Monday Munchies #11
Thou Shall Have A Fishy When The Vote Comes In

Eggstreme Measures

Nothing much happening here today. The Labradors all went for a walk, there has been much playing in the paddle pool because it is so hot. I had to go out in the car to The Vet to pay Harki's Drug Tab!!! Now I am off to Trivia night. 

Look at Peri and Harki's happy waggy tails as they head off down the track towards the car. Peri, on the left, has the swishiest tail!!! Harki trots along with a hop, she goes quite quickly on three and a half legs!!

Waggy Tails, Harki and Peri
Oh, yesterday Lorelai Gilmore entered into The Easter Spirit. I came home to find she had stolen eggs from the shopping bag, and was eating them up, shell and all!!!

Easter Eggy Gilly

Easter Egg Eating Bliss

Egg Eating Bliss


Rose Red

ewwww raw eggs! Dogs are weird sometimes!

I love the photo of Harki and Peri - it looks like they are having a good old natter as they walk along!


Funny, my dogs don't care for raw eggs much.

Jennifer Rose

well at least the eggs are good for her :D


It's been pretty quiet on this side of Oz too. Hope the trivia night is lots of fun. Love to you and your swishy tailed, egg munching family! x


That last photo made me laugh. I think that's the same as my nougat-face!


hehe, great photo. my lot LOVE eggs, so good for them, and the wombat eats them shells and all as well. hope you did well at trivia.

Laurie (Moo!)

Smart girl, getting extra calcium in her diet.


I didn't know dogs liked raw eggs! (I don't even like cooked ones).


oh that naughty little Lorelai! how cheecky and disgusting too..yuk!!! very funny though. thanks for the name changing thoughts I appreciate it and yes the background is in need of a change I feel one coming on soon xx


My dogs love three minute eggs,and they eat them shell and all. I had a dog trainer who told me that the egg shells are good for the dogs. . .

And Happy St. Patrick's Day, your blog is definitely wearing it's green!


Glad you are all well - I have had my head down and my borrom up while I worked on 2 assignments - so am sadly behind with blog readins

Hugs to you all!


I love that picture of Harki & Peri walking together - they look like a pair of old mates having a nice leisurely walk done memory lane!


Oh to have a dogs live...would be good sometimes. Ruby loves eating whole eggs, she will play with it for such a long time,then when ready will crack it open and eat.

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