs are looking at you (whilst you are lunching and reading) saying "when are you going to be finished with that cup toy? We're bored!"

Good luck at trivia! Hopefully they'll have a special knitting, sewing and baking category for you tonight!


hehe, what a brave duck!!

Your doggies are so loyal, how sweet of them :)


oh thank you for the bobbin link...I must use them I always think I will be organised and use them and I am too slack then my threads end up in a terrible state!!


I think that duck was just playing 'duck, duck, Lab!!! LOL

Glad that Harki's ears are looking better.

Those bobbins look great....thanks for the link Cindy :)


Aaah, the wonders of the internet - bobbin templates & all - if you can't find it online, then it simply must not exist!


really, thats just about the perfect day, for dog and human! i now have a craving for icy juice with lemon. and what do you think of the IK? i am wondering if its worth it. and shhhh but i might have some puppy news....


How busy you are - I haven't even looked at the new Delicious yet - the shame!

I like your new topses!

Lynne S of Oz

Goodness, you bought GREEN? ;-)
Your labs are being their usual naughtyish selves - they must really lighten up your day.

Jennifer Rose

aww I miss that doggy look over the table. don't miss the subtle bumping of the table to try to get the food off the table :p

Glad Harki's ears are better :D

Laurie (Moo!)

Harki is really showing how she feels when she "wees" in the animal hospital garden. LOL. I love all of the lab pictures. Each one speaks volumes.

Hooray for new t's! Finally you've put some green into your wardrobe. :-)


That sounds like a good day. I wish I have quieter days like this & I could have a juice & read knitting magazines. Thanks for the bobbins link as my girls will love them for their cross stitching cotton.

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