I Have Too Grieved A Heart To Take A Tedious Sleeve*
Monday Munchies #11

Skirt So Good, Come On Baby Make It Skirt So Good.

Not much knitting, well no knitting at all since I cast of the last sleeve of the Tempest/ADAMO Cardi. Instead I have been making and finishing two skirts for Mrs HouseOf's birthday.

I drafted the pattern for her A-line skirt last year and it had just been moping around the house waiting for a button decision. She chose the big black shiny buttons. And here it is, adorned with buttons. Oh and dog hairs. Mrs HouseOf kindly said that it wouldn't be from our house if there weren't a few dog hairs.

Button A-line
The second skirt is from Heather Ross's Weekend Sewing. It's the Yard-Sale Wrap Skirt. Mrs HouseOf is slim, and I measured the panels against her black skirt. I am glad I googled because many people said that the skirt was poorly sized. Instead of 6 gores, I cut eight, and thank goodness I did. It wraps around her once, and then half way again. Perfect!! It is made from a light weight denim. The edging and hem are endless 6mm hems turned over twice, pinned, tacked and then sewn on the machine. A labour of love!! But a happy one.

YS Wrap
I felt quite well on Thursday and Friday so I did a few things. We paid for it on Saturday. We woke up and The Labradors ate breakfast and then we went back to bed till 1-08pm. I woke up with a muzzy headache. We went to Romanelli's for Mrs HouseOf's birthday. I had veal and MrsDrWho had seafood pasta. I think she neglected to take a photo of her Cold Chocolate Soup. I believe it tasted divine!!

Veal Marsala Seafood Pasta

The last few days have been blissfully cool, so Harki has been feeling very chipper and looking exceptionally beautiful. She's lounging like a film star I think.

Harki gazing
Peri is also looking lovely. She is so enthusiastic about going for a walk, and even more enthusiastic about a possible treat!!

Peri thinks she needs a treat
Lorelai Gilmore and Peri wrought havoc at our house on Saturday afternoon. After their big sleep in they then proceeded to run amok: like hooligans. I had to spurt them with the Lemon Juice several times and use my cross voice. But look at The Baby, butter wouldn't melt in her mouth.

Gilly is never wicked. Ever. At all.

I have tried some jiggery-pokery and I hope tomorrow's Monday Munchy will appear by magic all by itself. I will be pinning out my cardigan, oh and we will all be sleeping in and hiding from the heat tomorrow. Tomorrow it is Knitting in the Pub, I must organise my project!!!! I am sure there is something else I meant to say, but I can't remember. Rest assured, if I do, I shall say it next time!!



Knitting in the Pub sounds likes lots of fun :)


Both skirts look great! I like the wrap around especially! Beautiful pictures of the pups!


I can see the hem on that denim skirt would have been a lesson in patience and persistence!

I'm sure those baby-browns would melt anyone's heart!

Laurie (Moo!)

Lemon juice and labs. Is that your next Monday Munchies? :-)
Both skirts are pretty. Sometimes sewing is very soothing, isn't it?

I saw the Prue Batten book on your sidebar. What genre of book is that? There isn't much of a description on Amazon.

Rose Red

The skirts look great - the big shiny buttons are a great finishing touch on the first one!

Look at Lorelai - butter really wouldn't melt in her mouth would it!! Great photos!


I think Lorelai Gilmore is reproaching you for the lemon juice and cross voice Naughty? Who me???

Love both the skirts and thanks for the tip about the number of gores in the denim pattern. I've been contemplating something like that from the book.

Am boogelly myself this morning as you call it. I think it's just a cold coming on but it seems to have coincided with my fortunately infrequent migraine related headaches. I even resorted to some Advil. Times nearly up for another dose, so may have that and a cup of Earl Grey tea. I find the combination useful in such things, much better than taken separately.


well there is plenty of boogelly here in the form of a horrid flu, and i hope you dont get/have it. your girls are gorgeous as ever, and those skirts are just lovely! you are so clever!


oh Cindy the skirts are GORGEOUS what a clever girl you are, love then. Lorelai looks so cute, her eyebrows go up in the middle like a human! looking at you questioningly


That last picture, so sweet and innocent!

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