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Soldier, Soldier, Will You Marry Me With Your Musket, Fife And Tub?

Yesterday it rained slightly. The tub outside fills with rainwater and it is a handy back up drink for The Labradors. They all had a drink in the afternoon and then later in the evening I heard a strange sound. It was Lorelai Gilmore on a mission: a mission to get that tub through the dog door and inside. I must say that if I had not been taking photos to document the event I would have had half an hour or so of peace and quiet. No-one biting anyone else's legs or nose, no one trying to eat the moths outside the front window and no-one trying to sit on my lap when they are too big!!!

I have a tub of my own

Victory is hers!!!

Today it absolutely poured with rain and we had thunder and lightning, because of course it was the day of the Christmas Parade in town. Which I think went ahead regardless. MrsDrWho and I had agreed to meet in town for brunch and a little shopping and so the traffic chaos was a bit of a surprise. We were both in separate cars trapped in detour hell until we managed to connect via our mobiles and meet elsewhere. We ended up at the museum, where we had a delicious brunch:


The museum was right next door to the Niche Market where I caught up with Gemma and Isis!! (No pictures because I forgot)

I bought The Labradors a Very Big Treat: tinned dog food. It is fish. They love fish and I often pop a tin of sardines in their food. This is strictly a one off, but they ate the sardine variety in two seconds flat.

Fish, fish, fish

There has been crafting, a lot of boring crafting, and here is the evidence. I cannot show you what it is until Tuesday, when I hope it will become something Christmassy for YOU MrsDrWho!!!

Christmassy thing

I cooked some quick little quiches, a really easy recipe using 300ml light cream, 200g low fat feta, 3 eggs, some spring onion and tomato with sprinkling of Parmesan cheese on top. I used six sheets of filo pastry (four sheets together cut into 8 and then the other two doubled over and cut into quarters) and olive oil to make the cases and then cooked them for about 20-25 minutes at 180*C. Very yummy and no need to bake blind at all.


I used three free range eggs from the green grocer and they were all double yolkers. I'm tipping the rest of the carton will be too.


What else has been happening?? Well the rain has filled the creek again and Harki felt a bit sprightly this morning and hopped in,

Harki in the creek 

and when Peri jumped in Harki whacked her in the nose with her happy waggy tail.

Waggy Tail 

I have been catching up on TV and whittling away the hours on my DVR. I am considering a new skirt, although the nice vertical striped material in all kinds of green was vetoed as it apparently would make me look like a deck chair!! So I think I will sew some more of my dress tomorrow. I am thinking a pencil skirt with a little ruffled frill sewn at the hem. Maybe. One hot day and I will be wishing it was already made. I have been having to have an afternoon nap though, usually for two or three hours, which really cuts into your day.

I must finish the last part of the Christmas thing now. I'll make a cup of tea, that will ease the ennui. I am doing very well with the whole giving-up-sugar-in-my-tea-at-home. I don't miss it at all. If I drank five cups a day with two teaspoons of sugar, that makes 50g of sugar a day, 350g a week or a horrifying 1.5kg a month. I feel slightly virtuous, but when I have a cup of tea 'out', it is always such a lovely cup of tea!!!



Gilly is such a clever dog!!!! Extra pats for her perseverance LOL

Daisy gets her 'fishy treat' when she gets lucky & scores Moonshine's (our cat) leftovers. I absolutely hate the tuna breath afterwards though....YUK!!!!

Nice little's always handy to have something quick & easy to be able to whip up. I will definitely have to give these a go.

I'm glad that Harki is having a good day :)


Oh Gilly is hilarious! :o)The little quiches look delicious! Wow - so many double yoke eggs in one cartoon! Our organic eggs are big, but never a double yoke in them.

I'm so glad Harki felt like playing in the creek!
W0w- I'm so glad I'm trinking my tea without sugar! I'd rather have a cookie, or two, or three with it. :o)


i really should cut out sugar in my tea too, but can't bring myself to do it yet... how smart is Gilly?! why do you think she tried to bring that box inside?

yes the quiches look great... yum

thanks so much for visiting us at Niche, Cindy and MrsDrWho!!

x isis


Gilly is really smart to do that. I have also stop adding sugar in my tea & coffee & also milk. Instead I use soy milk & it tastes great especially with chai tea.


What a clever girl (and so entertaining too!)
I have hardly any sugar these days, and cutting from 2 down to one was easy - it is losing the one which may be hard.....


Neat little quiches! I can confess that I did not give up sugar in my tea, but I did cut back to about half a teaspoon - although tea in travel mugs or takeaway cardboard cups always seems to need more sugar to get past the paper tastes.

Jennifer Rose

lol at Lorelai Gilmore! :D very clever

i don't drink enough tea to have to cut the sugar out, but I should probably cut back on the amount of red bull i drink lol very addicting stuff

and I can't forget that lab tail. hitting everything when happy :) i had bruises all over my legs from our lab who seemed to get excited over anything :p

Laurie (Moo!)

I'm still laughing at the pictures of Gilly and that tub. What a clever and persistant girl!

Double yolked eggs must be some sort of good luck symbol. At least I hope so!


Oooh? Fish for dogs?? I've never seen that can dog food before. And Sardines too?? Now that gives me an idea to give them something different :)

That's the first time I've ever seen double yolked eggs!! Wow!!!


oh fish in a can, great idea. i think some dogs would like to be cats just to eat cat food! i have gotten used to tea with sweetener rather than sugar, but hot strong tea just has to be sweet. speaking of which.... off to put the kettle on!

Rose Red

Perhaps you could use the deckchair stripe fabric as a skirt accent (eg a striped panel down either side of a plain skirt?) It sounds very christmassy (possibly) - a new skirt for Christmas would be nice!

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