Monday Munchies #12
And I Have Loved Her Dearly, More Dearly Than The Spoken Word Can Tell

E.T. Foam Home

At long last foam, foam alphabet squares so I can block my Tempest/ADAMO cardigan. There was such a kind offer to send me some, but I think the postage would be very prohibitive so when MrsDrWho said it would be worth it to check all the shops again, I did. In our $2 chain, Chickenfeed, they had about a pack and three quarters. I made a nice pack and came home, triumphant!! I pinned out the cardigan and sprayed it with water.

Me blocking Tempest
And fended off Labradors. I ended up locking Peri and Gilly out, but Harki was less wicked, only at the end did she want to be in a photo. I ran out of puff towards the end and the sleeves are only pinned half-heartedly. I am pretty sure it will be dry tomorrow and ready to sew up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And yes, I definitely need that many exclamation marks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Harki blocking Tempest
One of my OPAMs next month is a new ironing board cover so I purchased some dull green heavy cotton fabric with a self pattern. I am going to cut along the length of the fabric and centre the design. Peri and Gilly were determined to make up for not being allowed onto the verandah. Here are just sixteen of the many photos I took whilst trying to get just the fabric in the viewfinder.

Peri and Gilly helping

My Chappa'ai or Stargate Cardigan is resurrected. I had finished the back with the gate and the two sleeves. I spent an hour or two yesterday finding the second sleeve and the extra ball of Bendigo I knew I had. I am attempting some vertical bust darts. I like the way they look in the fabric but have no idea how they will look on me!!! This is also an OPAM as is the Tempset/ADAMO. I am right on track to have my typical finish- at the very last moment. I can't find my knitting journal with all the details of what I actually did, so Paycheck style, I am back engineering the fronts. I counted rows and stitches and decreases and increases up to the underarm on the back. I figure I will knit both fronts up till that point and then I will either have found my book, or I will resort to counting more rows. I do have my Ann Budd book, I put it somewhere safe.....

Chapp'ai Cardi vertical darts 1

I still have to decide it I will do a v-neck, or put in a zip and knit a collar like on the DoctorWho ZippyUppy Cardigan. Still deciding. I have nine days!!

The Election voting is over but there is no clear result and they are not expecting one till next Thursday, which is April Fools' Day!! Very appropriate. It will probably be ALP 10, Liberals 10 and The Greens 5. The Apple Islanders have elected a hung Parliament, but I prefer to call it power sharing. The Westminster system is an adversarial one, but ten people is not enough to fill all the ministerial roles. There will have to be co-operation. Excellent I say.

All The Labradors are asleep at last. Harki has been having lots of small plays with her squeaky toys and Peri and Gilly have been running wildly about, inside and out. Even after their walks. Lorelai Gilmore is lovely, but a trial at times.

Aaaargh. I am such a poor typist, I didn't learn at school,(Maths B, French and German) but it would have been helpful. I have downloaded an Australian Dictionary Firefox add-on which is great, but it is poorly designed for me. I always mistype 'have' as 'ahve'. The little red wriggly line shows me I need to correct it, but right under the word 'have' in the pop up box is 'Add to dictionary' so guess what I am always doing?? Adding it to my dictionary and then trying to remove it. Often so very unsuccessfully.

Now I am going to pick up my knitting and watch The Mentalist, fast forwarding through all the ads!! Tomorrow I have Leukaemia Support Group and there will be egg sandwiches!! Delicious. I have converted most people to egg sandwiches, to my detriment I must say. I'm not going to Trivia tomorrow evening, I'm Brown Owling instead and we are knitting so I can take one of my cardigans with me!! No dog walking tomorrow either so I might try sewing one Easter thingy prototype and see how it goes.


Rose Red

Oh I do love an egg sandwich!! I'll have to put some on my lunch menu this week!

Look at your Tempest/Adamo - OMG it looks spectacular!! I love those stripes so much, and especially that you cut the stripes early on the front, can't wait to see it modelled!

(Is that Peri flashing us on the ironing board fabric? Naughty!!)


LOL-you need all those exclamation marks because of the sewing? I would too.
The pups are ballerinas, they like the lime light, the glitz, they want the attention, and for everybody to see how adorable they are, even on their backs. :o)))


I'm glad you were able to find some foam mats (just spelled that "phome mates" so I think we're in the same boat re: typing!). I have some and they are very useful.

There's talk of a hung parliament here as well ( which should make our election journalists giddy with excitement!


love the ironing board material covered in puppies !! :)


I found some of those in the reject shop too yesterday but I think I might buy the pack of 3 gym mats which are the same but on a bigger scale with no letters in the middle. They only cost $10 and will be perfect for blocking my Ishbel which I still havent done as yet. Enjoy your night at the brown owls knitting on your cardi!


Those pictures did make me laugh. We once had a cat who insisted on sitting on sewing paper patterns, always the one piece I was looking for.

I've been using a blanket and a huge table when I block things. I have little storage room here for mats but when I have my own place...


Oh, my dogs do the exact same thing when I'm trying to take photos, so that gave me quite a laugh.


I am pretty happy about the hug parliament too! and yes April Fool's Day is waaay too appropriate. Those photos made me laugh out loud

Melinda (Lulu)

Using foam squares to block things. Now that is a good idea.

Lynne S of Oz

Gosh, much busy-ness! I am busy too, just as well cos I feel like chucking a wobbly - had enough of being on chemo already!


Chickenfeed is such an excellent name for a 2 dollar shop. Here we have Flash Harry's and Crazy Clark's.


Aaah, there you are! :) I have been wondering about you and the puppies. I'm glad you are all together and well. So. Glad. x


So glad you found your foam!! :) Harki is such a good helper isn't she.

Love the 'other' helpers in your photo mosaic! They really are just like big kids LOL You could very well substitute male teenagers for the dogs in this shot....then it would look just like my family room floor when they all come over LOL

Jennifer Rose

classic pay attention to me pics lol I'm looking forward to seeing the knitting all together :)


It's great that you managed to get those foam. They are the best for blocking & I can't live without them. Yummy egg sandwiches - my favorite especially curry egg.

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