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Four Golden Things (and One Black and Tan)

Waiting for a reply to a comment you left?? You will have been sadly disappointed because I have been totally and utterly obsessed with making my photo book. MrsDrWho gave me a voucher for a Momento photo book last Christmas - I gave you a voucher, the very next Christmas, they take it away. This year to save me from tears I had to jolly well get a wriggle on and make the book. (George Michael) I had to scan all the old photos twice because somehow I lost the first lot. Then I had the lovely and seemingly infinite task of putting all the pictures into the book. I made folder for each dog and then each combination of dogs: A, B, AB, C, ABC, AC, AB, D, ACD, AD, CD, E, ...I'll stop now because even though I love combinations and permutations I am sure other people are not so enamoured of them.

Then I made folders for Gates and Fences, The Hospital, Swimming, Paddle Pool and so on. I arranged the book chronologically and inserted the extras on the way through. I was sad that there were only 20 pictures of Peri as a baby - it was in pre digital camera days and I could take a whole film and get absolutely NO good photos. MrsDrWho looked at my preview and spotted the one repeated, but differently edited, photo. She's a gifted photo editor!! It was a deliberate one: a picture of Peri as a baby with her head in a box, that went into the Baby Peri Folder AND the Head in a Box or Bag Folder. 

I quite understand if people now are feeling that I am more than a little weird!!! To top it all off, not all of the pages are green: the medical pages are red (Red Cross) and the swimming pages are black (they show up really well on the black background) I'll win no prizes for my text, but it's for me and my friends and I don't care!! If you'd like a sneak peek I think I can send you a link through your email. Let me know if you want to experience a preview!!!

All The Labradors

It's been hot and we have been weary. My blood pressure is being pretty fantastic though: 115/81 or 118/80 according to the electric or manual sphygmomanometer. All the drugs are working well at the moment. Unlike the postal service which has been very poor. Since the strike before Christmas I have had no letters, though a DVD ordered ages ago from the USA arrived (MrsDrWho, Dr Horrible is here at last) I think there will be a lot of letters with a big red rubber band around them soon.

Oh I have a new mobile phone. I was fiddling with the SIM card in my old one and then it stopped working. Oh no!!! I went to the phone shop whereupon the young woman kindly put the SIM card back in the right way and it worked perfectly again. Thank you to my sister, MrsQld, who bought me the phone for Christmas!! I can't work it. It makes me feel ancient and incapable, but it has a camera and I am supposed to be able to listen to FM radio when we go for walks. It took me half an hour last night to be able to turn it on. Sigh. And I have just realised I still have the plastic adhesive cover on the screen. I might just leave it there: Oh no, I am turning into my nan who kept her couch covered in plastic!!!

Call me - not

My sister is soon having a puppy coming to live with her and her family!! A little boy Shar Pei born at the end of November. He is the Labradors' newest cousin.

Baby Shar--Pei
And to just pip Valentine's Day at the post, I spotted the first Back to School display.

We are expecting another day of above 30*C tomorrow and possibly on Friday too, so we will all be huddle inside around the two Mr Coolies drinking the iced tea I am proposing to make tomorrow and possibly playing in the paddle pool.

Jingle Belles, Jingle Belles!!!

Where has December gone?? It has disappeared in a flurry of early Christmases being celebrated with many friends and the need for lots of naps because it is warm and humid.

I have been doing a little crafting: some tealight candle holders inspired by Kootoyoo.

Reindeer lights 

And when it is a little darker...

Glowy reindeer

I am inordinately pleased with them, though sadly I don't think they are for posting!! These can be posted though: two reindeer for MrsDrWho's niece and nephew.


You need wonder no more. The other day it was very quiet, and when I looked around, I saw Lorelai Gilmore with her head stuck in a box. Being a good mother, did I rush to her and whip the box off her head and comfort her?? No of course not. I went and found my camera and took some photos. Then I rescued her.

Gilly in a box

Peri had fun on her walk doing her favourite thing: rolling in something smelly!!

Rolly Peri

Harki played in the diminishing creek and got unusually dirty, but loved every minute!!!

Grubby Harki

And here is Gilly being her usual self, ie not in a box, but 'helping' me make an I Spy quilt by rearranging the bed and the squares!!

Gilly quilting

In other news I have Five Kilometres of my favourite lime green cotton. Nothing like feeling you can sew for five kilometres!!

5km lime 

And Christmas Rock!!!

Rock around the Christmas treat

If you are wondering if Santa's Six White Boomers are ready to go, well they are. They are right here in the Apple Isle, ready to be harnessed tonight. We have the Boomers because the reindeer can't stand the terrible heat.

The Labradors are very excited because they have presents ready to unwrap. Not that Lorelai Gilmore hasn't already unwrapped some belonging to other people!!! MrsDrWho is overseas, so I am going to visit The Kittens in the morning and unwrap their presents with them and take some photos. I'm thinking by Boxing Day I should be 'untired' enough to face my Inbox and reply to my comments. Tonight I have to make some Cherry ice cream, with chopped up Cherry Ripes and Real Cherries too!! Yum!!!

The Labradors and I wish everyone a Very Merry Christmas!! We hope you and your family and friends have a wonderful day celebrating in which ever way you choose. I am off to a friend's house to share the day with her family. I count myself lucky to have so many friends who ask me to their Christmas Day!!!

Jingle Bells, Christmas smells like it’s on its way.
The Labradors are searching for their presents every day. Hey!
Jingle Bells, Tinsel tells Christmas time is nigh.
The Labradors are looking out for Santa in the sky.

Lorelai Is Coming, The Geese Are Getting Fat.

Thank you for all your kind Get Well wishes. I am obviously not quite over whatever it was I had because there was a slight contretemps at The BlackSpot of Doomlight(tm) this afternoon and I had to come home  and have a cup of tea and recover. Good thing I've pretty much done all the shopping that MrsDrWho and I need, because I shall be having a little rest from BSODL(tm)

Lorelai Gilmore is wicked but she is also very good. What a conundrum she is. I took her to the dam and I let her off the lead (well I left the lead attached because she can't run far without treading on it!!) At first she wouldn't leave my side, but then I walked away and I called her to Come:

Now, whenever I whistle for her she runs to me wherever I am with such joy!! When she hears this video play she comes too. What a clever girl she is!!

Hark-Parki-Parker-Posey is still pottering along. She still rules the roost and she still likes to play games with her toys and with me. The other day Harki and Peri went off into the bush and were nowhere to be seen when I got to the gate. I called them and Harki came first with her hop-along run and Peri came second, literally flying round the corner at lightning speed!!!



I have been very sporadic in my blog reading, commenting and replying, but I think I am almost up to speed, but without my ears flying up and my tongue hanging out!!

There has been an outing to a fabulous Chinese restaurant where I erred on the side of caution and had steamed dumplings, which believe me was no hardship. I would have ordered them anyway. There was an exchange of gifts involving the Lazy Susan. I think the other diners were very curious about our Lazy Susan use!!

We are not Lazy Susans 

I have had a few Christmas outings, but the one that has taken all our fancies is the Dessert Buffet at the Casino. $14-50 for all you can eat of the delicious desserts and as many cups of tea as you like as well. This is a poor photo, but the tree decoration has an LED light that changes colour!!!So cool!! And there's a decoration, a Rudesheim crystal, a pair of green embroidery scissors and a pincushion. 

Christmas treats

The pin cushion is from Leukaemia Support Group's Christmas and the man giving out the Secret Santa gifts, and his wife, has bought it especially for me so he made sure I received it. It is just what I need!! I made a Christmas Star face cloth for our lovely Nurse.

Star Cloth

What else?? I made a Christmas Craft apron for MrsDrWho to wear at school with four pockets to keep her implements safe, and we all want to keep our implements safe, don't we?? She's doing a flash bit of modelling here.

Craft Apron

I whipped up some pencil cases for popping in your handbag, it's a variation of the coin purse pattern. 

Pen purses 

I have to announce the sad demise of the Coles' $10 recipes. How foolish I was to stop collecting the cards and rely on the website they were promoting. It disappeared. I have to say it is no loss. The recipes were nothing to write home about. 

This year I have chosen a December Donna Hay magazine and I am just making the Christmas Treat recipes from it. No juggling forty books and spreadsheets of ingredients and shopping lists. I feel a weight is lifted from me!!

Last year I posted some tutorials and recipes: nothing like that will be happening this year, but next post I might make a list of recipe and craft links. Then at least I feel I have made an effort!!

It's a little quiet, I must go and check up on Lorelai Gilmore. Last time it was quiet she was standing in the corner with her head in a cereal box. Apparently she was trapped and when I pulled it off she had to be cuddled and patted till she recovered!! At least she wasn't eating more of my make-up brushes. She's a bit tall and has a long reach now!! Here's Harki, needing a pat and Peri too!! Time for a cup of tea and I will curl up on the couch and craft the evening away.


Bah humbug, I have a bug or a wog and I am home, sick. Not that I would have been going anywhere much (last night of trivia). MrsDrWho says there is a 12 Hour Thing going around at school, and so of course my immune system has decided that it can't cope and I have been feeling poorly since about 11pm Monday.

I have been drinking ginger beer and ginger and lemon tea and this afternoon I ate some rice, but mainly I have been sleeping.

This means that there have been No Walks, ergo, Lorelai Gilmore is too full of fun and hijinks.

I am on the road to recovery now and I don't feel sick any more just weak and slightly pitiful!!!! But, there has been a desperate lack of answering emails and commenting on blogs. There has also been nothing fun to photograph.

There have been unfun things, like the big mess Lorelai Gilmore made by 'playing' with the newspaper in the loungeroom or the way she moves all the rugs around the place. I love her. Harki is a comfort and Peri a bit too enthusiastic when she lies on top of me. I have delved into the archives and found a photo of The Labradors, because they always cheer me up no end. Oh look how small Lorelai Gilmore is, and everyone's eyes are closed because of the Sun. Don't care.

Love Dogs

I hope to be out and about tomorrow again, not sure about a walks, but I may go to the supermarket and Library!!

Martha Stewart - love her or hate her?? I vacillate, but her show is now on every weekday at 5pm. I could become addicted. I saw a lady decorate cupcakes with fondant shaped into knitting and knitted things and balls of wool. What's not to love??