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Monday Munchies #8

Now You See Hem, Now You Don't!

I have begun knitting a cardigan. It has been hot again and I have been poorly and in bed with a horrid headache yesterday and today. I took lots of drugs and went to Knitting in the (noisy) Pub which probably wasn't a good idea, but at least I ate some delicious fish instead of nothing at all. Socks were too hard to think about so I started my Tempest (As Dreams Are Made On) I used a new provisional cast on where you crochet with waste wool over your needle. It 'unzipped'!!! They always say it will and it never does, but this time it did. I used some Bambi Grignasco for the hem turn under. I cast on, knitted the hem then a row of reverse stocking stitch in the Regia and then knitted till I had the same number of rows as the hem. I 'unzipped' the provisional cast on and picked up the stitches (Thanks BionicKnitaWoman for the circular needle) and then knitted the stitches from the two needles together, a kind of three needle un-bind off!!! It worked so well and I love it.

I am even happier because when I knitted my tension rectangle, I had perfect tension. That never happens.

Now I am remembering things that happened, backwards.

Uncle Dutch came and did some taking away of the garden yesterday. I went to bed to sleep, but I did make him a cup of tea with two lemon shortbread. Peri and Lorelai Gilmore were very helpful. Well, Uncle Dutch is kind and says they were, but I have my doubts!! It is so kind of him to take my garden away and The Labradors have much more space to run and play!!

Helping, or not

The day before yesterday I visited Auntie Dutch who has broken herself falling down the stairs.  She is not too broken, well not plastered, but she is poorly. Next week we are going to make some embroidered buttons.

Earlier still, met TinkingBell for toasted sandwiches and tea. She gave me a terrific cup and saucer. I had admired it last weekend, but since  I didn't need it, I walked on by with MrsDrWho. A parcel came in the post from AmyP: Oooh Doctor Who and some lovely green fabric. Just because. How nice!!!

Last year I won a book from The Tribal Mind!! I wrote a limerick and David Dale liked it and so I was one of the winners. And what a bonus because he wrote inside his book with green pen!!

Book Win
There's more, but I am too hot to think. Here is a picture of Harki. Harki always makes me happy, which is apparently very good for your heart: cheeriness that is!!! Officially, with a proper study over ten years and everything.

Cheery Hearty Harki
I've missed a whole day today. My headache is slowly receding so I am sitting in the cool-ish lounge-room, knitting a little and catching up on TV. Swedes are cooking on the stove, they smell yummy and The Labradors adore them. I can't read, which is a pain, because I have lots of new books. I will take truckloads of drugs again at bedtime and perchance I will sleep soundly all night and wake up feeling less boogelly tomorrow.


Rose Red

I'm sorry about your horrid headache, I hope it goes away very soon.

That provisional cast on is very clever - as are you for doing it!! Hurrah Cindy!


Love the yarn you're using for Tempest but did I ever tell you that I super hate provisional cast on?? :P

Anyway, hope you will feel less boogey tomorrow!! Hugz hugz hugz


Your hem looks so good! I've never made one so far,but I did use the cast on with the crochet hook over the knitting needle. I like that. I wish I had an Uncle Dutch around here from time to time too! So many nice things for you! Harki's goofy look makes me smile too. Get well quickly!


So sorry about your headache :( Hope you feel better soon.

Hehe, dogs are so helpful in the garden, aren't they?? Tess is never happier than when she is supervising me in my gardening chores!

I'm sure happiness is very good for health - so make the most of your lovely Dr Who present! What a good cause for happiness :)


so sorry to hear you are poorly, it was hot and horrible today wasn't it the heat is such a drag on one's health and it's the pits to lose a whole day, I do hope you wake up well tomorrow and I do wish I could understand all the knitting speak but it sure sounds impressive!!! no such things needed in my endless number of scarves!!! xxxxx


Hope you dream sweetly tonight and wake up feeling better.
Pats to the lovely pooches please.


going to be hot again today and tomorrow so keep all your blinds and curtains closed - hope your headache has faded away and you're feeling better - those puppies look like great gardeners - hope all those lovely greens keep you cool xx


Hope you're feeling better by now. Stay out of the glare which I find makes headaches worse.

I love it when the hem works well like that. I sometimes do picot hems on socks, especially for little girls. Need good daylight though when doing the actual hem knitting.

I'll feed your helpful puppies up here if they'll pull down the blackberry canes from our back railway wall! We've actually had rain in Sydney, quite a lot of it and they are growing rapidly with moisture and heat.


ooh a new cardigan! we love our cardis don't we Ms 2Paw! And the crochet provisional cast on is so pleasing when it works out so well. Yay you! I've not had many good unzipping experiences.


Oh you poor thing Cindy :( I can sooooo relate with you about the headaches. I have an infusion every 28 days & one of the side effects I get are migrains :( I hope you are feeling better soon!!!!

This type of cast on & hem look interesting. I haven't tried them before....hooray for perfect tension :D

I need Uncle Dutch as well as Backyard Blitz in our backyard to do any good at the momment. Poor Daisy disappears in amoungst the tall grass (weeds!!) trying to find a low bit where she she can do her wees without being tickled on the bum!! LOL Good work there Uncle Dutch!!!

Toasted sandwiches, tea, a nice parcel & MrsDrWho's company....what a good week :)

Congrats on becoming a 'Great Australian Poet' 2paw.....pats on the back for both you & Harki, especially for Harki since she cheers your soul!

I hope your drugs work as well as some of mine Cindy!! LOL....sleep tight :)


wow, just the beginning of the cardigan sounds incredibly challenging and difficult to me, i could not even work out what half of that knitting language meant! it's looking great so far though!

i'm starting to realise there is probably a majority of us out here who don't feel quite with the blogging in crowd, which does make me feel a little better, although it would be nice to make it there once in my life! ahh well, thanks for visiting :)

Jennifer Rose

really hope you got a good nights sleep! that was really nice of Uncle Dutch to clear the garden and the girls are helping. you always need someone to supervise and they are doing a great job at that!


I hope you are feeling better today. That is a lovely photo of Harki! It made me smile.


I hate it when you get sick. I always feel so sorry for you. Take care!

highland quilter

Hope you are feeling better....nothing worse than being unwell in the heat!! Cathyx

Laurie (Moo!)

Oh, I hope your headache goes away!!! The girls look like they're being a big help - they want more room, too.

Tempest! You're knitting Tempest! I've had that on my MUST MAKE list since it came out. I even have about 9 different colorways for it - my brain might explode before I can choose.

Hugs and feel better.

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