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Weighting To Exhale


I have finished my first socks for the Southern Summer of Socks. They are divine and I love them so much and I am very sad this wool is discontinued. I made the extreme effort to make all the stripes the same size, I cut and pasted till it was right and I am very happy.  There were quite a few ends to sew in. It was totally worth it!!

Stryperdrive side view
Stryperdrive socks

The Stryperdrive Socks, knitted on 2.5mm needles using my own personal sock pattern with 64 stitches. I used Lana Grossa Magico. I don't really ever want to wear them, they are so nice, but in the spirit of my 'using nice and special things' drive: I shall. I've started my third pair of socks using Ailsa's fabulous Tennis Ball sock wool. I am perusing books to find a suitably tennis-bally pattern.

Having a tennis ball

The Labradors have been well, and Harki has been naughty. I know we all find this hard to believe, but she has. On Wednesday she hopped out of the car and took off down the road after a cat, knowing she had no chance of getting within a bull's roar of it, and then she meandered back in her own time when I called her. I put Peri inside and then walked down the footpath till I could see her. She looks so happy in her wickedness!!

Wicked Harki
Happy Wicked Harki

Peri Naughty and Lorelai Gilmore have been honing their synchronisation skills at the other back gate.

Synchro Pups

What else?? Our Dining Out Knitting group dined out at Pickled Evenings and very delicious it was, and despite the picture, not very pickly!!!

Un Pickled Evenings

There has been much knitting and I have finished the Sensu Scarf for Mrs Mauritius. Sensu is the Japanese word for 'folding fan' and this scarf in Feather and Fan folds and rolls very nicely. I knitted it in two pieces and grafted the live stitches together at the centre. I have two matching cast on edges!! It needs blocking. Knitted from Zara Extra Fine Merino two balls, using 5mmm needles.

Sensu scarf 

During Blogtober I sent some White TimTams to Melanie Jennifer and she retured the favour with some excellent white chocolate with hazelnuts. Good thing I took a picture because I have eaten it all. Thank you Melanie Jennifer!!!

Chocolate favour 

The weather is going to be very hot over the next few days, so we will be getting the ice and the air cooler ready to go, and closing the curtains to keep the heat out!!!



That brand of chocolate has lots of yummy varieties. Love the socks and really, what's the use of lovely things if you can't use them? I'm going to unpack some of my almost new, lovely sheets when we move and use my own linen. Nothing wrong with DIL's things either, but I feel teh need to use my own things.

So now it's Peri Naughty and Harki Naughty as well? She must have been feeling very sprightly. Perhaps spring got to her.

I haven't started on SSS sock s yet. Have a couple of things to do for Christmas yet. And moving house. I think some socks might be relaxation at the end of the days of unpacking.


love those Stryperdrive're a clever girl.xx

Rose Red

Hope you survive the heat! The socks look great - I wouldn't have the patience to make them match as you have, but it really was worth it!


Cindy the socks are perfect, so beautiful! and the scarf is DIVINE you are soooooo clever, "grafted the live stitches" sounds very painful....ouch xx

Jennifer Rose

naughty Harki tsk tsk ;p she does look really happy though :D

those socks are gorgeous :D I wouldn't want to wear them either in case they were wrecked.

i've never had timtams. hubby says you use to be able to get the caramel ones here but we can't find them anywhere now :/


Nice job on the socks! Oh Harki! LOL- good for her! I can't wait to see the scarf blocked, it already looks so nice. Oh, that's my favorite white chocolate!!!


oh goodness, matching up of stripes, grafting halves together, you are a very conscientous knitter! and they look lovely. watch out those naughty-girls dont steal your tennis ball wool!

Laurie (Moo!)

Oh, Harki! Her face says, "I'm gonna get yelled at. TOTALLY worth it!".

Love the scarf and socks. Very pretty bit of knitting. :-)


Those socks are gorgeous. I love the color you used. Naughty doggies at our house too, we had the garage door open and our little Tess ran straight across the road because she saw another dog on the footpath. Thank god there werent any cars coming or we would have been devastated. She was promptly put in the backyard for time out after doing so. I hope I can manage to knit inside today, too many hot days for this week, ugh!


Congratulations on your 1st pair of socks for summer & it's not even summer yet. I love the scarf as it's so gorgeous.


what gorgeous stripes! I love them! Poo to discontinued yarn!!

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