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And I Have Loved Her Dearly, More Dearly Than The Spoken Word Can Tell

Today is a sad day, because Harki died. We are 2paw once more.

Yesterday she went for her usual walk and was as happy as could be and I took her photo. I took her photo every day in case that day was her last. Then last night she was very unwell, and no-one slept at our house at all. I helped her off the bed this morning and we sat outside for a few hours, Peri and Gilly playing, and Harki and I at the back door. I rang The Hospital at 8am and Harki bravely went up the stairs and then I helped her into the car. The lovely nurses helped Harki out of the car because I didn't want to hurt her leg again. They had a box of tissues and a cup of tea for me. Harki was very happy to be at the Vet, she hopped in and lay down beside me, and kept looking round the door to see what was happening. Dr Rob and the nurse came and they were so kind.

She just went quietly to sleep, I kissed her goodbye and then came home to Peri and Lorelai Gilmore.

They've been running to the back gate, looking for Harki, but she's not there.


Good bye Harki-Parki-Parker-Posey.

She was beautiful and I loved her dearly.

Best Labrador in the world.

17th August 1999 - 25th March 2010



I am so sorry to hear this. Big hugs to you xoxoxoxo


Oh - Cindy - I've just come from Monika to here...such sadness has made me cry (at work - in front of patients who don't know why)....I am just simply so sad for you.


what a beautiful girl - how lucky you were to have had her company for so long - big hugs to you and the other girls from Mr and Mrs Valley...she'll be dancing amongst the stars with Vundy and Tori xxxxxx


dearest cindy, sending you huge hugs at such a sad time, all the preparation in the world doesnt make it any easier, ive been exactly where you are and know how devestated you must be. she will be greatly missed. thinking of you kylie xx


oh Cindy I don't know what to say this was such a shock I just burst into tears, I am so sorry, sending you so many hugs and thoughts xxxxx


Oh, I am so sorry. So, so sorry. Wish there was more I could say...


I am so sad for you, so sorry for you. I wish there was something I could do.

Rose Red

Oh Cindy, and Peri and Gilly, I am so sorry, that lovely last photo of Harki has made me cry for your loss. If I could I would come and give you a big hug and lots of pats for Peri and Gilly. Thinking of you all. xxxx


Oh my goodness. Oh Cindy. Much love xo


I am so sorry to read this.

many many gentle hugs


I'm so very sorry. In fact, I'm just going to cry quietly in the corner here for your loss.
Hugs to Peri and Lorelai, and you...

Lynne S of Oz

I felt I should visit you today and oh dear! *hugs*
I am so sorry Harki had to leave you. I am glad that she had such a happy time with you and you with her.


More crying from me as well. I'm so sorry Cindy. Vale brave Harki.


Sending love from the other side of the world. I am so sorry for your loss!


I am so sorry about your sweet Harki.


Everyone always says "Rest in Peace". I have only known your posting of Harki for a short time now, but I just believe my vision of her includes a wading pool and some little critters to chase. Healing thoughts to you and Peri and Gilly until you are all in the mood to wade and chase again.


Oh Cindy! Oh no! I'm so sorry!So sad that you had to say goodbye to her now too. Dear beautiful Harki, you brave girl, when you see Biko and Sam say Hi to them for me.


Oh Cindy.....your title says it all :(

What a wonderful 11 years the two of you shared together...along with the other dogs!! I'm so glad for you Cindy that you had such good extra time with lovely Harki since she became 'hoppy' & that her quality of life was exceptional right up till the last.

Please know that you, Peri & Gilly are in my thoughts & prayers.


Cindy, Peri and Gilly, I am thinking of you all with love in my heart as you cope with the loss of your beautiful Harki. She'll be missed by us all.


Oh Cindy, a tear or 6 fell. So sorry to hear about Harki. Much much love and hugs, Deb and Honey


Tears over here. Hugs coming through the internets to you all.


Dear Cindy, I'm so very very sorry. You, Peri and Gilly are in my thoughts and my heart. Warmest hugs. xox


Dear Cindy
So very sorry that this sad day has arrived. Please know you are in my thoughts. xx


Oh no I feel like crying now just reading that your gorgeous Harki is gone. Lots of hugs to you and the labs, I am sure you will all miss her terribly and remember her fondly.


best wishes Cindy x

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