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Monday Munchies #12

Thou Shall Have A Fishy When The Vote Comes In

There's a small dance on the inside here tonight, because it is the day we voted in the election, and now this evening the ABC has election coverage on TV from 6-30pm. I am very excited. Lorelai Gilmore came with me to vote this morning.

Gilly Votes 2010

We have the strange and unusual to others but not to us Hare-Clark system, whereby we have multi-member electorates, actually five members in each of the five electorates. There's a cute pictorial example here,if you scroll down, with fruit and chocolate!! I am well prepared for the four hours. I have some hot smoked salmon, a ciabatinni and some local wine, a gift from MrsDrWho et al for booking excellent seats for them to see Tom Jones perform! So hard to snap a photo without a Labrador or two poking her nose in!!

Election Feast

The weather has been hot again, and despite the Autumnal Equinox being today/tomorrow, there looks to be little relief in store. I have not been knitting at all. I have yet to block my Tempest/ADAMO cardigan because despite everyone's enthusiastic assurances I am as yet unable to find some of those foam squares for blocking. Instead, I have been doing this: Easter things. When they are finished I will have a give-away. Closer to Easter.

Easter thingies
I have bought some new material to cover Otto and Otto's cushion. (Oh now I know what Peri and Gilly were doing up in The Forbidden Zone. They came down the stairs licking their lips and I looked all about but couldn't see what was happening. I just caught Gilly with her head stuck in the newly opened box of dog biscuits. That's what they were doing: stealing biscuits and running up the stairs into a secret place to eat them.) The material for Otto is not green, I shall pipe it with green material, but it sort of matches the couch and it won't show the dirt and it was on super special for $4 a metre. And again, a dog. Peri is modelling the way the material doesn't show her wet pawprints.

Peri and Otto draped in material

I had morning tea with MrsValley this week at a lovely cafe and we had delicious cake and cheesecake. She brought The Labradors a present, some bandannas, and they wore them on their walks. Harki and Peri went to the dam and sniffed and smelled and wandered happily about. It was awfully hot, you can see their tongues are very pink.

Hari and Peri's bandannas 

I am having some spacing issues today with photos and text. Lorelai Gilmore wore her bandanna on her walk, she ran about off her lead far away from the park. The grass is very green and she sniffed everywhere until I called her, then she ran to me and sat down to have her photo taken!! She's very obedient when she's out!!

Gilly on her walk
I only have a few minutes to ready myself, I need a cup of tea as well as wine, and some sock knitting I think to pass the time. I hope to find some flat foam squares anon, so I can finish my cardigan, and then finish the next cardigan before the end of the month!!!



your easter things are looking mighty cute, and what a fun election night you are set to have ;)


very cute easter things you are making. the girls look very cute too all dressed up in their bandannas!!! I am just angry Bed of Roses is not on until 10.30 they need to get their priorities right

Lynne S of Oz

An election! Of course either side loves Gunns so it won't make much difference... hopefully the Greens will have the balance of power.
The park is very green! (And how good was Lorelai Gilmore!) It has been very odd here this summer/autumn - the verges have been green pretty much all summer! I haven't seen them like that for years - I'm used to crunchy grass.

Rose Red

Looks like you were in for an enjoyable election night! wonder how it turned out (shall have to have a look at the news when I finish this comment!)

Love the bandannas on the pups! Very cool!


I like the green fabric with the daisies on it,very very cute. Gilly sits so nicely while waiting for you, good Girl! I like the picture of her sitting in the grass, again, such a good girl!


We have that system for the European elections and I think it gives smaller parties a better representation.

Sorry it's gone hot for you again. It's stopped being cold here and just gone chilly and rainy (blech).


Do you have The Reject Shop 'down there' Cindy? I just bought some of those foam blocks there last week for $15.

The Easter things look intriguing. Can't wait to be in line for your give-away :)

Harki & Peri look very regal in that photo with their bandanas on. I like the photo mosaic of Gilly.....shows how active she is!


what a sumptious repast for election night - you cant go past a bit of Joe Chromy I reckon ! the girls looked sweet in the bandanas - and what a good pup Miss Gilly was - sitting prettily while you voted :)
Today I think will be a bit cooler - here's hoping xx

Jennifer Rose

gilly looks so happy tied up to vote :)
lol at them stealing biscuits :D sneaky puppies

the material for otto's cushion will work great to hide dirty paw prints and dog hair shouldn't be a problem either


well i hope you got in some more wine cos that election thing is dragging on! its great to see a swing to the greens though, and great to see some much green grass for the girls to frolic in. hope you get some cooler weather today, it was a shocker here this weekend too xx


You woke some nostalgia with your post title. I couldn't recall when I last heard or sang that song.

Sneaking biscuits? Not as messy perhaps as eggs! LOL.

We have only one tiny cat here but she leaves miniature footprints in many places. The outdoor table is covered with them as we haven't been out there to need it cleaning.

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