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Monday Munchies #16

Catch Me (Up) If You Can

On the feeling well front, I am feeling slightly better thank you!! The cold seems to be working it's way down my body: headache, sinus, ear ache, stuffy nose, and now tickle in the sore throat and an annoying cough. Give it another week and just my toes will be sore and it will be over!!! And look, it's Autumn!!!

Don't leaf me this way
This is a little catch up of a few things. Way back in August last year I began my No Commercial Bottle of Shampoo or Conditioner Hair Washing Policy. So far I have used two and a bit bars of the special soap and two and a bit bottles of cider vinegar. All in all it has gone very well. It is much cheaper than my old routine of shampoo and conditioner since I am not MrsDrWho with her endless stash !! I stick the end of the old bar onto the new one. My hairdresser hasn't said anything untoward about my hair either.

Soap not on a rope
Laurie gave me an award. It is Happy 101 and if I was really so nice and happy and sweet I would have acknowledged it sooner. I am acknowledging it now: Thank you Laurie. Typically, I am unable to choose people to pass it on to, so award yourself!!! Go on, you deserve it.

Happy Award
I finally retrieved my lost ball of wool from MrsDrWho's house when I took The Kittens to The Vet to be vaccinated this morning and I have crossed The Rubicon of the pointy bit of the Baktus-without-a-better-name-yet and it's all decreasing from here on in!!

Pointy end
On our Thursday walk we met Ochre and her mum at the dam. Ochre is 3 1/2 and she's a Kiwi!! She came over here to be trained as a Guide Dog and made it almost to the very end. They waited for her to be slightly less enthusiastic and energetic, but luckily for her mum, she retained her enthusiasm for life!! She's a Labrador Golden Retriever cross and Peri, Lorelai Gilmore and Ochre had a wonderful game together!! Ochre is very well behaved!! In the picture it is, from left to right, Gilly, Ochre and then Peri at the front. All Labradors have amazing ears!!!

Gilly, Ochre and Peri

    Look where Gilly's nose is!! They are being Very Friendly!!!Playing with a friend

I have joined Melissa's Fat Quarter Swap and today, at the death knell, I posted off my seven identical Fat Quarters to be divvied out to the others. We'll all end up with eight FQs and then we have to make something!! I have a few ideas rattling around in my head. I had a lovely time folding the material using this tutorial. Then I added a small tag and posted them off. I cartoonised the photo so no googling Swappers!!!

Swap cartoon
Finally, one day shy of six weeks, my letter from the RBF arrived and it was a positive result. They agree with my diagnosis and this time I have a four year gap until the next Medical Review. While there are some aspects I am still not happy about, it is a good positive outcome. I am very lucky to have had wonderful support to see me through the whole process and am relieved that The Labradors won't have to starve because I can't work!!! My next goal is to be well enough to go to MrsDrWho's for tea and Doctor Who on Sunday night. Finger's crossed!!



I hope you'll make it to Sunday's tea!
The Labs look so happy running around. :o)
I like you hair washing routine. Are those special soaps you are using?


Those dogs really do look so happy! Great pictures.

I'm glad you're beginning to recover. Good news about your interview results. My sister is on a disability pension because of effects of cancer which also rears its head every few years again. She hates the reviews, looks healthy, fundraises thousands of dollars for charities, but really is not well or capable of much at all.


look at your lovely happy girls, and so friendly too! great news on the review, im glad at least that you have some peace of mind. and yay for the new dr. altho i will miss the old.

Rose Red

Love the photos of the girls playing - having so much fun!!

Excellent news on your review, that must be a relief for you.

Hope you have an excellent weekend and have fun on Sunday night!


You are feeling better, what a round up! Glad your results were what you expected, that must be such a relief. We've been lapping up the Autumnal weather over here, hope you've been getting some of it too.


Glad to hear you're getting better, and great news about the review!

That's very similar to our hair washing materials - we used to use a shampoo bar, but our local store stopped stocking it because it contained palm oil. So now we use a local liquid shampoo, but I still wash with apple cider vinegar - love that stuff!!

Nice to see the labradors playing happily :)


oh I am so happy for you and your review result! and I so hope you get to MrsDocWho's for tomorrow night, I can't wait either xx I spent most of today at the hospital after an adverse reaction to new meds, it was horrible, all ok now. This being unwell business is total crap at times

Jennifer Rose

I'm glad you are starting to feel better :D and that your letter from the RBF arrived and you and the labs wont starve! ex guide dogs can make such great pets, really well trained :) all 3 of them look so happy running around

Lynne S of Oz

Ooh, running late, as always. I am very glad to hear that you have another four years without a medical review - that must be a relief. No starving labradors is a Very Good Thing!


Good to know that you are feeling better. A cough does take a while to go away & I always take olive leaf extract which is great for the throat. Your FQs swap sounds interesting & can't wait to see what you come up with.


From the photo I thought the Baktus was some really odd-shaped mitten! I really must pay more attention.


So glad you had a good result from your review. At least you can relax for the next 4 years.

It's lovely to see the dogs enjoying other dog's company isn't it. Daisy had a little play out the front this afternoon with the Lab from across the street. Little Mister Two who is the Labs owner thought it was all very funny LOL

I've tried the bi-card & cider vinegar routine with my hair, but it left my hair a bit dry. Have often thought of buying 1 of these shampoo bars....I'm pleased it is working for you.

I hope you enjoy tea at MrsDrWho's....get well soon!

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