The Tooth, The Whole Tooth and Nothing But The Tooth
Lorelai Is Coming, The Geese Are Getting Fat.


Bah humbug, I have a bug or a wog and I am home, sick. Not that I would have been going anywhere much (last night of trivia). MrsDrWho says there is a 12 Hour Thing going around at school, and so of course my immune system has decided that it can't cope and I have been feeling poorly since about 11pm Monday.

I have been drinking ginger beer and ginger and lemon tea and this afternoon I ate some rice, but mainly I have been sleeping.

This means that there have been No Walks, ergo, Lorelai Gilmore is too full of fun and hijinks.

I am on the road to recovery now and I don't feel sick any more just weak and slightly pitiful!!!! But, there has been a desperate lack of answering emails and commenting on blogs. There has also been nothing fun to photograph.

There have been unfun things, like the big mess Lorelai Gilmore made by 'playing' with the newspaper in the loungeroom or the way she moves all the rugs around the place. I love her. Harki is a comfort and Peri a bit too enthusiastic when she lies on top of me. I have delved into the archives and found a photo of The Labradors, because they always cheer me up no end. Oh look how small Lorelai Gilmore is, and everyone's eyes are closed because of the Sun. Don't care.

Love Dogs

I hope to be out and about tomorrow again, not sure about a walks, but I may go to the supermarket and Library!!

Martha Stewart - love her or hate her?? I vacillate, but her show is now on every weekday at 5pm. I could become addicted. I saw a lady decorate cupcakes with fondant shaped into knitting and knitted things and balls of wool. What's not to love??



I hope you feel better soon and can make it to dinner tomorrow night :-)


I caught a bit of Martha Stewart today, and she was covering plastic bones with glitter. A show about all things domestic could get me sucked in too.


:( Hope you feel better soon.

That is a lovely photo of The Dogs - nice to see them all staying still in one place!

I don't know much about Martha Stewart, but I think I had better avoid it - 5-7pm is usually the only time I have on a weekday to get some gardening done.


Hi Cindy. Am trying again. Safari just gave me an error message I've never seen before. Look after yourself and don't overdo things.

Nasty bug up here too. Son had it but DIL and I missed it. She found him asleep on the bathmat!

Make Lorelai Gilmore sit on the naughty mat for a while. On the other hand, that might be overdoing it for you. Hope you are betetr very soon.


I just recovered from a 48 hour bug, feeling faint and sickly and a headache. All better now though thank goodness. I do hope you recover soon. Your dogs must be missing their walks, they are such cuties.


I do hope you are feeling better soon. The photos are very cheery!

Rose Red

Hope you are feeling better soon. As for Martha S, I am ambivalent. I'd probably like her if I watched, but I'm not letting myself!


Sending healing thoughts your way Cindy....hope you're up & about quickly. I hope the house survives Gilly until then LOL

I've been watching 'Martha' for a couple of years now on foxtel. I love her :) Some shows aren't my cup of tea, but she has some really interesting people on as guests at times. Of course I love all her gardening, crafts & cooking segments!!


Good that you feel better already! It's a lovely photo! Just yesterday I said, how quickly puppies grow. One really has to enjoy the time when they are small and fit on your lab. In your pic Gilly looks so satisfied, like she just accomplished something. Harki and Peri just look zen-like. :o)

Jennifer Rose

really hope you feel better soon, feeling weak is never fun

thankfully we don't have a tv, i would waste even more time then I waste online watching tv lol


Aha! In bed with a wog (and my father would have inserted a dirty laugh right there!) Hope you feel better soon - personally - can't bear Martha - much prefer the best, or Jamie or Nigella - because Martha makes me feel like an inadequate housekeeper!


Hi Cindy! I'm sorry you've been unwell. I hate gastro bugs. I'm back in Oz...after a fabulous month away. I have LOTS of catching up to do! Love to you and the pooches.


hope you are feeling much improved today, and those puppies are helping out around the house, hehe. martha and her ilk just make me feel inadequate, altho at least i havent been to gaol....

Laurie (Moo!)

Are you feeling better yet? I sure hope so. Those dogs aren't going to walk themselves. They might hook you up to a leash and take YOU for a walk, tho. If Momma isn't happy, no one is happy.

Watch out for Martha. She's evil and will pull you into her web of craftiness.


So pleased you are on the mend.

Very cute picture of the "puppies".


Oh, not you too? I think I've that that thing as well. At the moment I've got a glandy-virusy-thing that's made me feel very Not Well. I hope you perk up soon.

Lynne S of Oz

Hope you are feeling better by now. I have some bug too - the Cold That Never Ends, Now With Added Gut Complaint. At least I can't infect you over the innernet.
Peri lies on you enthusiastically. Oh dear! She is a big girl! At least Gilly is smaller and lighter, though much more wriggly I bet (and I just found out that labs don't reach adult size until they are at least a year old and then may not be their full size until their second birthday!).

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