Monday Munchies #8
Colin Occupants Of Interplanetary Craft.

A Room With a ReView

Today the temperature was 15*C and it rained. The Labradors and I are feeling so happy. My headache gradually ebbed away over five days: two eyes and my head, one eye and my head, one eye, and then just my ear was sore and today?? No headache at all!!! Thanks for all the kind 'be gone' headache comments: they worked!!!

Today I had my hair cut. No photo this time, because I went straight from there (well, with a detour home to take The Labradors a bone) to see my psychologist. Next week I have to have a medical review again for my Superannuation pension and I find it all very stressful. Last time I was truly a quivering wreck. This time I am coping a lot better. I have been more proactive and assertive about some unreasonable requests which could not possibly be met by the deadline they set. I have made appointments, asked our lovely Leukaemia nurse to come along as my Advocate to the appointment and visited the excellent psychologist for some helpful talk and preparation.

I find it all very confronting and adversarial. Being chronically ill with a mystery disease doesn't help. Thankfully I have The Labradors, wonderful friends (like MrsDrWho who is finally blogging again) real and imaginary, and fantastic doctors and nurses. Without whom......  Now I just have to get through the next week or so!!!

The cool weather has made it possible for me to knit again. My As Dreams Are Made On (Tempest) is going along quite well. The hem rolls. I am not too worried, I expect my fat will fill out the rolliness. I did indeed do the stripes. They made the waist increases easier as I didn't have to count rows. I am planning to do some stripes on the front too, maybe just one third of the width from the side seam to the front. Again, this will make the shaping easy and the sewing up too. The colour in the photo is not very true, it is much more aqua, khaki, green and much less blue. I did try to adjust the colour but I just succeeded in making everything red. I shall finish the back tonight. Wow!!!

Back of ADAMO
Here's what I saw in the supermarket today:

DIY sugar and gelatine
So that would be a box of sugar and gelatine, to which you add some boiling water and fruit juice to make, Ta Da: A Jelly!!!! What will they think of next?? 

Harki and Peri had a great walk yesterday, though they will have an even better walk tomorrow because there will be puddles everywhere!!! It was still hot and so we stopped half way up the track for a breather. Well Harki and I stopped for a breather, Peri stopped in case there might be a treat!!!

Half way there
Lorelai Gilmore has been running in and out of the house in the rain with her new toy. A piece of plastic. Peri has been chasing her trying to steal the piece of plastic. Why do I buy them toys??? I love the way she is standing, as if she is a warrior!!

Plastic Gilly
So nothing much else to report. Doctor Who has ended with a Regeneration, but I saw it a few weeks ago so I didn't watch last night.

I have a new book from the Library, Weekend Sewing by Heather Ross which has some lovely patterns.

Tomorrow afternoon I am going to visit Auntie Dutch who is still broken, but not plastered, and we are going to make some embroidered, covered buttons!!! Lots of sitting carefully on the couch and drinking cups of tea.

I am planning on an excellent night's sleep tonight. The house is cool and I might even swap a sheet for a doona. Might, it's not definite!!!



Only 15 degrees?? It's gonna be high 30's this week for us here :(

Anyway, glad to know that the headache went away :)


oh yes this weather is perfect it makes me sooo happy. I am sending good vibes for your review. I know how daunting these things can be xxx


I'm glad your headache has receeded. Mine just hangs around all month in varying degrees :(

I know how hard it is going through medical reviews. I'm especially pleased that you have someone going with you to act as your, so important!! I hope that you get the outcome that you need Cindy for continuity of your pension.

Mystery Illnesses aren't much fun are they :( I'm so glad you have The Labradores & all your many friends.....even if some of us are imaginary LOL!!

I love jelly.......but I will admit I would prefer to have all of the (natural??!!) flavourings & colourings added already! I suppose someone will get sucked in :)

Such a warrior guarding her plastic! Daisy plays this same game if she ever finds a piece of plastic.

I have always wanted to make embroidered buttons. I'm looking forward to seeing the ones you & Auntie Dutch make.

My grandmother used to have this really heavy big button press for making fabric covered buttons. If I was really lucky when I was little, she would let me help her place the 'bits' of the button before she did the pressing. Some very lovely buttons were made. I was extremely disappointed when my grandfather sold all of her sewing stuff after she died :(

Sleep tight Cindy & dream wonderfully cool thoughts!


glad you're feeling better - Mr Valley thinks you should be involving your local member of parliament in the review - the board shouldn't be allowed to bully you or subject you to such stress!
hope today is a good one for you and the puppies xxxx


ps the MP would probably be only too happy to help seeing there's an election looming !! x


hehe, that looks like a very valuable piece of plastic! To the labradors, at least :)

Good luck with your review, hope it isn't too stressful.


some of that coolness is headed here today and i cant wait! am over sleeping under the air conditioner! that jumper looks GREAT! what fantastic striping, i did think it was a bit blue for you tho :)


oh, and i hope your review goes ok....


good to hear you are feeling better and that it is cooler. We have been having some tropical humidity and heat which is Most Unpleasant. Thank goodness for airconditioning is all I can say.

And what about that jelly? Amazing ;)


Great that you are feeling better & the weather is cooler. It's still very hot here - high 30s & 40s this whole week! You can crochet an edge along the bottom of your garment to prevent the rolling.


I was having trouble because your pictures were hiding from me - but now I see them!
I have come up for air from studying but am about to submerge again as I try to get a full weeks work done in under 3 days - Oh my - have a bitten off more than I can chew...?

Pats all round.....(and I love the Tempest - pretty pretty!)

Lynne S of Oz

I'm glad to hear you finally got some coolth! We didn't get any rain but the coolth was very pleasant.
The review sounds like No Fun but at least your leukaemia nurse should be very helpful, along with your own preparation. I hope it stays cooler for you so you can get as much sleep as possible (minus the worry!) so you have the best chance to deal with this added stress!


Good news about the headache and the temperature! I love the colours and the stripes on Tempest (even if they are not showing up true on screen).

Jennifer Rose

The knitting is looking great! :) I think the jelly thing is actually a good idea, if you have a lot of people that want different flavours, they could make their own (but I do see people mixing alcohol instead of juice with it :p)

our dog loved chewing the lids off of plastic pop bottles, and then once the cap was off, he didn't want it lol


I have seen the colourless flavourless jely at the store- odd why they bother really whena box of gelatine and sugr does the same thing:)

Laurie (Moo!)

Tempest is BEAUTIFUL!!!

Not just A piece of plastic...the BEST plastic in the whole world. LOL!!

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