Monday Munchies #7
Now You See Hem, Now You Don't!

Machine Wash. Workin' At The Machine Wash Yeah!

It was only after I had ironed the third top that still had dirty marks on it, and picked up a spotty fourth, that I realised I had done a whole load of washing with no washing powder. At all.

I should ask Lorelai Gilmore to do my washing, she has the whole water in a tub thing down pat. Not so sure about trying to pick the tub up while you are standing in it, and I hate the sound of teeth on plastic!!! Puppy Power!!!

Harki and Peri had a lovely walk today. We are walking a bit later because I can actually sleep longer in the cooler weather. Harki had a little run (5 metres down the hill) and was ever so pleased with herself. She was smiling when she caught up with me. Peri runs as fast as a train with no brakes and I often have to jump aside at the last moment. I love her Wheeee!! leap.

Harki has a little run Peri goes Wheeeee

A while back I found a potential husband, but in honour of St Valentine's Day (well not really, it just ties in nicely) I have found him a much more appropriate wife:

Valentine's Day

I have made a start on my OPAM projects for February. I am about half way through the Noah's Ark and I have taken a picture of Otto's old cushion. First Vundy, then Tori, then Peri and finally Lorelai Gilmore wrecked the cushion. Gilly loves to curl up in the great indentation dug over the years. I have the fabric, thread, piping cord and zip too. Notice Harki's name is not on the list?? That's because she is The Best Labrador ever and would not even entertain the thought of digging a hole in a cushion.

Half Ark de triomphe  Otto undressed

I went to Mr and MrsValley's last week. It was inordinately hot, but I had a lovely time and I met lots of native animals and birds and I even fed one of the wallabies some bread. They are not tame, they are just not afraid. Their hectare-age is beautiful bush, complete with a dam, native ducks and hens, parrots, wallabies, paddy-melons and an echidna. Oh and some ravens. And it is just ten or so minutes from the centre of town and you would never know. Mr and MrsValley live in their own little paradise!!

Valley Paradise
The rain had come and gone, and it is cooler, but hotter temperatures are forecast for this week. Today I plan to do some tidying up in the loungeroom, finish The Ark, press it and apply some Heat'n'Bond to the back and then definitely a nap. It's already the afternoon and all we have done is go for walks and have breakfast.

Oh. new wool!!! Paton's Kaffe Fasset Design Line sock wool all the way from the UK. Thanks to RoseRed and Bells for the link to the shop. Fourteen balls and postage for about $48 AUD. A Bargain. It's not all for me, just six of the green/blue mix on the right of the photo.

Facets of Fassett


Rose Red

I reckon Kemps will be wondering why there's been a huge spike in Regia orders from Australia!! (*some* people I know may have ordered some more...)

Very glad to have enabled for you!


I was walking on the beach the other day and I FOUND YOUR POTENTIAL HUSBAND! There was this windswept professory looking man in a knitted jumper - wait for it - walking with FIVE labradors! FIVE! Some cream, some black - all very well behaved and full of love for him. He was a ghost and mrs muir kind of looking guy.

I smiled at him and he smiled back and told me to take my Storm off the lead and let him run for a bit. Little did he know that my Storm is Not At All Well Behaved and would have gone home with his five labradors.

I thought about you straight away Ms 2paw!


Love the labrador story above! How nice to have a potential husband wearing handknits and walking labs!

I resisted the Regia - but still may be ordering some...later,....Yarnadan has not been a complete success - sigh....


I was smiling when I read about your laundry as I did the same thing last week. Fortunately, the clothes were quite clean but did not smell nice. I think our minds must be preoccupied with knitting!


I am so happy for your Potential Husband now as he can have a like minded conversation with his new wife, he looked like he would be a little quiet for you, no company at all. that lemon slice looks sooo yummy and brought back memories I'm sure mum used to make something very similar


I don't know about the 'wife' Cindy....she looks a bit 'green' around the gills I think!!! LOL

I know that washing problem too!! The only way I know to fix it is to plead fatigue & let someone else do it....yes Gilly does look like a likely candidate :)

I'm glad you're getting better sleep with the cooler weather. It makes a big difference doesn't it.

Jennifer Rose

lol goofy gilly

if the husband and wife had kids, they would be technocoloured :D

Jennifer Rose

or striped :p


Oh, the kids and I enjoyed the video. They loved the wallaby photos, too, and would like a wallaby video as well. . . if you're not too busy with all that sock yarn, husband hunting, and walking the Labradors!

Laurie (Moo!)

Fantastic video of the wash tub. We used to have a big, square, metal wash tub that the German Shepherds loved to play in. Brings back memories. :-)


Busy, busy! My puppy loves to play in the water like that, too! However, it is winter here and the water is in the kitchen and not outside, so I have to admit taking video didn't occur to me when I saw her doing it! And I have done the laundry sans detergent before, too! I am very jealous of Mr. and Mrs. Valley. Someday.....


I love Gilly the washer-dog - she's a treat! Am definitely going to make that lemon/coconut slice - R. loves anything with coconut. The pics of the "Valleys" place came out well - thank goodness its cooled down - roll on Autumn days ! :):)


I love that pic of your labrador running with its ears up, so cute! Your friends land does look beautiful and relaxing. How nice to be able to feed the wallabies. Hope it doesnt get too hot during the week as I really dont like it much either.


LOL. Love that video of Gilly!!! Love the faces of Harki and Peri running around so freely too!!! Looks like they had a lot of fun!! :)


Great score on the yarn!

I love that photo of Peri with her ears in the air - Flying Canine!


loved your post but Ailsa's comment has got me grinning. Fabulous.

So glad you got some Kemps love!!


mmm regia from kemps! i think some of that might be headed my way too :) great pix of the girls, and how great it is to live somewhere with such amazing animals (native and otherwise!).


Lorelai's got great paw action there, trying to dig a hole in the water!

Hope you're getting a break from the heat now. Our nights have been a bit cooler lately, thank goodness.

Amazing deal on the Regia ... no, no, no, I honestly don't need any more sock yarn. Do I?


I love reading about your walks with your dogs. It's one of the things I miss having cats! It would be so nice to have a companion or three to take strolls with once the weather is nice again.

Your Noah's ark is looking lovely!

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