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525,600 minutes - how can you measure the life of Labradors??

Today Harki has managed to live for a whole year after being diagnosed with poorliness. It's a milestone, and we are all very happy. On Saturday it is Lorelai Gilmore's first birthday and then on Sunday Peri Naughty will be 8!!!* Today there was a bit of a palaver about Lorelai Gilmore's micro chipping registration and I had to go to The Vet three times and ring up the MicroChipping Register but it is all sorted out now. MrsDrWho, you are my emergency Aunt in case of emergencies!!!!

When I came home Lorelai smelled suspiciously minty fresh, that would be because she had run away with the peppermint oil that was on the bench. Luckily she's minty fresh and not pepperminty ill. She's also 27kg, which is still slim: see those ribs???

Gilly's after those duckies 

Peri rolled in something smelly about three times today and I have to check her for ticks and long grass seeds. She's very happy though.

Smelly Happy Peri 

Harki was quite hoppy today but we went up the track to the top and she went for a kind of trot through the grass.

Happiness is Harki
Is it too early for Easter???  Yes, it is.

Too Early
Thank you mainland for the horrid tiny little flies that refuse to die no matter how much I spray them. We used to have just blowies but the wind blew the little annoying flies that circle the lounge room light endlessly across The Strait a few years ago. Bah Humbug. I don't like to spray around The Labradors so I found some old fashioned fly paper and it works really well. I just have to remember not to get my hair stuck to the fly ridden flypaper myself. Yuck.

Speaking of hair, I have a new hair cut for the New Year. It's a kind of bob crossed with the pageboy flicked back style I used to have when I was at College/Uni. It is slightly longer at the sides at the front than at the back. It is very fluffy and girly. Apparently girly is back in, so anyone aspiring to a Farrah Fawcett hair do, now is the time!!!  

New Do
I am making some sugar and lemon syrup into which I will stir in fresh mint and leave it to infuse and then add some freshly made tea, and Ta da!! Iced tea!! I even found a lovely glass jug to use, half price on sale, because I think plastic makes the tea have a 'taste'.

Then I have to make some delicious chicken Korma curry. The forecast is for hot weather so if I make a big pot of curry I can just re-heat it in the microwave and add some rice to make a meal. Curry always tastes better the next day anyway. I like to add coconut milk at the end too, yum.

I must also plan two birthdays!!!!So busy. Tomorrow I must do some lemony cooking for Mrs Madagascar's Christmas present. We are off to The Gorge Restaurant with Bella's Mum on Friday: it's a yearly ritual now, peacocks included!!

*Apparently I do not know which day is when.

My Funny James Valentine

I love good Children's TV, and good presenters, so even when I was a 'grown up" I would still rush home from school staff meeting to see Monday Munchies when James Valentine presented The Afternoon Show. At first he was a Model  and then a children's presenter and now he is a Radio Announcer, Author and Speaker, but for me, he will always be Monday Munchies: with all the wonderful and awful food he cooked and ate!!

I'm not one for resolutions, but I would like to be a more consistently post recipes so I am instigating Monday Munchies (which I can't tm!!) in honour of James Valentine's segment. So today I will be posting the recipe for my Layered Salad: Ta da!!

I have been slowly but surely gaining back hours from the DVR. I have over 100 hours available now, a number I haven't seen for a long time. Of course there is nothing to watch on TV, excluding the news, in seven days there are only 10 hours of TV to watch. Almost an ominous figure, but that's with ads. I will have to open the first set of Northern Exposure and start watching this week.

The weather has settled down to a manageable 25*C and so though we melt if we are outside, it is cooler all round. Great washing weather because my clothes dry lickety-split!! But this morning the air was very hazy and the smoke from the fires about half an hour up the road has been blowing in and out all day. The Sun shines orange and red through the smoke.

There is no craft to show, there has been a needlesworth of embroidery and a few windings of wool but nothing proper to show. I seem to be just lying on the couch or in bed being cooled by the two Mr Coolies.

Harki still loves going for a walk, even though she is hoppy- she holds her little sore leg up when she is standing still. She potters along, smells lots of smells and checks out my pockets for a treat.

Harki Hoppy

Peri has been rolling in smelly things, I have been plucking the really sticky grass seeds out of her and a few ticks. The ticks are the not fatal kind, but I check her every time, they seem to like her best.

Beautiful Peri
Lorelai Gilmore has been going on a longer walk to try to wear her out, which may be why I am more worn out and need extra naps!! It is a new experience to be barked at by dogs behind fences and walk beside the busy roads, but she is coping well. I let her have a little run free near the river when I can see we are alone. All The Labradors are exceptionally good models!!!

Gilly, Free
Tomorrow I am having my hair cut and then I am going to MrsDrWho's house to have tea with the Lovely Housesitter. Oh and MrsDrWho, I bought you 100 64 page exercise books @ 1 cent each. I am sure you can use them, maybe for LSCCWC??? Such a bargain.

One Hundred Books Marching Along

Layered Garden Salad (remembered from the AWW BBQ Cook book I think)

I used a deepish straight sided round bowl, like a trifle dish, that measured 25cm  diameter and  12 cm high. I think the salad would served 8 people, but the quantities are easily halved or doubled. It is best made the day before and left for the flavours to meld in the fridge. Oh and I had no parsley so I should have used the green spring onion parts instead.

  • 1 iceberg lettuce
  • 4 cups frozen peas
  • 4 hard boiled eggs
  • 250g tasty cheese
  • 2 cups mayonnaise
  • 4 tbspn sour cream
  • 1 tbspn Dijon mustardLay Salad Lay
  • 2 tbsp lemon juice
  • 6 spring onions
  • 2-3 tomatoes
  • 4 rashers of bacon
  • 2 tbspn parsley

  • Shred the lettuce finely and put in the bottom of the salad bowl.
  • Next make a layer of peas.
  • Slice the eggs and mushrooms and layer them on top of the peas.
  • Top with grated cheese.
  • Mix the mayonnaise, sour cream, mustard, lemon juice and shallots. Pour over the salad.
  • Cover and refrigerate overnight or for as many hours as you can.
  • Top with tomato slices, crispy crumbled fried bacon and chopped parsley.
Plate of salad

New Moon On Friday

In the Northern Hemisphere they had a Blue Moon yesterday, but here in this part of the Southern Hemisphere we have a Blue Moon at the end of January and no New Moon in February at all.

It was so hot yesterday and only marginally cooler today. It was 104*F or 44*C in the Southern Capital but they have a nice cool day today and we are all lying around melting again.

Here are New Year pictures of The Labradors. Harki was lying outside on her blanket when Lorelai Gilmore came to steal her ball in a plastic bag. There was a general tug of war, but Harki won!! Lorelai Gilmore has spent a lot of time in the paddle pool and then in the dirt making mud. Peri is too hot and feels unhappy. Not that you could tell, but it is too hot to play and the puppy keeps jumping on her.

New Year Is Here
It was so hot that I needed to sew another cool neck tie, just some fabric filled with very safe expanding water crystals. I have lost the blue one I bought, but now I have two green ones: one for wearing and one for keeping in the freezer to swap.

Cool cool neck ties
This morning I wrote the dates in my new diary and transferred all the birthdays and wrote in all the holidays: school and public. It is my one New Year ritual and I actually quite enjoy it. Here is my old diary on the left, and my newer shinier diary on the right!!!

Yesterday there was a big seal swimming lazily at The Tailrace. People were driving in to have a look but Lorelai Gilmore and I were there much earlier. It was lying on its back and then doing Synchronised Swimming manoeuvres, waving its tailing the air and slowly sinking under the water. Of course I didn't manage to capture that!!


So now I am drinking my home made iced tea with extra ice and lemon slices, with my hair in pig tails (bunches) like Vala from SG-1 and wearing shorts. Try not to imagine that and burn the image into your brain!!

I have made the AWW Layered Garden Salad for tea: in a bowl layer shredded iceberg lettuce, then frozen peas, sliced hard boiled eggs, sliced mushrooms, grated tasty cheese,  mayonnaise with sour cream, Dijon mustard, spring onions and lemon juice, all topped off with tomato slices and crispy bacon I grilled and crumbled. The flavours need at least a few hours or overnight to come together, but it is very delicious.

Last year was the best of years and the worst of years, and as I look at Harki pottering along today I know that this year will have its share of sadness too. But you can't know joy without the balancing experience of sorrow, and last year was a bonus year for The Labradors and me. I don't really do Resolutions because I can never keep them, but I might set myself a few small things I'd like to achieve, who knows, I might do them too!!


Peri Naughty and

Lorelai Gilmore

wish everyone a Happy New Year:

a year of health, wealth and happiness in TwentyTen!!