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Monday Munchies #14

Good, Good, Good, Good Fridaytions

Every Good Friday Peri goes to the party next door. This year Lorelai Gilmore went too. They went down to the fence at noon and though they deigned to pop inside now and then to check up on me, they stayed until very late when all the party goers next door went inside. Peri just adores the party, and like to lie with her head resting on the bottom rung of the fence and just poke her nose through. Lorelai Gilmore is learning to look up in the sky to spot planes. No doubt this will be a handy skill she can use in the future. It's tiring work, being at the party, and Peri likes to stretch every now and then.

Party party party
Here's a short video of Peri and Lorelai Gilmore at a break in their party!!! Peri has her own cup in case of sudden party drinks!! You can see my feet, I'm wearing my outside shoes. And the video seems to be wider than usual. I don't know why. Or maybe it isn't for you???

I finished my Tempest/As Dreams Are Made On cardigan, and I have worn it with the skirt I was wearing in the video, but it just didn't match. I'll take another photo. MrsDrWho's was excellent, but she was right about the not matching.

There has been some Easter cooking for others and some Easter presents for me: a Doctor Who DVD, some fabulous cutters and a lovely new tray for morning teas. And Labrador treats: thank you MrsDrWho.

Easter Treats for me
I haven't quite got the hang of normal time yet. The end of Daylight Saving means we get our hour back, but The Labradors were up with the birds and there was no sleeping in today. And it is dark so early. It won't take long to adjust, but it is a bit of a shock at first. I have also been watching all seven episodes of George Gently (Inspector) and so I am in the weird twilighty world of the 1960s and the afternoon just slipped away. Yesterday MrsDrWho and I embarked on our Farscape viewing. Three episodes down, 85 to go. And two films.

Harki came home from the Vet this week and she is living in a lovely velvet bag on the mantelpiece with Vundy and Tori. MrsDrWho gave me a beautiful rose to plant in the garden but I forgot to take a photo in the daytime: see above-Daylight Saving.

I have made some little Easter Bunny baskets. They are teeny tiny, well about 10cm a side, and cute. They have a pompom tail, but you can't see it in the photo. Would you like a bunny basket?? It might have a chocolate treat inside. Leave a comment and The Labradors and I will choose one name each on Friday 8th April. They have button eyes, I used perle thread to embroider their faces and they are lined with grey. They appear to have rounded up some stray eggs in the photo. I am afraid they will need a bit of an iron after they have been posted. Not too hot because I am pretty sure you'd have a hot cross bunny then!!!

Funny Bunnies
I want to watch the end of the last George Gently and I have a little knitting to finish and then to bed. Tomorrow is Monday Munchy day and I have to walk The Labradors and then make the aforementioned Munchy!! I must also update my OPAM challenge. I think we shall all sleep exceedingly well tonight and there might even be a hot water bottle, you never know!!



I had a good laugh at the girls 'visiting' the party. They were so cute. Daisy got to visit her Aunty Leisa tonight for a sausage sizzle. Aunty Leisa & Uncle Raymond have a brand new puppy called Charlotte. She's a X Pug/Miniature Snauzer....& just so sweet. She's very active & I think Daisy will sleep exceedingly well tonight LOL.

Yay your Tempest is done!! Congratulations!! Can't wait to see a pic.

That was a very nice Easter gift from MrsDrWho :) Your Bunny Baskets are lovely. I would love to be in a draw to win one!

I'm glad that Harki has now come home to rest. It is a lovely tradition to have a new rose for your dogs that have passed away. Every time they bloom it must be such a good reminder of all the wonderful times you had together. Looking forward to seeing a photo of this also, so we can think of your beloved Harki.


How fast that goes from too hot to sleep, to water bottle in bed!
The bunny baskets are adorable! Too cute really.
That's so lovely, that the pups have their own party!
Happy is a bird watcher, and he looks up into the sky all the time. If he has the choice between watching a squirrel or a bird, he chooses the bird. He made me look many times now, because I wanted to know what he saw. :o)

Rose Red

The nights are a bit chilly here too, we've had the blanket on the bed the last few nights (but not the doona yet!).

Had a giggle at your Hot Cross Bunny joke!! tee hee! The baskets are so very cute.

Look forward to seeing Harki's rose and also your Tempest.


the party girls looking pretty as usual in their best dresses :)
love your lavender tray - where did you get it? (lavender's one of my favourite flowers)
so much easier to sleep on these cooler Autumn nights isn't it :)


Here we are still enjoying summery weather and with no daylight saving didn't lose or gain any hours.

That sounds like a Farscape marathon and a half you have embarked on. I plan to watch some dvds today after finally finishing my marking yesterday. I am tossing up between The Darjeeling Limited and Fargo...both of which I own and have never seen.

Looking forward to seeing the rose. How lovely.


Dear Cindy - the bunny baskets looks so sweet! And I am glad that the Dorables had a fun Good Friday Party!
Glad Harki is back with you! I finished my Tempest last night too! And have cast on a Little Something - but need to frog the 4 rows I have knitted because I did the wrong cast on! Sigh! Happy Easter to you all!


Aww - it looks like the pups had a great time at the party!

I love the tea/treat tray with the little bee on it. I'm not sure I'd keep trying to waft it away!

You don't need to put me in the draw for the bunny bag (I have more bags than I know what to do with!) although they are quite adorable!

Jennifer Rose

planting a rose is a great idea, and a wonderful reminder to have

its very cute that the girls hung out at the party :) (and hopefully didn't steal a beer like our lab did :p)


I'm so glad to hear that the Labradors have a more active social life than I do. Peri looks so pretty in her party dress! And this is going to sound totally weird and stalkerish but I just love the sound of your voice when you're talking to the puppers. You can hear how much you love the doggies and it's so heartwarming. It just makes me smile. =)


so glad that harki is home to rest, and the rose will be a lovely reminder. great to see the girls being so sociable too! hope you had a great easter, i love getting lost in whole series of dvds, esp ones like george gently!

Lynne S of Oz

Your bunny baskets are very cute!
I think it is funny that the Labradors hang out at the party, well almost at the party :-)
I hope Harki's velvet bag is green!


Oh those baskets are too cute! And the thought of the little velvet bag makes me tear up.


love the baskets! you are so clever! =)


Love the baskets, and Peri and Gilly watching the party are adorable! I think Joe would be much more determined to get over the fence and join in!

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