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The Bridge of Size

It has been a slightly fraught half a day. Yesterday was hot, but it is lovely and cool with a breeze now. Yesterday afternoon Tattslotto was down all over the city and perhaps the state. I tried in two places; one person was very unhelpful but the other was nice and kind, despite three hours of explaining there was no Tattslotto. Luckily I have an emergency on-line account so I am all ticketed up. I have jammed three fingers on my left hand in the hall door. I have been stuck behind a cyclist on the windy narrow road to the dam, so that it took me twelve minutes instead of eight. I won't pass when the road is so windy and he wouldn't move over. I have had some toast and local ham and a cup of tea so I feel slightly better now!!

I have made the toile for my new dress bodice. I did a FBA and the front fits perfectly. Unfortunately I adjusted the back to be three sizes too big and waaaaaay too long. I totally overestimated my size. Sighs. MrsDrWho kindly pinned the seams on the back for me and now I can draft the back pieces again for a perfect fit. I am a tad excited!!!

Sighs about size

I have a new book. It was on super special  for $19 at the KMart (I've been kidnapped by) It is full of wonderful baking recipes.

New book 

I am particularly enamoured of the raspberry lemon meringue pie which the aforementioned MrsDrWho declared a carnival of taste and colour. There are lots of basic recipes, with up to nine variations to choose from: muffins, cakes, tarts, bread, cupcakes. Delicious!!!

A carnival of pie 

Harki and Peri went for a walk around the dam grounds and Peri could not resist rolling in something smelly. Harki was very worried and decided to move right away. 

Damn Dam rolling

Lorelai Gilmore likes the jetty and the seagulls. Today I was juggling her lead, the camera and three sore fingers and I accidentally let go of her. I thought she might leap off the end, but she didn't. She had a lovely sniff and then when I called her, she came. What a good little puppy she is!!

Good Girl Gilly comes

There is still knitting happening. I have knitted 17cm of the raglan 'seam' and I think it needs to be 27cm. I have not counted my stitches. It doesn't bear thinking about.

Knitting 17cm

Sadly, I am completely up to date with Fringe which I am enjoying immensely. I have had to start catching up on Castle now: hurray!!! I am looking forward to Miss Austen Regrets this evening.

I just gave Harki a new squeaky toy, but Lorelai Gilmore has stolen it and is squeaking up the house!! I thought Harki was in the hall crying because she wasn't feeling well, but it is Gilly making horrendously bad harmonies as she squeaks away!!!

The secret bag is finished. I am going to line it with some fabric covered hard plastic so it keeps its shape. I am hoping to pass it on to Auntie Dutch soon so there can't be any pictures till then!!!


Rose Red

I think in that 3rd picture of Harki and Peri, Harki is looking at you as if to say "why oh why dear Cindy do you let Peri roll in that muck?? Sigh..."

That looks and sounds like my kind of cookbook - all sweets and nice things to eat!


mmmm that books looks very tasty, or full of tasty things at least
x isis


What a mixture of a day! Love the cookbook - must keep my eyes peeled (I decided the children are giving me Jamie in America because it was on special!so I bought it and hid it in the present cupboard!)
How awful about your fingers - but isn't Gilly a good girl?


Hope your fingers heal soon. Gilly was a good girl (and Peri not so much). That book looks like it's worth a look when I next head to Kmart.....


hi Cindy
hope those fingers get better soon - have you been to the bridge of Sighs ?? Venice was one of my favourite places in Europe - there was a wedding happening on the bridge the day I was there - it was very romantic!


That raspberry lemon meringue pie looks amazing and a great combination of my fave flavours. I hope it is still on special when I make it to Kmart to buy a copy of the book.

Jennifer Rose

i wish I could eat that pie, it looks so good!

I will never understand why dogs roll in something smelly when they know they are just going to end up in the bath :p

hope you fingers are felling better :)

Laurie (Moo!)

Your poor fingers! I hope they feel better, fast! You've got a lot of knitting (beautiful) and sewing (hooray!) ahead, don't they know?

Peri looks way too happy to care what she smells like. She's my kinda gal!


As always enjoy pics of the pups! They do love the stinky stuff don't they?

Mmm...the green raglan looks very camouflagey, You know I love those colors ;-)


I'm glad you can still do things with your sore fingers! What a good puppy Gilly is! Peri deserves her name! The Raspberry pie looks so delicious, the right cake for hot weather. Are you going to give it a try?


oh look a cake book! hmmm cake! and doggy perfume. how wonderful. no it doesnt bear thinking about how many stitches you will end up with on that raglan but gee it looks nice! and i thoroughly enjoyed miss austen. sad, but lovely.


the weather is slowly cooling down i think. thanks goodness its been terrible hot!!

ooooh that raspberry meringue pie looks oh so divine!! nami!


Love the action shots of Peri rolling on the ground!!! Hahaha. I meant he was rolling on something but no idea what that is!! :P


Hehe, a house isn't a home without the sound of a squeaky toy! We had to get Tess a new one recently, because she squeaked her old one until she broke the squeaker. It's still her favourite thing, with or without noise!

I've recorded Miss Austen Regrets, can't wait to watch it :)


ooh that book does look full of tasty treats! The raspberry lemon merengue looks AMAZING! We are watching our way through L&O tilty head - he is our fave! Now we are up to the seasons where every second one is detective Big - not nearly as much fun!


The cakes in the book looks so yummy. I love cooking books with pretty pictures but unfortunately I am not a good baker!

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