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We Haven't Stopped Dancing Vet.

Peri went back to see Dr Tim at 3-30 and she was, of course, bouncing about, even jumping on the bench next to me in the waiting area. She went happily out the back to have a blood test and may even be a Blood Donor candidate because she was so good. Dr Tim said that he knew I knew my dogs and that if I said she was poorly, then she was. The Labradors are too well adjusted, and Labradors in general, to be so quickly frightened to such a degree. When she is at home, bored, she thinks about whatever is hurting.

I showed him her 'hang dog' photos from this morning and he thinks maybe she is poorly:  a little pancreatitis, a strained muscle or something else. These things are easy to treat (relative to a psychological illness) I can ring tomorrow and find out her results and then we will see what to do.

Peri seemed a little better this evening but after the excitement of the Vet and coming home wore off, she was poorly again. She gave a little cry and went to bed. She looks happier when she's with her sisters. Everyone is so kind to worry with me, I do try not to be a panicker, but I still worry.

Unwell Peri and Harki Peri Unwell and Gilly



Peri definitely couldn't be in safer hands :)

It's good you don't have to wait too long for the results. Well done on knowing your doggies so well that you can spot any problems early on!


I hope they'll found out what it is soon! All teh best to you and Peri!


Poor little Peri :( I hope it is something physical (odd thing to say, but you know what I mean). I have heard of doggie-Prozac, but I don't know if that's just for rich Hollywood dogs!

Rose Red

Dr Tim sounds like a good man! Do hope you can get a better idea about what is ailing Peri - I think it is completely natural to worry when you know something is not right, especially when Peri can't tell you what the problem is.

Jennifer Rose

poor Peri :( I really hope the vet finds out what is wrong and she starts feeling better.


It's only natural that you worry about your 'girls'!! I hope you get to the bottom of it soon so that Peri can be her usual 'naughty' self again :)

Your Dr Tim sounds like a great vet...what a shame I can't bring Daisy down....I don't like her vet much.

I hope the blood tests are OK. Sending get well thoughts Peri's way!!


Georgette decline is acceptable...a Florence one is not.
Poor Peri.
Apply cold air, dog treats, squeaky ball, plastic cup, tea , frozen bread, assorted whom so ever they may help!
Personally I'm using Panadol and Moscato.


Poor thing. I hope it's sorted out soon. My dog hides in bushes too when she's ill.


I hope she gets better soon.
Poor dear.


Hugs - hope that you get some answers from the blood test and can work out how to make her happy again.


Poor Peri. I feel so sad for her, but I'm sure you'll know when you've got to the bottom of it. It is so hard when they communicate their feelings so clearly, yet can't actually tell you what's wrong.


I have three Puggles and I worry about them WAY more than I worried about my kids for just the reasons you allude to. They can't tell you what's wrong! Your a good doggy mom to know them well enough to be able to tell there's a problem.


Synchronised standing. I love it.

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