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Birthday Girls

Happy Birthday Lorelai Gilmore who is a big One, and Happy Birthday Peri Naughty who is Eight!!! (In order of birth date so no Labrador is upset!!) We had a lovely birthday on the 9th and everyone received a present or two. Gilly had lots of extra pats and we all marvelled at her Oneness and how she ever could have been a tiny pup.

Lorelai Gilmore and Peri are like peas in a pod. Trying to get a photo was like pulling teeth. First Lorelai Gilmore:

Gilly Rascal
And then Peri Naughty:
Peri Rascal 

Finally I was able to get some birthday snaps:

Gilly is One

 Peri is Eight
It has been so hot that there has been a lot of playing in the paddle pool today. Harki just stands in it and cools her heels, so to speak, but Peri has all the right moves:

Harki has the right moves too, the right moves for lying on the couch on the lovely clean sheepskin being cooled by the icy air from Mr Cooly.

Cool for Labs
I have knitted my first thing for 2010: the Alika phone sock. I knitted it in the wool left over from my Upside Down Baudelaires, The Greenery Snickerts. It is very snug and I love it. I knitted a 3 stitch I-cord to make a button loop. My phone feels safer now!!

Phone sock it to me
And the phone sock is lying on top of The Momento book!! It arrived on Friday afternoon and I Love it. It is full of beautiful dogs!! I have been making people look at it and they have made all the right noises!!!

I have set this post to appear at 12-01am on the 10th. Interestingly, the Typepad people offer both 12am and 12pm, times that don't actually exist. There can be midnight and noon but not 12am or pm. In much the same way that last year was not then end of the first decade of the New Millennium, it will be at the end of this year. I have had to email the ABC TV News and our local paper about their incorrect decade-age. I don't think they care.....

I think I may have developed a hunger to knit. It is way too hot for anything larger than two hands, but I have just the thing planned!! Now I just have to find a way to sleep through the heat tonight.... and be rested and ready for Peri's birthday celebration on the 10th !!!

*Birthday Girls without a Nicole Kidman in sight!!



Happy Birthday and tummy rubs all 'round!


Peri was sooo cute doing her 'paddling'. I kept waiting for Gilly to try & get in on the action....she looked like she wanted to...such a big girl now.

Harki looked absolutely blissful lying on the sheepskin. Daisy lies like this in her sleep a lot, but it is so funny seeing a bigger dog like that too LOL

You put me to shame Cindy....I have had my new phone for a year now & still haven't knitted a sock for it. I'm using a pedometer cover we got from Subway a few years ago.

I hope you sleep tight & are rested for the festivities!!


Happy Birthday Peri and Gilly! Loved the video, Gilly was desperate to play with Peri wasn't she?
Love phone sock, that was the first thing I knitted Boxing Day, a sock for my phone :) I'm still waiting for a protective rubber case for it, so the sock is keeping it nice and clean and protected for the moment!


Happy Birthday Girls.
Presents will be delayed...but of the tasty variety.
I will not be filmed for border security trying to get dog treats into the country on the grounds that they are "not fud"!


Happy Birthday, girls! Looking good, both of you! How can Harki sleep on a sheepskin, when it's so hot? And, please tell her, that's not lady like, the way she's lying on the couch! ;o)
It gets on my nerves too, when everybody on the radio, and now all the people are talking about the beginning of a new decade since Jan. 1. I though a decade is done, when "10" is done?
And now I can tell them apart, because Gilly's face is very different from Peri's.


Peri did beautiful moves in the paddle pool - she coud start up a doggie synchronised swim team ! Happy Birthday puppies - well done xxx

Laurie (Moo!)

Happy Birthday beautiful girls! Good thing Harki isn't jealous.


lovely photos you (eventually) got!


Happy Birthday girls! They are gorgeous.
Oh, they share the same birthday as my daughter lol.


There is a definite need for a Harki tummy rub, and eary scrubbles for the other girls - happy birthday two doggies!

and glad your knitting mojo is back!


Happy Birthday everyone!

Rose Red

Big happy birthday pats and tummy scritches for the girls, and tummy scritches for Harki so she's not left out (and because she's just begging for them in front of Mr Cooly! Excellent photo!)

Jennifer Rose

happy birthday! *pats*
a sheepskin would come in handy right now with the cold outside
hope you managed to get some sleep :)


I think Peri's got the right idea about the paddling pool - looked like great fun! Although Harki's position on the couch looks quite similar to mine after a particularly good meal!

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