The Bridge of Size

Same Time Next Ear

Harki went back to see Dr Jessica today and as I had discerned, her ears were still boogelly. In the Waiting Room we met tiny, happy Clay who weighed about the same amount as Harki's weight loss. He was very brave and cute and Harki was very kind and friendly to him.

Hey Clay

Harki had some bacteria dislodging ear wash and I had to hold her ears to stop her shaking her head. That was never going to happen. You have to hold her actual head to stop her flippy flopping her ears. Then some more ear soothing wash and then we went home. Breakfast was very late today.

Yesterday it was warm in the morning then there was torrential rain, and thunder and lightning storms, in the afternoon. MrsDrWho said there were piles of hail banked up at the edge of the road after school as she drove home too. I was totally saturated just crossing the road and the car park: it was that heavy and that quick. I didn't mind though. Lorelai Gilmore loved the rain and spent all afternoon going outside to get wet, and then coming inside to make us all wet. I left her tied up at the supermarket as it was too hot in the car. She's a faithful dog, she waited in a very concentrated way till I returned.

Please come back soon

Harki and Peri lazed about in the morning sun:

Harki and Peri rest on their blanket

Then Harki and Lorelai Gilmore lazed inside in the afternoon:

Harki and Gilly sleep closely

I am resting up and napping every day as I have some evening commitments this week: trivia, supper and craft with friends, Knitting in the Pub and then a birthday outing. If I don't have a nap every afternoon I will not be able to go to any events at all. Before my nap I sewed these for Auntie Dutch. They are not finished as we had some white felt issues. I bought some more and then of course I found the lost felt as soon as I came home. If it had teeth it would have bitten me.

Cute craft things

Some interesting new EasiYo things arrived in the letterbox. Things we can't buy in the shops here. I am looking forward to making the ice cream. Though I must confess I would be more looking forward to the ice cream made with condensed milk and cream but that would be very wicked of me!!!

Easi Yum

The lovely Wendy from FNQ sent me a postcard from the general QLD after the Sydney to Hobart race area. We have really turned on the four seasons in one day weather in the state, just for her!!

Postcard from the South

I am having a little rest from my raglan cardigan and am doing some dress sewing. I have cut out the pieces and am ready to make the bodice lining. Thank you MrsDrWho for the lovely note you wrote on the toile while I wasn't looking. I have one word for you: Karma!!!!

Illusion indeed

I am off to Trivia anon, where we will all share a free bottle of wine courtesy of last week's third place!!


Rose Red

Oooh, cheeky MrsDrWho! Hope you will replenish your wine supplies at trivia tonight!

Look at that little Clay - what a cutie! I guess Lorelai was that smallish when she was born? Not so long ago!!


Harki and Gilly are both very good dogs to be so patient with other dogs and people. Peggy cries if I try to leave her outside a shop and prefers to stay in the car - consequently she doesn't come out in the car in summer much.


oh i didnt know you could do other, non-yoghurty, things with easy-yo. that whole system just got a whole lot more interesting! gilly is looking very mature and grown up isnt she, and whats with the dogs and ear thing?! jem is constantly getting 'boogelly' there and he hates having them cleaned. looks like you have a busy rest of week planned, enjoy!


Wheeee - baby beagle. They are SO cute! Glad the ear is getting better although I can't work out how you would get a 'boggy' NOT to shake their head with drops in.


Goodness me that cheeky MrsDrWho has been looking at my patterns too - obviously

sounds like a major social whirl for you! - I am thinking that I must get into Easiyo - what with the amount we seem to spend on yoghurt - and the icecream sound so nice!


I love the felt! It's so pretty.

I'm a big Easi-yo fan too but have never tried anything other than the yoghurt. Perhaps i should branch out?


I hope Harki's ears are better now. The bag is so pretty & I love the color. I do wish I have the time for an afternoon nap sometimes.

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