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Mental Mickey

Peri is having some mental health issues. Yesterday we went for our walk, and then I swapped Harki and Peri for Lorelai Gilmore the puppy and we went for a walk. When I came home, Peri was strange. Her ears were down, she was dragging her back legs, seemed distant and distracted and just poorly. She kept hiding and lying under bushes in the garden and was really anti-social.

Peri unwell

At the hospital she saw Dr Marion and was thoroughly checked out: no ticks, no infection (oh the indignity of the thermometer) no ear problems, no arthritis or joint problems, eyes and heart all fine too. And she was her normal happy self, jumping about, being all wriggly and making little woofy happy noises. She even wagged her tail when she was vaccinated. Dr Marion wondered of she had been bitten by an insect, but thought it more likely that 'something had happened'. Something human beings mightn't understand, but that is very traumatic for a Labrador. When we got home her happiness evaporated and she has been unhappy again. Not so much, but definitely unhappy.

Just now, when Harki is barking at the window, she is very upset, so I wonder if Harki growled at her??? I know that she is upset when Harki growls at Lorelai Gilmore. If she is not better next week she may have to go back and be prescribed some tablets to make her carefree and less anxious.

Harki is happy. Dr Marion said that she is amazed Harki is so well and very glad she is still enjoying life. She's been in the paddle pool, and then the dirt, making mud.

Harki looks happy
Lorelai Gilmore is happy but a little confused as to why Peri isn't playing with her.

Gilly looks happy
So of course I am very worried and trying too hard to make Peri feel happy. I had to have a little Georgette Heyer decline and take to my bed yesterday. It is cooler today so I am coping a little better. I have been outside with them this morning, sweeping up the remnants of a week's worth of playing with cups and sticks. Peri is up and about, but still upset.

Peri upset
She has more frequent little bursts of joy, so I am hoping her sadness will heal soon.



Aww...I hope Peri will feel happy soon!!! Hugz hugz hugz


Oh poor Peri! Was it the first time you went and left her home alone, while out with the others? I'd like to cuddle her, poor thing! Hope she'll be back to her old self soon!


Poor Peri :( Sending lots of love and well wishes to her!! Give her a hug from the entire internet, maybe that will help :)

Rose Red

Poor Peri! I wonder if she saw a snake or other boogelly in the garden? I hope she is her usual self very soon.


poor love - give her a smooch from A.Deb- I wonder if someone was mean to her outside while you were gone ? xxooxxoo


Oh poor Peri! Hope she feels better soon - we left our Sunny alone this morning and brought him some lots of new dog toys and a schmackos chewing bone treat. He has forgiven us now I think.


oh no! poor peri! dog relations are so hard to figure out. perhaps she needs a whole tub of chocolate ice cream and some girly dvds with a good cry on the couch.....


Oh poor Peri, I am with KMS maybe she needs dvds, a dose of Lassie or Inspector Rex, I hope she is feeling better soon, could it be the heat?? Ruby is a sad sack in the heat, as am I


I'm sorry Peri is so sad. (My parents' labrador has been acting like this. He's had enough of the new pup that they rescued about 6 months ago.) Please give her an extra special pat from me.


Look at Gilly looking at poor Peri :( I hope she's better soon!!


I hope peri is feeling a little happier by now. I guess we are aloud a day of sadness, but it passes, hopefully.

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