Monday Munchies #10
Skirt So Good, Come On Baby Make It Skirt So Good.

I Have Too Grieved A Heart To Take A Tedious Sleeve*

Here are two OPAM projects because the third, the Ark, needs ironing and I am too lazy to get up and do it. First, Gaby's Toile Skirt. It has six gores and it is winging its way to her for trying on and assessment. Then I'll alter the pattern if necessary and make a proper skirt.

Toiley skirt
Second is the new cushion I covered for Otto. Here is Lorelai Gilmore lying on the cushion. I covered the foam in calico, then wadding and then with a new piped, zip off cover.

Gilly On Otto

I am going to need a new cover though, a darker patterned one, because someone plays outside in the paddle pool, and then the dirt, and runs gleefully inside to stand on Otto with muddy feet. Who can it be now???

Who can it be now
Harki has a new Squeaky toy or two and has been hard at work, taking the squeak out of them. It is her mission, and she chooses to accept it, even though in thirty seconds the squeaker self destructs!!!

Squeaky, but not for long thinks Harki
Lorelai Gilmore is 'helping' her, like a shark.

Harki and Sharky Gilly
The weather has been cool, cool and exceedingly wet, as we experienced the end of the super-cells from the mainland. It was quite dull on our walk on Monday and my pictures looked as if they were taken at night. Peri is just so happy, she loves going for a walk and explores everywhere. This morning she slipped out of the gate when Mr GardyGardener tried to leave The Forbidden Zone, Luckily I was just home with Gilly and so I capitalised on her 'seeing me' happiness and scruffed her!!! Wicked and Lovely!! I will have to remember to tie the wooden gate shut.

Peri I presume
Sleeves!! Well one sleeve and almost another one. I am about twenty rows from the under arm cast off on the second Tempest/ADAMO Cardigan sleeve and the top is decreasing all the way. So it is really fast and tonight I reckon I will finish the last piece!!!!!! I am Very Excited!! Thank for the comments about the sleeves. Apparently you just cast on and then, horror of horrors, knit. No hem, no ribbing, no moss or garter, just a cast on. I made hems. I don't think I could live with just a cast on.

Almost 2 sleeves
I am very happy because after lots of complaints, the ABC has moved Collectors back to its proper Friday 8pm timeslot, swapped it with Sleuth 101. They have also decided, quite correctly I think, that My Place is quality Children's Television, but not really Sunday Night fare. Now I am working on getting them to return to last year's format on Can We Help? I really like the interaction of the three presenters in the studio. It is the people that I like, and now we just see Kate for one word's worth, far away somewhere, and it is all very clinical and cold. I have put in a request to the Can We Help? people, asking them to please make take the programme back to the old format. I am eagerly awaiting their phone call!!!

MrsDrWho and her mum et al had a wonderful time at the Tom Jones extravaganza.  The torrential rain disappeared and the Sun shone on Tom!!

Tomorrow I am going to pin out the Tempest/ADAMO cardi and block it, then I have some sewing to do and some TV to catch up on. Then I am going to sew Mrs HouseOf a skirt for her birthday. She's coming this weekend to The Northern Capital. I'm making a wrap skirt, so there will be fewer fitting issues!!

We are all sleeping so well, I was even cold last night and Peri wanted to be under her blanket on the bed. Harki is happy too, she was very tired after her walk but she's been laughing, and smiling and playing, even with Gilly and all her tormenting. Now I am off to knit, knit, knit my last sleeve.

* Quote from Shakespeare's The Merchant of Venice.


Rose Red

Go you good thing! You can do it!

Love the piping on the cushion - very flash! And I can hardly believe that skirt is just the toile, it's so pretty!

Husby will be glad about Collectors being on Fridays again, we kept forgetting to watch it.


oh I am sooooo happy about Collectors. we couldn't believe the time slot and I was one that complained yippeeee. I have actually enjoyed My Place....but now you mention it I suppose it is for kids!!!! Thanks for your comments on Spock Zoe loved it that you knew all that star trek stuff! Can't wait to see your finished cardigan I am loving the wool it's fab all knitted up


We just got Tess's blanket out of summer storage, too!! We could tell it was time, because when I got up in the morning she would be all curled up tight in a dog-ball, instead of stretched out.

Unfortunately the weather hasn't stayed cool - tomorrow will be 38 and Friday 39 :( SIGH!!

Jennifer Rose

starts to hear Jaws music playing in the background :p our rottie would spend hours trying to get the squeakers out of the toys, and then ignore the toy once he did :/

the knitting is coming along nicely. I really enjoy seeing knitting projects develop, helps me get my head around knitting something :)

Laurie (Moo!)

A six-gored skirt is a thing of beauty. Second only to a FINISHED Tempest!


isnt it great how WillS has written all these fantastic lines for us to use as blog titles? sleeves are really awfully boring, but you will be finished the whole thing in no time. and il aughed out loud at the picture of a certain someone standing on that beautful cushion. naughty girl, but so cute!!


"how much is that doggie in the window....I do hope that doggie's for sale" !! she's a cutie :)


oooh the toile fabric is so pretty!


oh that's a very pretty skirt!!

I'm so glad about Collectors. It just felt wrong on Sunday night because I don't drink wine on Sunday night as a rule (it's a school night) and was used to having a glass while watching it on Friday. It all felt wrong!


And if it's turning autumnal with you, it means spring will be peeking it's head above the parapet here soon!

You've been terribly busy and it all looks fabulous (darling).


You have been so busy!
I actually like Sleuth 101 very much and laughed a lot at the last one!

Glad your tempest is looking so beautiful - I have started my second one and am almost up to the waist shaping (I knit the body all in one piece to the armholes and the sleeves in the round on magic loop because I am lazy and my seaming is not all it could be) but this time I have put a garter stitch bottom on and I will do the same for the sleeves so they match the band!


I love the new cushion - it's so pretty. You are so clever in sewing & can sew almost anything. At last, the weather is cooling down here. We have been sweating thro' 40C days & 28C nights.


Loving that cushion, did you use a pattern? They must come up with a dog friendly fabric that just wipes clean but is also soft and smooshy!

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