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Monday Munchies #9

Colin Occupants Of Interplanetary Craft.

This afternoon at 2pm I noticed that Lorelai Gilmore was shaking her head from side to side, so (brace yourselves) I smelled her ears and looked inside and diagnosed FlippyFlippyEar. I rang the Hospital and we had an appointment at 2-30!!! Peri was Not Happy Jan and banged the gate repeatedly and crossly as we drove off. Even though I had given her a rice biscuit or five. Harki just ate her biscuits and looked inordinately cute!!

While we waited, Lorelai Gilmore met Colin. Colin was so cute and so friendly and it was very amusing indeed to see Gilly on the receiving end of puppy Colin's nips and enthusiasm. She didn't like it one bit and she tried to sit on my lap. A Lot.

When I'm Colin You

After a short adoration by the Doctor (Isn't she beautiful? Isn't she good!!) she looked in Lorelai Gilmore's ears and said it was FlippyFloppyEar. Lorelai Gilmore was very good and she sat quietly while the long poky ear investigator was poked down both her ears. She then sat and asked with both her paws and gobbled up some treats!! After a quick trip out the back, blood donor training, we went home. She tipped her drink over in the back of the car whilst trying to lie in it.

The drive home is about seven or eight minutes but it was so hot, it's been hot again today, that when we got home she flopped down right in the paddle pool: she just needed to be wholly cool.

Cool Pool Gilly
Not to be outdone, Harki and Peri had a lot of fun biting the water from the hose and getting generally wet as well. Yesterday it was hot too, and Harki was very unhappy and couldn't get comfortable or sleep. It took her ages to settle. She seemed better today. Peri has been in and out the pool, making herself and all of us wet and cool/muddy. She has also been hyper alert and protecting us from lots of (imaginary) things.

Hose Happinessfor Harki and Peri
Because it is almost the end of the month I have, well not sprung, lurched slowly into OPAM action. I have washed and ironed fabric for a skirt and found the measurements in my email. I have trimmed Otto's new cushion and covered it with wadding and sewn it tight. Now I am going to cover the wadding and then sew the proper cover. On top of the cushion is the right front of ADAMO(Tempest) with the colours not right again. I don't know what I did the first time I took a photo, I just can't replicate it. I decided to do the hem turnunder on 3.25mm needles and it seems a lot less roly. I also decided to do stripes for 28 of the side stitches on the front. I need to tidy up the joins and sew in the ends but I am quite pleased with the effect. And even if I become less pleased, it's jolly well staying that way!!

Right Tempestuous Cushion
Auntie Dutch and I dabbled in a little button covering and without her even knowing, she made a button that perfectly matched her top, so now it is a brooch!! She's still broken but feels a lot better now. Her embroidery is beautiful.

Auntie Dutch Button
I read Matthew Reilly's The Five Greatest Warriors yesterday while I was waiting at the Hospital and then after my very long nap (4 hours!!) when I got home. It's all action and very little characterisation so it's a quick read. The Complaints by Ian Rankin was a quick read too. It was a book I had to put down a few times because I didn't want to read on to where I knew the plot was taking me. I should have popped it in the freezer!!(Scroll down to the Allusions) The heat has affected my mind too. I woke up yesterday and spent a good ten minutes berating myself because I hadn't recorded the Neanderthal programme on the ABC, and I hadn't asked MrsDrWho to do it, and she was relying on me. I was a bit puzzled because I didn't remember having a spare recording device (there are three) and I knew I should have had one. It wasn't till I went to the Newsagency that I realised that yesterday was THURSDAY, not Friday. I had accidentally missed a whole day. The Neanderthals were still to come!!!It is going to be cool tomorrow, and cooler on Sunday and Monday. I think my brain will appreciate the rest from heat.

It's getting dark earlier, 7-59pm tonight. Not long till Day Light Saving ends. It will be Easter anon. Last year someone in MrsDrWho's class gave her a smallish cardboard Dalek or some-such Doctor Who-y thing with an Easter egg in it. When you press a button, it makes a Dalek or TARDIS noise. I want one for myself. I covet hers, which is a sin, so if anyone sees a cardboard Dalek or TARDIS out and about, could you let me know please???

Now I am going to make a cup of tea, and knit while I watch Statewide in timeshift and then to bed because I haven't had a nap at all today.



I hope Gilly's ears will be fine soon. Just the thought of the heat you have to endure makes me uncomfortable. It's snowing here right now, with an icy cold wind (which is not so nice), but we'll be having a lot of fun in the snow today!
Have a nice weekend!


Gilly is such a good girl at the vets!! Let's hope that the FlippyFlippyEar gets better quick.

I love seeing your 'Girls' enjoying themselves....even if it is soooo hot :)

Aunty Dutch's embroidered button is beautiful...I hope she mends asap!!

You are doing lots of nice knitting there Cindy....Tempest is sure coming along quickly! I haven't been doing much of anything here....lost my mojo for everything BIG TIME atm.

I hope your brain recovers soon LOL...will keep my eyes open for Dalek egg or other on the rare occassions that I'm at the shops :)


Colin is such a cute border collie, he reminded me of my late nephew-dog at the same age, all paws and gangly limbs. Hope the ears get better fast.
I'd love to find one of those Tardis-y chocolate things for my sister too, she is a big Dr Who fan too. Her husband even found then set her phone to ring with the theme music every time he rings her!


what a pretty button, very clever....over the heat too - roll on Autumn ! xx


Best. Blogpost. Title. Ever.

You should win an award.


I do hope the flippyfloppy ears are better now, isn't today lovely weather, did you hear the thunder in the wee hours? I will keep an eye out for cardboard Daleks and/or tardis I know the ones I remember seeing them last year or maybe it was longer ago, my brain has been fried


What Ailsa said. Also, Colin is such a great name for that puppy! Love your photos of the labradors, as always.

Jennifer Rose

ah the lovely smell of a lab ear :/ ugh our lab was always having ear problems, had to pin his ears up for a few hours a day to try to help as the drop were not :/

what a nice button :D

hmm haven't seen anything like that cardboard Dalek here, all kinds of other Dr Who things, but nothing for easter strangely

Laurie (Moo!)

You just can't find a good TARDIS when you need one!
Poor Gilly. :-( Lucky for her you have FlippyFloppyEar super senses!

With all of the heat, maybe you should be the one going into the paddle pool?


Well, you've all been very busy! Well done on the Flippy Floppy Ear (TM) diagnosis.

As per the Flanders and Swan song, mud is supposed to be good for cooling the blood, so maybe Peri's on to something there.

Love the intarsia stripes on the cardi!

Best wishes to Auntie Dutch and her continuing non-broken-ness.


How lovely your dogs are - we are much cooler today - and the breeze is cooler yet. I am waiting to be washed away by a tsunami, but I don't think it is going to happen...sigh, nothing exciting ever happens....except for nearly being finished with my Ishbel..and being ready to start Damson for my stepmother

and of course, having finished 3 things for the Ravelympics..

Rose Red

Excellent diagnosing DrCindy! I agree with Olivia, Colin is a very cool name for a dog!! (don't tell my brother Colin I said that though!!)

Your Tempest/Adamo is looking fabulous, you are very clever!

I know I'm forgetting lots of things to comment on, but I had so many blog posts on my return from a week away, I'm catching up very slowly!

Oh, and before I finish off, Auntie Dutch's button is just fabulous!


Love the pictures of Gilly & Peri playing in the pool. I wish I have a pool too as it has been so hot here - a whole week of nearly 40s & no sign of any cooler days!


your blog post titles never fail to astound but this one was just genius.

And who knew a real ailment could have such a funny name! Hope the sweet girl is better soon!

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