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Smack The Tony

Last year Megan from Somewhere Along A Winding Path decided the memory of my childhood toast and dripping treat needed to be erased by a happy gift. And here it is:

Dripping with aprons

There's a lovely pleat effect happening with the skirt, which scared the willies out of Lorelai Gilmore. I wore it and made it creased, but after I ironed the scariness out of it, the apron was fine. Thanks Megan, it's just lovely and suits The BareNakedLady too. I still owe Gaby a skirt from Blogtober- she knows I know and is very patient or really cross and just not saying!!!I will make it my February OPAM, along with Otto.

Labradors. I often wonder if people think I am terrible walking Harki and Peri near native wild life? I'm really not. Here's Peri at full pelt chasing a Mr Kangaroo:

Peri where are roo

You can see Peri in the far left and there's nothing but air, a whole picture, and still not a glimpse of the wallaby way out in front of her.

I tell Peri she's dreamin'.

Lorelai Gilmore is busy chewing up sticks and then doing special Olympic Show Jumping Dressage. I have noticed recently that her chest is barrelling out like a proper Labrador and her head is getting bigger too - more brains????

Hup 2 3 4
Miss Harki-Parki-Parker-Posey has had FlippyFloppyEar. Dr Tim saw her last time and very considerately said that when her ears were FlippyFloppy again I could just ask for the special ointment without an appointment, saving me almost $50, and more on a Sunday, which is when I rang and then popped in to pick up her ointment. They'll be needing a chocolate cheesecake next week when I am up to it. Her little cries of Ear Hurtiness stopped about twenty minutes after I squeezed the drops in. I love drugs, they are pretty fabulous.

Happy Happy Happy Happy Hark

Lorelai Gilmore and I went to the shop for The NextDoorNeighbour and it was like the Berlin Wall all over again when we went to the back door to deliver the shopping. There was crying, gnashing of teeth, leaping up and paws through the fence. There was no stopping to chat, as soon as I asked,"Shall I come home now?" the Big Dogs tore up the stairs to the back gate and were waiting to give the Baby a good sniffing and a bit of a growl because she had been where the grass is greener and the treats live in a box near the door!! Look at those squooshed faces and Lorelai Gilmore's plaintive paw.

Separate Tables
Yesterday was Australia Day. I am not particularly enamoured of the direction it has taken, with rampant Chauvinism. Nor of the many honours that go to the rich and high up, rather than to the grass roots workers, but then I found something to be more outraged about!! Tony Abbott and his pronouncement. The thought of him being able to enforce his 'vatannical'* rules has made me gladder to live in Australia than I ever thought I could be around Australia Day. Hurray for us and our freedom to Be!!!

Knitting: there has been knitting. It is a face cloth. It is finished and just needs to be washed and wrapped with the soap and posted on the first of February.

DVDs: there has been a ginormous Press Gang viewing session so that MrsDrWho and I are at the beginning of season three and have just fifteen more episodes to go.

Sewing: I have looked at the dress pattern from the other day again. But I am a tad excited about the pattern book I bought from The Ebay: Enid Gilchrist!!! However I must suppress my new pattern urges and I will cut out the pattern pieces anon.

Enid G Wizz 

Tomorrow MrsDrWho and I are partaking of a little Real People's Lunch, ie lunch in town during actual lunch time on a week day, and then I am off to The Till on The Hill for a little dessert buffet!!!

*Vatican + Tyrannical



Oh, that is one lovely apron!! It's so pretty!! Bet you'll feel a lot more inspired and cheerful when wearing such a beautiful apron while cooking :)

Rose Red

I'm so happy for you that you found your Enid Gilchrist! Huzzah!

But enough said about Tony A. Hmph.

Happier things - Lorelai really does look like she is doing dressage! And poor Harki and Peri not being allowed in the neighbours! Scarred for life, they probably are!! tee hee!


I love your wild life and nature photographs. I always click to look at them big. I WAS wondering where the Kangaroo was. Nice shot of Gilly doing her gymnastics, good girl! One does not want to get too barrel chested. I love Harki's eyes! They are so beautiful. I'm glad the meds helped so quickly!
Too funny about the welcome you get, and Gilly too.
Have fun out on the town!

Laurie (Moo!)

Once again, I've fallen behind! Love the apron and its kicky skirt. The Labs...well, I always want to give them a squooosh! Faces thru the fence...just too cute!


Tell Harki from a fellow flippy-floppy-hurty-ear creature that it will get better soon!

I love that pattern book cover - check out the hair on the brunette! Fierce!


cool apron, I like the little wavy skirt :)


oooooo your 'vatannical' rules comment cracked me right up! right with you on that one! And the Enid Gilchrist I think my mum had. Hope she's kept her's still. Great patterns.

Jennifer Rose

bit of a struggle reading that article about tony,wanted to close the window in disgust. I can't stand people that think like that. we don't live in the middle ages


Adore the apron but have no adoration at all for Mr Abbot - none!

Like the OPAM - and think I shopuld probably adopt a similar aspiration!


heh, love the picture of the puppies through the fence! and wallabies make an excellent exercise tool. i think they enjoy teasing the dogs actually. as for The Monk. between this and his thoughts on assimilation, i sometimes wonder what planet he is from.


The apron is CUTE!!! Can't see how it would ever be scary!

And action kangaroo chasing shot is great. I'm sure your doggies are very well behaved really around native wildlife.


Your apron looks great, and I don't mind about the skirt. I haven't done any sewing since Xmas (I has been too hot) so don't expect anyone else to.

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