Close Encounters of the Bird Kind

K-Nine to Five

My social life took its toll by Saturday and I stayed in bed till after 2pm. 

  • Our Trivia team won second prize and we have a voucher for $50 to use this Tuesday: Chicken Parmas all round!!!
  • Sewing was lovely and I finished my felt creations. (see below)
  • Knitting in the Pub was fabulous as the Pub was air conditioned. It was so hot out in the real world that I almost expired. All The Labradors had to play in the paddle pool and lie in front of Mr Coolie.
  • Wee Jock's mum's birthday dinner was great. The company was excellent and the food very tasty.

Auntie Dutch finally received her presents and I was able to visit Uncle Dutch, Auntie and Uncle Electric and Baby Electric at the same time!! I made Auntie Dutch a K9 handbag- that's K9 from Doctor Who. I used the Doctor Who pattern book, but I slightly enlarged the bag and made a stiff plastic lining covered with poplin to give it a sharp shape. I even had a proper dog tag engraved with his name!!! She was very pleased.

K9 side view

Full Frontal K9

I also finished her babushkas from the Felties book, which was a gift for her too. Rather sneaky of me. I made one larger, one the proper size and the smaller one is a brooch!!


Harki and Peri had a wonderful walk in the cool rain this morning. We have been walking early, before I realise I am up and before it is hot, so we are often there before 8am(that is early for us) The rain has been light but constant and you can see it has collected on the grasses and spider webs.

Rainy day dogs

The grass is always greener for Lorelai Gilmore: at the end of our walk is a gate and every time we have to walk right up to the gate, and then she likes to sneak around it and sit forlornly on the other side. If only I was nice and would let her walk in the forbidden area.

Don't fence me in

Smarties have new user friendly colours so I bought a packet just to check them out. Not too bad really, better than the 100s and 1000s which I think look insipid and a bit dirty.

Smartie colours

Tomorrow we are having a day at home, I have to pop to the Library, but other than that I shall sleep and then cook something delicious to eat!!! The Labradors will be able to play all day and have lots of attention. Lorelai Gilmore is at the Terrible Teenage Stage and is a bit big for her boots. Thank goodness Harki and especially Peri are such lovely girls.



Congrats to the Trivea Team. The K-9 bag looks just amazing! We are also enjoying some cooler weather and rain-I think it's going to be a long summer for us all.


I'm sure Aunty Dutch just looooves her K9 bag.....& such cute babushkas too!!


oh Cindy K9 is just AMAZING you are a legend to make such a treasure!!! and the babushkas are adorable, you realise you made me buy that Felties book! yes it looked tooo cute so I checked it out at the Book Depository UK and it was cheap and free delivery just sealed the deal! a xmas pressie to myself is on it's way


Yay for trivialities - they fill in the cracks of the day, and earn prizes too!
Loving the bag - yet another thing I can't show my children for fear of giving them ideas.
Lorelei is a funny girl -see, look, I'm here already, what's wrong with going a little further, I mean really????
And happy colourful Smarties what a nice way to wrap up your post. They match the rainbow I saw this morning.


I love the bag, and the poplin covered plastic is a great idea. I'll store that idea away.

Rose Red

Congrats on coming second in the Trivia - onwards and upwards, I look forward to you all coming first next time!

The bag is amazing! You are so clever! And the babushkas are just gorgeous.

At least the labs are clever enough to stay inside in front of Mr Coolie when it's hot outside - my cat refuses to do that! Although she does manage to find cool(ish) spots outside.


You have been busy girls.

I don't know why but I've always liked babushkas, yours are lovely!


hehe, what an awesome K-9 bag!! Mr Bon was so excited when we got to see an actual K-9 in Cardiff in July. I was more excited to see Captain Jack's uniform, of course :D

Someone was telling me the other day that there are no blue Smarties anymore - obviously a load of rubbish! Apparently it is now the fashionable thing to complain when artificial colours and flavours are taken out of processed foods, though I have no idea why :(


Yay you - and the K-9 bag - brilliant (and I have a secret felty love for the gorgeous babushkas too.......) But aren't the girls lovely? I am wearing a cardi today - but got cold and rained on when I ran yesterday.....


Good one on doing so well in Trivia. Knitting at the pub sounds nice, I would add the smarties and that would make it a pretty good match in my eyes. That photo of the smarties really made me feel like having some, pity I haven't got any, maybe tomorrow.

Jennifer Rose

your bag looks great :D its so odd seeing a square box of smarties after seeing the round tubes and the hexagonal shaped boxes here

big congrats on the trivia win! :D team work at its best :)

Laurie (Moo!)

That bag is adorable!! Very nice job. Smarties...yum!

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