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At last we have some slightly cool weather: it rained on Lorelai Gilmore and me when we were walking this morning. Still, it's warm..

Yesterday evening Uncles Dutch and Electric brought a chicken coop to be stored in the garage. Well, what a source of fun that was. I had a sneaking thought that I might pop Lorelai Gilmore inside. No need. Peri is very clever, she had a quick recce and then 'encouraged' Lorelai Gilmore to go inside. 

Flying the coop 

After all the excitement of visitors, Harki decided it was a bit too much effort to go up the steps. When I came back from walking in the rain this morning she was up in the garage and had obviously investigated the new thing.

Who's that down there

If you do this: ( does my bottom look big in this?)

Gilly digging a hole

And then play in the paddle pool, ad infinitum, then you get this:

Muddy Gilly

One very happy, muddy puppy.

I have started the unnamed top-down raglan cardigan. There were no bamboo circular needles in the shop, so I had to have a Knit Pro one. It was a knitting emergency and I didn't want one from The BSODL(tm) It is nice and pointy, which is good, because the bamboo is splitty. Note that I have had to go to The Dark Side and use stitch markers, which I have thus far managed not to knit into the fabric. I have lost one, but it wasn't a special one. I will cope.

Cardi started

MrsDrWho*, Mrs Princess and Miss Mac invited me to join them for a very social trivia night. It was a lot of fun, very uncompetitive (no arguments or cross words from any people there) we had a delicious platter, wine and I had a cup of tea and it was Not Too Hot. Bonus: we came third and won a $25 voucher which will pay for some wine next time. We were flummoxed by two of the six topics; Cars and Sport!!!

Trivial pursuits

Oh you can see where I wrote down our answers to check them.That's a banana calzone which MrsDrWho had not quite all of for dessert.

Plans for the next few days:finish lining the secret bag, make a toile of my dress bodice, I did adjustments yesterday (with Gilly's help) and drafted an A-line skirt because bias skirts and I are not friends, keep knitting my cardigan, buy a long retractable lead so Lorelai Gilmore can have a swim and catch up on all the Fringe episodes I have stored on my DVR. I have 200 hours of saved programmes to watch. I have 20 hours of space left so I really have to catch up NOW!!!

Sew Helpful Gilly

*Cateau additions proceed with some speed.



Don't the dorables look - well - dorable! and so happy!

Love the topdown raglan - I am looking forward to finishing things - I have decided to set aside a week between finishing a cardi and christmas knitting to finish things!


such cute pics of the labs, Ruby is hating the heat already this summer but she will still lie in the sun so I have to shut her inside. Your cardigan is looking rather gorgeous!


Glad you are getting some cooler weather-unfortunately here in Adelaide we won't be until Monday. What happened to spring?? The cardi is coming along nicely.

Jennifer Rose

i wouldn't have gotten any car or sports answers, no idea about them at all. congrats on getting third :)

one very happy looking muddy puppy :D i wish we had the space for chickens, would save on eggs lol


Aww - poor muddy puppy! Well done on your quiz win!


I love the look on Gilly's face in the last picture! :o)


Banana Calzone sounds very yummy,poor hot labs!

Rose Red

Oh muddy Harki, I'm not sure I would enjoy her subsequent bath!

I managed to knit a stitch marker into my knitting this week - d'oh! It's the first time I've ever done that, I felt very stupid!


It's great to have some rain. We had rain but it's so humid too. I love knitting top down & I hope you are enjoying your top down cardi too! If you need more stitch markers, just let me know - I can make you some.


he he the coop looks like it was a riot of fun!!!

I hate knitting stitch markers into the fabric! I have done it more often than I care to remember!

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