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New Moon On Friday

Four Golden Things (and One Black and Tan)

Waiting for a reply to a comment you left?? You will have been sadly disappointed because I have been totally and utterly obsessed with making my photo book. MrsDrWho gave me a voucher for a Momento photo book last Christmas - I gave you a voucher, the very next Christmas, they take it away. This year to save me from tears I had to jolly well get a wriggle on and make the book. (George Michael) I had to scan all the old photos twice because somehow I lost the first lot. Then I had the lovely and seemingly infinite task of putting all the pictures into the book. I made folder for each dog and then each combination of dogs: A, B, AB, C, ABC, AC, AB, D, ACD, AD, CD, E, ...I'll stop now because even though I love combinations and permutations I am sure other people are not so enamoured of them.

Then I made folders for Gates and Fences, The Hospital, Swimming, Paddle Pool and so on. I arranged the book chronologically and inserted the extras on the way through. I was sad that there were only 20 pictures of Peri as a baby - it was in pre digital camera days and I could take a whole film and get absolutely NO good photos. MrsDrWho looked at my preview and spotted the one repeated, but differently edited, photo. She's a gifted photo editor!! It was a deliberate one: a picture of Peri as a baby with her head in a box, that went into the Baby Peri Folder AND the Head in a Box or Bag Folder. 

I quite understand if people now are feeling that I am more than a little weird!!! To top it all off, not all of the pages are green: the medical pages are red (Red Cross) and the swimming pages are black (they show up really well on the black background) I'll win no prizes for my text, but it's for me and my friends and I don't care!! If you'd like a sneak peek I think I can send you a link through your email. Let me know if you want to experience a preview!!!

All The Labradors

It's been hot and we have been weary. My blood pressure is being pretty fantastic though: 115/81 or 118/80 according to the electric or manual sphygmomanometer. All the drugs are working well at the moment. Unlike the postal service which has been very poor. Since the strike before Christmas I have had no letters, though a DVD ordered ages ago from the USA arrived (MrsDrWho, Dr Horrible is here at last) I think there will be a lot of letters with a big red rubber band around them soon.

Oh I have a new mobile phone. I was fiddling with the SIM card in my old one and then it stopped working. Oh no!!! I went to the phone shop whereupon the young woman kindly put the SIM card back in the right way and it worked perfectly again. Thank you to my sister, MrsQld, who bought me the phone for Christmas!! I can't work it. It makes me feel ancient and incapable, but it has a camera and I am supposed to be able to listen to FM radio when we go for walks. It took me half an hour last night to be able to turn it on. Sigh. And I have just realised I still have the plastic adhesive cover on the screen. I might just leave it there: Oh no, I am turning into my nan who kept her couch covered in plastic!!!

Call me - not

My sister is soon having a puppy coming to live with her and her family!! A little boy Shar Pei born at the end of November. He is the Labradors' newest cousin.

Baby Shar--Pei
And to just pip Valentine's Day at the post, I spotted the first Back to School display.

We are expecting another day of above 30*C tomorrow and possibly on Friday too, so we will all be huddle inside around the two Mr Coolies drinking the iced tea I am proposing to make tomorrow and possibly playing in the paddle pool.



if that is a sample of your Momento photo book I'd love to have a peek - I think you should give those 4 pics the title 'the eyes (ayes) have it' ! those puppy eyes are just adorable :)


Yes I'd love to have a peek at your momento book Cindy....& no we don't think you're weird :)

That puppy is soooo adorable.....all that wrinkly wonderfulness!! I don't envy them the puppy behaviours though....the peeing inside, chewing furniture etc etc....they are worth it though.

My mobile phone was 12 years old before my family insisted I get a new one last year. It's a pain to get over the learning stage, but my new slimline one is great now.

I hate it when we just get through one seasonal activity, then the next seems to appear almost simultaneously.....I must be getting to be a 'cranky old biddy' in my old age LOL

Rose Red

I made a couple of momento books (including a wedding album for my mum) and of course never sent them for printing. And now my old computer has died and they are gone. Sigh. Please ensure you have yours printed!!

Am sure you will get the hang of the phone soon and hope you survive the heat!

Jennifer Rose

nokias are good phones. sometimes a bit too many buttons and gadgets on them lol there are buttons on my phone I still have no idea what they exactly do (music on a phone has a tendency to drain battery life, so sometimes doesn't make the best radio)

aww puppy :D I like the breed, but socialization to everything with them is really important as they can sometimes be aloof and aggressive when grown up (but I'm sure your sister knows that :) )

glad the drugs are working for your blood pressure :D a photo book sounds like a great idea! so many memories to look at and cherish :)


I just realized that your three Lab girls have all very different faces. Until now one Lab looked almost the same to me as the other.
Well, at least you HAVE a cell phone! I don't even want one.
Oh, the Shar Pei pup is soooo cute! All those wrinkles! :o)


Aww, Harki, Peri and Gilly look so cute as always! I also got a new phone for Christmas - Hurray! I'm glad that you're feeling good at the moment. Here's to a great 2010...will it be a space odyssey?


Hooray for new phones :) Hope you get used to it soon :) New phones have lots of functions and they're very user friendly too since it's a Nokia :)

That little shar pei is super cute!!!!


I used to have that same Nokia phone, it was a good one! I've always had Nokia phones, love 'em. Good luck learning the new-fangled fancy pants one :)

What is it with Back to School NOW? It's not for weeks and weeks! Let the kids enjoy their holiday ... Sheesh.

Happy New Year to you and the Labs!!


Sending love, health and happiness for 2010. x

[PS: I, too, leave the plastic covers on for as long as I can...]


I'd love to have a look at the photobook too! The pictures of the labradors are gorgeous ~ I swear that you can tell Miss Lorelai Gilmour has mischief on her mind ~ and their new Shar Pei cousin is beyond cute. But, oh dear, the sight of a Back To School sale always seems to induce a mild sensation of panic in me.

Happy New Year to you all Cindy!! x


Merry Christmas and have a great New Year. I would love to see your momento book.


Happy New Year Cindy!! Just catching up on all of your news. It has been a long time since I had blog time!


Oh, I love those little dogs that look like they're wearing a coat three sizes too big!

Don't worry about the keeping the plastic cover on the phone - I do the same thing!

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