Monday Munchies #13
Good, Good, Good, Good Fridaytions

All Quiet On The Cardi Front

The cold hard truth is that, public humiliation or not, there is no way I am going to finish both my cardigans by Thursday for OPAM. I will finish The Tempest/ADAMO. The button-band needs to be fixed. Against my better judgement I followed the pattern's instructions of picking up one stitch for every two rows. I knew I should do three stitches for every four rows but I did not back myself. The band is fine if I stretch it and pull it down when I am wearing it, but it's just not practical for me to walk about pulling the two fronts down every time I wear the cardigan. It just wouldn't work well with my lifestyle. It needs about another four inches or 20cm of  'stretch' so I'll unravel it and do it again, and I took such care placing the buttonholes too.

Stormy Tempest
The Chappa'ai Cardigan has hit a snag. Not the short row bust darts, they went really well!!! Not finding all the pieces or even charting and knitting the Stargate on the back. Not, it's this:

Great Balls of Fire
The 200g ball of green wool I have been happily waiting to 'open' is, in fact, NOT the one I need. It''s Rustic Green Tweed, not Classic Mid Green. So I have to order another ball and hope the dyelot is not too different. If it is, I will unravel the bands and use that to finish the front along with the remaining wool I have, and then re-knit the bands from the new ball. Apparently I only bought three, what was I thinking?? Even if I had ordered the wool today, it would not have made it here in time, it takes much more than a week for Bendigo parcels to get here, so it will be sometime after Easter.

Stargate chevrons not engaged
I had some help taking the photos until I showed Lorelai Gilmore the spray bottle. She acts as if I am the most cruel mother ever.

Let Lorelai help
Peri has been performing her Big Sisterly duties. Lorelai Gilmore was in awe of Peri's ability to fly up the stairs at the dam lookout. Lorelai Gilmore was afraid, but Peri ran up and then danced about and I added my encouragement and up she came, albeit only to the first landing. She was so excited when she ran back down to Peri she wanted to bite her!!!

Peri teaches Gilly
I am having a little rest from replying to all the lovely comments about The Labradors, Harki, Peri and Lorelai Gilmore, from the last few posts. I am feeling a tad exhausted and have needed some long sleeps in the daytime to catch up. Tomorrow I am going to make some more chocolate crackle Easter eggs with the other half of MrsDrWho's class, so I need to garner my strength. At least it is cool during the night so we can sleep, oh and my new solar lights do an excellent job of lighting up the path too. Twinkly lights!!!

City lights



I think that both cardies look fabulous, especially the first one with that lovely shaping, ~ and I also think that you are incredibly patient! Have fun with the crackly Easter eggs. (We're making pompom chicks with jiggly eyes tomorrow.)
And please rest up and don't worry about answering my comments.
Sending you love and understanding.

Rose Red

Ditto about comments - I'm sure most, if not all, of your commenters will completely understand any delays or if you don't answer at all - resting up and looking after yourself is much more important.

Look forward to seeing the final final finished Tempest/Adamo - it looks fantastic already!


I think you have done very well with the cardigans so far. I am sure the button band wont take too long to correct! Dont you hate it when they say to do something and then you have the gut instinct to do it differently and then dont! I like your twinkly solar lights, I have colored ones in my front garden and they look very festive!


I think you can give yourself a pass on finishing the cardigans (and yes, you should listen to the voice of experience about the buttons bands!). Shame about the ball of yarn not being the right colour, but at least you noticed it *before* you started knitting!


Gilly looks as if she's looking through the cracks while walking up the steps - I think they take a while to get used to the 'space' below - she did very well :)
Love the twinkly lights - I may put in an order for some, I'm sure Mr E. Bunny would appreciate not having to stagger about in the dark :) :)


Chocolate crackle Easter eggs sound yummy. I hope you have a lovely time. And the garden lights are pretty.


ah adventures in cardigan bands. im with you there! they look fantastic tho, and will be worth the wait. i love that you reply to comments but you mustnt feel obligated, take some time to just rest and be with your lovely girls xx


As much as I love recieving your comments Cindy, I'm reiterrating the others. Please don't expect that we need replies especially at such an emotionally draining time. Look after yourself.

Clever Gilly flying up those steps....I certainly wish I could do that!! :) Even if she would want to bite me at the bottom.

Good luck with the cardis. I hate it when things don't go as planned with my knitting. It's usually at this point that I shove it away for a while! I hope the new wool is a good match & that you don't need to do any unravelling.


The cardigan looks great & it's a pity about the bands. Picking up stitches is always a pain - sometimes too little & sometimes too much. I am baking Easter Surprise cupcakes today - cupcakes with an easter choc egg inside.


the cardigans look fab! what brave girls they are on those stairs they scare the hell out of me!!!

Laurie (Moo!)

Button Bands! The bane of cardigans! That tugging thing is just SO impossible! I love the sweater, tho. Must finish some projects before starting it.

Lorelai and the Very Bad Bottle. Poor girl.

Jennifer Rose

I never expect a reply from a comment left here, its nice to get one but its not the end of the world if I don't get one. it can be so hard to reply to everyone that comments.

and bad mom with the spray bottle! ;p wish that would work with Sky, but she loves water lol


Love your lights! I've put them on my list of want/need. There hasn't been any knitting or interesting cooking in my house lately so it's always great to read all about yours. Big hugs to P and L.

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