Weighting To Exhale

Two possible interpretations of my blog title today:

  1. Every Labrador has Gained Health, as TinkingBell would say. Harki is only 41kg instead of more than 48, Lorelai Gilmore is 26 instead of 28 and Peri hasn't been to the Vet but she must be slimmer. She looks slimmer.
  2. It is so hot we are melting. We'd like a big exhale of cool air and possibly misty rain.

Harki had to go to the Vet because she has FlippyFloppyEar. Lorelai Gilmore was so sad to be left behind.

No Labrador Left Behind

Harki had to go in the very hot car, but I put a big drink in the back and we went straight there and back. (Very Frodo Baggins of us)

Harki in the waiting room 

When we came home I put some clean water in the paddle pool and Peri had The Most Wonderful Time.

Peri loves the pool

Then everyone joined in, but Peri was still In Charge.

All the paddle pool babies

I bought myself something to help me feel cooler. There are lots of different kinds on the market. I bought this from my local Cancer Council office, but you can buy them online. It is delicously cool, and it is refreshed and cold again instantly when I plunge it into iced water. I have bought some crystals to see if I can make my own.

Cool neck thingy

I have finished on Tennis Sock. It has a tennis court (to scale)on the front of the leg and then the top of the foot is covered with 105 little tennis ball shaped holes. I love them!!!! One down and one to go.

Any 1 for tennis

And, inspired by Suzy's cardigan, and Ailsa's too, I have knitted a tension square, washed and dried it and made lots of calculations. I am hoping to make a short sleeve top-down raglan cardigan from Cleckheaton Bamboo. Hope being the operative word here!!

Perhaps a cardi

So we are lying around, being hot, drinking cool drinks, hot tea and filling the air cooler up with ice and cold water and wondering if it will really be 30*C for the foreseeable future??? Oh and MrsDrWho and I have these!! There are elbows!! I shall only know answers about Doris and Frank!!!

Rockwiz Tickets!!!



Oh wow the tennis sock is brilliant! And the photos of Peri in the pool are just so joyous - you really captured her Most Wonderful Time.

Rose Red

The tennis sock is just fabulous!! You are so clever!

Does Peri chase and "bite" the hose water? Too funny!! Sorry to hear it is so hot there, hope it cools down for you soon (and also I would so love to see you wearing the icey necktie thingy around your head, a-la Pat Cash!


Aww, I wish my doggie would play that happily in her paddling pool! She only drinks out of it :( This summer I will hop in myself and see if I can tempt her in with treats.


Love love love the tennis sock

and Rockwiz - you are Wizzo!
Doesn't Peri look lovely in the water!

Jennifer Rose

FlippyFloppyEar? hopefully nothing too serious.


The Tennis sock is great - is it your own design. I love the little tennis balls on the foot. It's also getting hot here & I wish it was winter again.


The tennis sock is super cute. Glad to see all the Lab's are happy and healthy. We've been unseasonably warm here but I won't complain. Labs + water = fun fun fun!!


ooh that cooler thing looks like a great idea! I'm very keen to get His and Hers cooler things!

And flippyfloppyear sounds kind of weird!


RockWIZ???? Awesome! Have fun hey! (and the tennis socks are pretty nifty!)

Laurie (Moo!)

Very proud of you for swatching! Probably too warm to work on a knit top.

How is the FlippyFloppyEar?


Tennis court on the front of the sock? One hundred tiny tennis ball holes? Sock wool called 'tennis ball'?

Love it to bits!

Good luck with the swatching business. It's a little bit of a pain.

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