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Ball's Well That Ends Well

The weather has gone from the sublime to the ridiculous: we had 28*C on Saturday and then today we had a cool, rainy day with extreme winds of up to 120 kph. We all like the cooler weather better. It was Too Hot To Knit, the stitches of my sock wouldn't move along the wooden needle. They stuck. I started knitting a scarf for Mrs Mauritius a while back, but the rib was just too solid, instead of nice and softly draping. So I unravelled it on Sunday when it was cooler and started a simple Feather and Fan pattern and it is perfect. Mrs Mauritius likes to fling her scarf around her neck and over her shoulder, so this will be excellent. I am knitting up two balls separately, and then I will graft the live stitches together in the centre so I have matching cast on edges. Here it is, and you can see the original is almost knitted up now. Oh I am using Zara Extra Fine Merino, I think, I can't find the label. I have put it somewhere safe.

F&F scarf almost done

I have been Spring Cleaning and I have a whole lot of fabric to be washed and ironed into submission, newspapers to be recycled and bits and bobs to sort out. I have also scanned some photos onto my computer and for those people who always want to see a picture of me: this is your lucky day!! Here's a picture of me, and Harki and Baby Peri!!! And it is old, about eight years old, because there is a giant stack of videos. Look how tiny Peri is, such a gorgeous baby!!!

Harki and Baby Peri and Me 

Yes, there are pink curtains, but they work, so they're staying!!!

And now, the 'Bespoke' skirt Give-away!! This time I decided on The Tennis Ball Option. I had ten entrants, so I used ten of The Labradors' tennis balls. I wrote numbers on the balls.

Tennis Balls

I would line them up outside, let loose a Labrador and the winner would be the first tennis ball chosen. I tried Harki, but she was only interested in looking for treats interspersed amongst the balls. And there were none. So then I tried Lorelai Gilmore. I was very encouraging and enthusiastic in order to get a result, so beware the volume!! And the winner is...................

Number Eight, and that's Gaby!! Congratulations Gaby, I'll email you to discuss your blue skirt!!!!

And thus begins my effort to blog more frequently with fewer words and pictures so it doesn't seem like an overpowering task.