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I Have Too Grieved A Heart To Take A Tedious Sleeve*

Here are two OPAM projects because the third, the Ark, needs ironing and I am too lazy to get up and do it. First, Gaby's Toile Skirt. It has six gores and it is winging its way to her for trying on and assessment. Then I'll alter the pattern if necessary and make a proper skirt.

Toiley skirt
Second is the new cushion I covered for Otto. Here is Lorelai Gilmore lying on the cushion. I covered the foam in calico, then wadding and then with a new piped, zip off cover.

Gilly On Otto

I am going to need a new cover though, a darker patterned one, because someone plays outside in the paddle pool, and then the dirt, and runs gleefully inside to stand on Otto with muddy feet. Who can it be now???

Who can it be now
Harki has a new Squeaky toy or two and has been hard at work, taking the squeak out of them. It is her mission, and she chooses to accept it, even though in thirty seconds the squeaker self destructs!!!

Squeaky, but not for long thinks Harki
Lorelai Gilmore is 'helping' her, like a shark.

Harki and Sharky Gilly
The weather has been cool, cool and exceedingly wet, as we experienced the end of the super-cells from the mainland. It was quite dull on our walk on Monday and my pictures looked as if they were taken at night. Peri is just so happy, she loves going for a walk and explores everywhere. This morning she slipped out of the gate when Mr GardyGardener tried to leave The Forbidden Zone, Luckily I was just home with Gilly and so I capitalised on her 'seeing me' happiness and scruffed her!!! Wicked and Lovely!! I will have to remember to tie the wooden gate shut.

Peri I presume
Sleeves!! Well one sleeve and almost another one. I am about twenty rows from the under arm cast off on the second Tempest/ADAMO Cardigan sleeve and the top is decreasing all the way. So it is really fast and tonight I reckon I will finish the last piece!!!!!! I am Very Excited!! Thank for the comments about the sleeves. Apparently you just cast on and then, horror of horrors, knit. No hem, no ribbing, no moss or garter, just a cast on. I made hems. I don't think I could live with just a cast on.

Almost 2 sleeves
I am very happy because after lots of complaints, the ABC has moved Collectors back to its proper Friday 8pm timeslot, swapped it with Sleuth 101. They have also decided, quite correctly I think, that My Place is quality Children's Television, but not really Sunday Night fare. Now I am working on getting them to return to last year's format on Can We Help? I really like the interaction of the three presenters in the studio. It is the people that I like, and now we just see Kate for one word's worth, far away somewhere, and it is all very clinical and cold. I have put in a request to the Can We Help? people, asking them to please make take the programme back to the old format. I am eagerly awaiting their phone call!!!

MrsDrWho and her mum et al had a wonderful time at the Tom Jones extravaganza.  The torrential rain disappeared and the Sun shone on Tom!!

Tomorrow I am going to pin out the Tempest/ADAMO cardi and block it, then I have some sewing to do and some TV to catch up on. Then I am going to sew Mrs HouseOf a skirt for her birthday. She's coming this weekend to The Northern Capital. I'm making a wrap skirt, so there will be fewer fitting issues!!

We are all sleeping so well, I was even cold last night and Peri wanted to be under her blanket on the bed. Harki is happy too, she was very tired after her walk but she's been laughing, and smiling and playing, even with Gilly and all her tormenting. Now I am off to knit, knit, knit my last sleeve.

* Quote from Shakespeare's The Merchant of Venice.

Monday Munchies #10

As requested, here is an afternoon tea slice, a lemony one. I plan to do a few slices over the next weeks. I am all about afternoon tea slices at the moment!! I found this recipe in an old Family Circle mini cook book from 2001. It is quite easy to make, just one bowl to mix first the base and then the topping. Or you can use a food processor. Thanks to MrsDrWho for the picture. I forgot to take a photo and in the midst of a swimming carnival, cleaning up the town with her class and preparing for Tom Jones, all in a heatwave, she remembered!!!

Ricotta Slice

Lemon Ricotta Slice


  • 220g plain flour
  • 1 tspn baking powder
  • 180g melted butter
  • 100g caster sugar
  • 1 egg
  • 110g caster sugar
  • 3 eggs
  • 350g ricotta cheese
  • 200ml cream
  • zest of a lemon
  • 185ml lemon juice
  • icing sugar for dusting
For the base: Grease and line a 20 x 30cm slice tin and preheat the oven to 180*C. Make sure the baking paper is very generous at the sides, it's really important as the topping is runny and it also helps lift the cold slice from the tin. Place all the base ingredients into a bowl and mix till they form a ball of dough. You can use a food processor. Press into the tin and smooth out. Bake for 15 minutes and then reduce the oven temperature to 150*C.

For the topping: Mix or process all the ingredients and pour over the base. Cook for a further 25-30 minutes. It should still have a slight wobble in the centre. Cool in the tin then refrigerate for at least two hours. Cut into pieces and dust with icing sugar to serve.

Top Year

One year ago today Lorelai Gilmore came to live with us.

Same time last year
And here we are today!!!

Gilly, a year later

How time flies, I don't know where the year has gone.  Lorelai Gilmore ameliorated our sadness at Harki's illness, and gave Harki an extra lease on life. Peri has found a sister and friend who loves to run and play and wrestle and nap with her. We are so lucky!!

Harki-Parki-Parker-Posey and Lorelai Gilmore went to the Vet together on Friday. I hit on a pretty good solution to the Leaving Peri at Home Alone Problem: I took her for a little walk up the street and back, left her lead and collar on, then was able to bring her inside and give her a treat with very little fuss. Harki and Gilly were well behaved at the Vet, Harki had her leg checked out and Dr Tim said it was fine and she had a little reprieve!! But then:

Harki and Gilly at the vet

Lorelai Gilmore had to have her ears checked. It was not a pretty sight. First Dr Tim and I held her still on the floor, then he lifted her onto the table, but no luck. She wriggled like a wriggly piglet on wriggle tablets. Then a nurse had to come. I held the back end and middle, she held the head and Dr Tim stuck the otoscope in. (I knew what it was called at the Trivia night!!!) Both ears were clean and clear, but now Dr Tim doubts her ability to be a calm blood donor. I asked him if Gilly would grow any bigger and he pronounced, in his professional opinion, that she would be a 'Shorty'!!!! How funny is that?? He said shorter Labradors have fewer joint problems and there is less stress on all their bones in general. That's good news.

Peri was such a good girl, when we got home she sniffed the others and then there was a big romp in the paddle pool. She is looking very gorgeous at the moment. Perhaps a bit too fat, I can see a diet with fewer treats in her future, but when she asks so prettily, how can I refuse???

Peri asks for a treat on our walk
MrsDrWho gave me some garbage bins and I am using one to store The Labradors' food. Gilly chews through the tough bags it comes in if she gets a chance. Poor Harki, Peri and Gilly, fancy having all their hopes dashed!! But they are all starving hungry for their vegetables and dry food.

Food in a bin
There has been some knitting after the interrupted week. I have finished the left front of the Tempest/ADAMO. Hooray!! I think I am a bit dense though, because I can't find, in the pattern, how to do the sleeves. Is it just cast on and knitted with no hem or ribbing at all?? Does anyone know?? I think I shall just do a hem the same as the one on the fronts and back.

Left Front Tempest
Tomorrow MrsDrWho and I are going to watch the very last episode of Press Gang and then the Extras. We know it ends happily because Steven Moffat, he of Doctor Who and Coupling fame, always planned to make a sequel with Lynda and Spike. It has never been made, but I am glad to think there would have been more to come. Our next DVD adventure will be all five seasons and the two films of Farscape!!!

Meanwhile, back to beating the unending heat by wearing wet clothes!!!!

The Imaginarium Of Doctor Reviewus

The Typepad Blog people are always urging me to choose 'proper' titles for my blog posts, to improve my 'traffic' you understand. No chance of that!!!

Harki is so much better today, almost too well in fact. Thank you for all your kind wishes for her. She woke up this morning eager to go for a walk, and even had a little run when she saw a wallaby. Be warned, I am alone too much and perhaps a little crazed and I hum when I walk. In my defence, I am listening to the radio as I walk, though that tuneless humming is no song I have ever heard!!! You may want to turn the sound down!!!

Lorelai Gilmore has recently been exploring head-in-a-bag possibilities.

Gilly in a bag
Peri is not always running about with a crazed look in her eyes. She can be gentle and adorable and sweet. Like this:

My Beautiful Labradorette

I love her whiskers and her dark little eyes and her beautiful ears and the way she has a Kimba-esque curl on her chest!!!

Today was The Day for My Review. I was quite calm until about an hour before The Time. But I persevered and gathered all my tests and the results that my GP printed out for me, about 150 pages, and my letters and the notes I jotted down this morning. Then off I went to meet the Lovely MrsNurse from Leukaemia Support Group. 

Lots of results

She came with me to be my support and Advocate. It was so hot today but cool inside the building when we arrived. We both think the meeting went quite well, and DrRBF hinted that the outcome would be for the status quo. I held it all together until I had to talk about not being able to be a teacher and then I had an incoherent cry for a moment or two. I still miss being a teacher, and feel as if my old life was stolen away from me. My new life is no way terrible, but it is not the life I thought I would have. Still, there's nothing to be done about that, and afterwards I felt calm and happy. We had a cup of tea and a chat back at LSG and then I came home for a nap. Now I just have to wait for the letter, which I hope will be positive.

Now I must find my Project For Knitting When I Am Out and give the Labradors a bone!!! I am off out, so it will be somewhat celebratory I think!!!

Oh and a small fracas erupted in our Council when Alderman "Rebel without a cause" accused someone of calling him a dh (and I don't mean dear husband) He was interjecting and they interjected in his interjection. He's like a five year old: he says he knows who said the rude word, but he's not saying until they do. So na-na-nee-na-na. He's the same man who wants to ban all smoking in the Mall, but happily endorsed a poisonous polluting pulp mill. Can anyone say hypocrite with me, let's all try now shall we????

Vet Smart

I planned to have lots of pictures of a re-upholstered cushion, an Ark embroidery and a skirt. I planned to post things off and knit like the wind, but instead, I slept all afternoon. Things were a little too much for us.

Today Harki hurt her sore leg. I'd been to the Hospital to have my port flushed. Today it was a Community Nurse learning to flush ports because she will have to do it in the community. She spent a lot of time reassuring me that the Holman Clinic Nurse wouldn't let her hurt me and that she was nervous!! The Clinic nurse wryly suggested that perhaps you should make the patient feel confident in your abilities and not say it was your first time until after it was successfully completed!!!

Ride in the car
When I come home Harki came down the garage steps to meet me and in the hurly burly of Labradors somehow hurt her leg. She cried really loudly and couldn't put her leg down. The Animal Medical Centre fitted us in straight away. We saw Doctor Tim and he felt her leg and declared there was nothing broken and gave her some Dog Morphine and Tramal and we came home with some extra drugs too. Harki was sleepy and we all went to bed at noon and didn't wake up till after 5pm. Her leg is still a bit poorly but she can put a little weight on it now, though it's tender. I have to say I was prepared for the worst, but Doctor Tim said Harki apparently doesn't know the meaning of bone cancer (well he said something or other sarcoma!!) We are seeing how she goes, and if her leg is still painful on Friday we may have to consider other options. We met four month old Lexie at the Vet. She's so friendly and beautiful too.

It's hot in the car Lexie
Harki and Lorelai Gilmore are going to The Vet together on Friday for check-ups. Peri will not be pleased. It is often difficult to snap a photo of Peri, she's speedy, and maybe a little crazy: look at that eye as she leaps over the bridge!!!!

Speedy crazy Peri
Lorelai Gilmore has been chasing the duckies, very unsuccessfully, I hasten to add!!

Is there a ducky
She has the whole pointing thing under control though.

Point break
The nap all yesterday afternoon was the result of a little shopping at the supermarket and driving in the heat. It went very well though because I swapped afternoon sleep for evening awakedness and with all our combined brainpower (!!!) our team won the Trivia competition last night. Hurray for MrsDrWho and her Dr Seuss answer, it clinched the win!!!

This evening I am planning on knitting more of the second front of The Tempest/ADAMO cardigan, and then in the morning we'll see how Harki feels about a walk. I know how she will feel, she'll feel enthusiastic, it depends how her leg feels. She is lying in her favourite spot now, keeping an eye on everyone.

Monday Munchies #9

There was going to be something different, but that will be next week. I accidentally went to sleep all afternoon, so it was assembling, not cooking that was the result*. I remember reading this in a magazine whilst in the supermarket queue. It was one of those non-recipe recipes. I named it thusly because it reminds me of the Italian flag!!! it also seems like a nice transitional season salad, though I must not get into the 'when does Autumn start' debate here.....

Ciao Italia

Ciao Italia Salad
  • 200g washed baby spinach leaves
  • 1 tin of chick peas, drained and rinsed
  • 1 jar of fire roasted capsicum(red pepper) in oil
  • 200g feta cheese
  • Italian dressing in a bottle

Distribute the spinach leaves over a serving plate. Sprinkle over the chick peas and then drape the capsicum about. Then crumble over the feta and drizzle with dressing.

I have to confess I ate this by wrapping some chick peas, capsicum and feta in some spinach leaves, like little Italian sushi!!!

*I was determined not to miss a Monday Munch. Next week I'm making 'retro' afternoon tea slice!!!

All afternoon means from 2pm-ish until 5-30pm.