And I Have Loved Her Dearly, More Dearly Than The Spoken Word Can Tell
Monday Munchies #13

Start All The Clocks

Words cannot express how touched we all were by the thoughtful

and kind comments written on yesterday's post. It gladdened our hearts. 

Thank you all so very much.

Yesterday morning, we were doing this:

That last morning
Harki was sitting on her blanket and Peri and Lorelai Gilmore were there too. Peri was quieter than usual and just sat by Harki, while Lorelai Gilmore was leaping about and licking Harki, trying to bite her legs and tipping over the bowl of water all the time.

This morning we were doing this:

Peri and Lorelai Gilmore ran and played and hurtled about. Lorelai Gilmore was so excited to be off lead. She spent half her time just checking up I was within sight, and the other half romping with Peri. I can't seem to make my video green today.

Wheee, Peri and Gilly run fast
The we walked to the broken tree on the track. We haven't been there for more than a year. Peri found something smelly to roll in. Lorelai Gilmore was clean as can be.

Smelly Peri, Good Girl Gilly

The more things change, the more they stay the same.

I have not trained Peri and Lorelai Gilmore to pose together yet, so my new avatar is not quite right yet!! It's still to-be-going-on-with.....

New Avatar tbgow
And right on cue, Tori's Peace and Vundy's Mr Lincoln roses are blooming, and in the centre are the beautiful flowers that the doctors and nurses at Harki's hospital sent to us.

Tori, Harki, Vundy
So there will be no stopping of clocks, or cutting off the telephone and the dogs will certainly be getting a juicy bone. We're not blue here, we're green. And I am off to cook MrsDrWho some Red Velvet cup cakes, (not banana!!) pick up some photos from the shop and then I will come home and knit some more of my Chappa-ai cardigan. I am afraid I may not meet all of my OPAM goals this month, but in light of recent events, I think I have a Get Out Of OPAM Free card.


Lynne S of Oz

Harki was sore, wasn't she? It was a good life, lived well and happily, and more good lives continue :-)
Peri just can't help herself - look at that dirty dog!
Your vet sounds totally fabulous. Lovely flowers.


what a lovely picture of life and joy your girls are and i hope that there are lots of 'roses' along the way that will let harki will live on in your memories for a long long time. and i agree, i am envious of your marvellous vet, they can be hard to find sometimes! xx

Rose Red

So I'm crying again (silly hormones!), at the image of lovely Peri and Gilly trying to comfort Harki in their own ways.

And then naughty Peri Naughty! so grubby! Lucky Gilly is such a good girl when on walks!

Your roses are lovely - a very special reminder of your special friends.


yes I am crying again too. lovely to see the girls having fun this morning. lots of hugs to you xx


I have tears welling up and I don't have the excuse of hormones. So nice that the girls are getting along with each other they are sure to support you with their antics in the coming days and weeks. Be kind to yourself.


thinking of you xoxoxoxo love Rach, Parker & Trev the dog


I've been thinking of you and your paws. So very pleased you are blogging and out and about. xx


My wish for the planet is that that all dogs (and humans) be loved as much as Harki is


Glad you have your two beauties to keep you happy. I am sure Harki is at peace now and out of pain, although it will be hard for you sometime yet. I am sure one day the memories will make you smile a lot!


I had to laugh when I saw Gilly enjoying herself, sniffing, and then running off so fast, and when you whistled coming back so quickly! Happy heard you whistle and came running too, looking at me funny.
Your Vet and staff are very nice too to send you such beautiful flowers!


Wonderful post! Glad everyone is coming along, though that is surely because you have one another.


Hey I am sorry to read about Harki, my thoughts are with you.


i'm so glad you all have each other Cindy! Show us you red velvet cupcakes?

Laurie (Moo!)

It's good to know that Peri can be counted on. :-) How very sweet of the vets office, to send you those flowers. XOXO


thinking of you and the girls - let us know if there's anything we can do - talk soon, love and hugs xxxx


Love the "in-flight" photo and the one of Peri looking very happy to be muddy.


What a good girl Gilly is, coming when you command. You are training her well Cindy. I wish I could say the same about Daisy!

Such a lovely photo mosaic to remember the three girls together! Life is a cruel thing sometimes isn't just keeps going on & on & on......but Harki is still here in all of our hearts :)

I hope the girls enjoy their bones....with no more barking :)


Lovely photos & it's great that you have Peri & Gilly. Life still goes on & there will be plenty of red roses. Have a great day.

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