Monday Munchies
Monday Munchies 4

Murder Moss Horrid

I have been contemplating Moss stitch. I'm knitting a face cloth - Orange You Glad I Made This? - and I quite like the effect of Moss stitch as the border. I do a cable cast on with an odd number of stitches in K1 P1 Rib and then I launch into K1 P1 rib for each row. I saw that this meant the first two rows were Rib, rather than Moss stitch. So I experimented and did the same cast on, but with a P1 K1 Rib and then K1 P1 Rib for the first row. I am much happier with the latter (on the right) than the former (on the left), it's Moss stitch from the get go.

Left Bad, Right Good

I have acute hearing, actually I have lots of cute earrings!!  MrsDrWho's sister, MrsSingapore (the erstwhile MrsMacau) sent me a slew of earring which match my green spotty skirt to a T, picking out all the colours perfectly!! (they're on the left)

Mrs Emerald went overseas and brought me back earrings from Turkey (top right) and then underneath from Slovakia and Prague. (middle right) Down the very bottom are some earrings MrsDrWho gave me for Christmas, there are two pairs but I was too lazy to get the others.

Acute Hearing

MrsSingapore also sent me this- a Fortune Lion String Puppet, or as I like to call it, a Potential Labrador Toy!! I shall have to keep up out of the way!!

Thank you very much

MrsDrWho asked me if she could bring anything back from Singapore for me. I said maybe some wool?? My wish is her command!!! Yes, that's right, wool from Spotlight in Singapore where they are apparently exceedingly excited about wool from Australia!!!!!

Yes Virginia there is a Spotlight in Singapore

In Labrador news, Harki is happy and likes to lie on her blanket on the asphalt so she can see inside, up the stairs and down to the fence in case there is a treat!! UncleDutch came yesterday and did heaps of cutting back, sweeping up and tidying for me. I do so appreciate it!! Harki looks beautiful, we've had a walk today and lots of plays with balls and plastic bags!!

Harki on her blanket

And here are Peri and Lorelai Gilmore up the clean and tidy un-jungly steps. The picture is a bit wonky so you have to lean slightly to the right to make it level.

Peri and Gilly stepping up

I am off to Knitting in the Pub which is organised by The DarksideKnitter (Ravelry Link) and I am taking my Orange You Glad I Made This? knitting with me. I'm doing a knotty pattern to make it look dimply like orange skin, well trying.

I'll leave you with a little video of Lorelai Gilmore tormenting and teasing The Big Dogs. Harki is growling at the beginning and Lorelai decides she will annoy Peri instead. Watch while she bites Peri's legs and then her face and takes no notice of me. Notice, however, how patient and good Peri is!!



did my comment publish?? I think I lost it


i said in the disappearing comment that Spotlight in Singapore cracks me up for some reason and isn't Gilly so cute at being naughty!!!

Rose Red

Knitting experiments! Me, I just stick with my long tail cast on for everything...I agree with your assessment though on the two little swatches.

Lovely lot of earrings! How do you ever chose which pair of green earrings to wear with each green outfit??


Could Lorelai come visit and bite Duncan? He really, really needs some dog to put him in his place!


Oh my, Gilly is so much like Happy! He does the same thing with biting the legs, and face, and he grabs her scruff and shakes her. Biko is so patient as well, but sometimes she sounds like Harki, when she's had enough. If this doesn't work, and he still wont leave her in peace, she goes upstairs to her bed. :o)
I like moss stitch. I made a moss stitch blanket for my daughter when she was born. Too bad I didn't keep it.

crafty things

Lovely earrings. I used moss stitch in some little cotton bags I made to use up the soap scraps. Knitted some moss stitch rectangles, folded them in half and crocheted around the edge, stuffing in lots of soap scraps before finished the crochet edge.


Good job on the experimentation!

Lovely selection of earrings - all very dangly and spangly!

Jennifer Rose

tsk tsk naughty Lorelai

the dogs do look awfully interested in that lion

very pretty earrings, makes me wish my ears were pierced


Lovely earrings! I just cast off a washcloth with moss st borders & it looks great. I always like moss st as it looks textured & use it for bands of garments.


Lorelai really is a naughty girl, isn't she? By the way, I love all the bird song I can hear in your little video. You must have a bird friendly garden.
Gorgeous earrings!
...and, of course, I think you are very clever for working out those knitting stitches. =)

Lynne S of Oz

Ooh, I am knitting up the turquoise sock yarn, well I started knitting it and now it qualifies for a languishing WIP for Ravelympics!
I am using moss stitch for the edging of my bedjacket for when I need to languish elegantly. I like how it looks. Very tidy :-)


i do love watching dogs play, so good to see your girls so happy. and all that green sparkly smooshy stuff, how do you cope!?

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