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Monday Munchies #6

Dude, Where's My Brain?

Last weekend I caught up with the Lovely Mrs KateKnight, and her equally lovely family, for lunch in The Northern Capital. It never ceases to amaze me that when I meet people I know virtually, it's just like I know them for real. Mr Knight and the little Knights, Kate and I had a delicious lunch and there was a lot of chatting, non-stop, and knitting as well. KateKnight made me a lovely gift, an Andean bag, with Four Golden Dogs to guard it: one for every Labrador!! I had neglected to post about it, and then when I remembered (Dude, where's my brain?? Fried by the heat, man!) I followed her instructions and gave it a light steaming. My word it came up beautifully. Thank you so much KateKnight!! I love it. And to think this is her first attempt with the 'knitting two colours with two hands' style.

Andean I love you so

I knitted my cloth for the Cloth and Soap Swap. I used some Heritage Breeze/Bendigo Harmony and knitted a pattern of little knots. I wanted to make it look vaguely like orange skin and I think it does look vaguely like orange skin!! I found this knot in my Vogue Dictionary of Stitches. 

Orange you glad I made this
I did a four row pattern, keeping the 5 Moss stitches as a border with a multiple of 6 stitches for the body (42):

Row 1 - K3 {P3 tog, K into same 3 stitches, P into same 3 stitches}
Row 2 - P all stitches
Row 3 - {P3 tog, K into same 3 stitches, P into same 3 stitches} K3
Row 4 - P all stitches

When we come home from our walk, Lorelai Gilmore behaves as if she has been separated from her sisters for aeons. I love the way you can almost see her tail wagging and the happy smiles of Harki and Peri through the gate.

Where have you beeeeeeen
Speaking of gates, I think this is a little overkill. All those locks on a track to nowhere.

Lock the gate
We haven't had any rain, apart from a few random 2 minute showers, since the beginning of November, we must almost be in drought again. Last night it was still 29*C/84*F at 10-45pm. I have been surviving on 4 1/2 or 5 hours sleep. I had hoped to sleep today, but there wasn't a cooling breeze. 

I have to declare my February OPAM goals, so here they are in no particular order:

  1. Re-cover Otto's base and upholster the new foam cushion I bought. Oh and cut it to fit.
  2. Draft a pattern and make Gaby's skirt
  3. Finish The Wee Spawn's Ark embroidery
  4. No doubt there will be something else.
Right now I'd settle for a good night's sleep.


Rose Red

Oh the knitted with two yarns in two hands bag is so lovely! I especially love the golden dogs. Very clever!


What a lovely, unique bag :)

And I love the wash cloth - it does look very orangey!!

Hope you get some rain and cool weather soon.


there is always something else! i love the picture of the furkids!


I'm with you Cindy, a good night's sleep would be wonderful, maybe then will I get some crafty things done


goodness you are certainly having a hot summer down there. at least we cool down at night up here...sort of.


That pouch looks great! All green and with the dogs on it, that was so thoughtful! I like the picture of the returning of Gilly so much! Look at those "smiling" faces! :o)

Oy, that sounds like I would perish if I were there. I'm grateful for our -5C, even if we don't have a lot of snow.

Laurie (Moo!)

She did a fantastic job with that bag. I still can't get the "two hands" thing.

You sure those smiling faces aren't because you carry treats in your pockets? They're cute, whatever the reason.


nice work Kate! An inspired gift!

And the dishcloth is terribly cute - that works really well. I must make it!


Ain't the litle bag purty? and the dogs look so labrador-ish!

she had fun making it!

Jennifer Rose

hmm maybe the local wildlife has learned to pick locks? ;p


I'll do my best with a rain-dance, but no promises!


oh i wish i could send you some of our rain. its lovely but i think my clothes are getting mouldy. today its cool enough to wear the red shoes. and maybe even a cardi. i hope it cools off down there soon and you and the girls get some respite xx


What a lovely bag!! Green of course :D

It's so lovely that Gilly greets Harki & Peri when they come back.

I hope you get some sleep soon Cindy. We've had lots of rain up here & have substituted the heat for humidity that you could cut the air with a knife. I've been running the A/C A LOT!!

Good luck with your OPAM goals. It will be great to look forward to seeing your finished projects.


The bag is gorgeous & so is your dishcloth. I like the moss stitch border & also did the same border for my cloth.

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