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Lie-low And Stitch

Welcome to my world: a world where you count the rows on one Chappa'ai cardigan front and think you have done too many so you unravel quite a few. Then you realise you didn't do any side seam shaping on the other front so you unravel the whole front down the to the rib and then you realise that you did bust dart shaping and so of course there would be more rows at the centre front. That's when you also realise you can't find the piece of paper with all the shaping rows written out in full. All I can say is thank goodness I have such an obsession with saving things in My Documents because there it was, all safe and sound.  Now if I can just rinse out the Golden Syrup that seems to have spilled on the back, I can knit my way back to the underarm cast off with positive thoughts. Don't ask. Really, don't ask. Here's a hint.

Gilly is so helpful

This may also give you a hint. I slept quite well last night, opened the dog door early and went back to bed. I woke up to this:

Tree in the bed
That would be one of the oak tree branches I cut off yesterday and put up by the back gate, and a ball of brown felting wool. I B&W-ed the photo because the full colour horror is too much to bear. Instead of creating havoc, Peri found one of her stashed Christmas presents and had a lovely time chewing and eating it up.

Peri's treat Gilly's loss
Lorelai Gilmore has been helping me pin out the completed Baktus still-without-a-proper-name scarf. My ability to name has momentarily deserted me. This is the best photo I could get. 

Gilly and scarf
I still have my cold, and yesterday was a day off from walking which is perhaps why there was a tree in the bed. This morning was the first day ever that Gilly has seen water in the creek. She was a bit nervous at first, wondering what Peri was doing.

Shall I hope in with Peri
Then she jumped right in and was wet all over in a trice. She's going to love Winter and what a good sister Peri is!!!

The Labradors in the creek
I ventured out for a couple of hours to MrsDrWho's house on Sunday evening to watch Doctor Who's return. Fabulous, he will be a great Doctor thank you very much, and Steven Moffat's writing is excellent. I also went to Trivia on Tuesday in the middle of a terrible electrical storm, when much to our chagrin we came second. We really wanted to come third because the prize was a wine voucher!! Today I shall go to The Library and return the Sublime Stitching book. It was a bit of a disappointment being transfers, and not the designs I was excitedly expecting to see. I've bought a pattern I have been coveting for a top/tunic/dress: Amy Butler's Liverpool. I bought it from Belsize Square online and even with postage, theirs was the cheapest I could (googling around a bit) find. Buying something cheers me up.

I have been knitting something else secret and doing a little sewing as well, but I run out of enthusiasm and have to go for a nap, ergo, lots of Labrador pictures these last few weeks!!



you could never be cross with those luverly pups - they always look so happy !! I know how you feel about the knitting gone wrong - the same as I do when I put the kettle in the fridge or throw out a perfectly good knife instead of putting it in the washing up :):) hope you feel better real soon xx

Rose Red

Oh I like that Liverpool pattern - love a shirt dress!!

I'm glad you clarified that the mess on the bed was not the Chappa'ai cardigan pieces!! I almost had a heart attack on your behalf!!

I'm afraid you shall never get Gilly out of the creek now...


It's a good thing those cheeky labradors are so cute!!

I loved the new Dr Who too!! The thing is, I'm worried that by the end of the season, I will have a bunch of new phobias thanks to Steven Moffat! I've only just recently been brave enough to turn my back on a statue...


Oh no, ripping out for nothing. I don't think I would like to reknit right away.
I love the picture of Peri licking Gilly? It's so cute.
When they are bored they find stuff we didn't even know existed in our home. :o)


that cardigan knitting sounds very confusing, no wonder you are feeling it too! hope it somehow sorts itself out and it starts taking shape nice and quickly again :)


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Hope this of help to you
nat xx
PS we loved the doctor who episode too!


I think I will end up liking the new doctor, too, but I hate it when they change. I always go through a mourning period of sorts when the old guy is gone!!


Naughty girls and naughty cardigan!

I'm so glad you like Matt Smith. I've been raving about him since it was announced he was going to be Who (Whom?) and I wondered if anyone else would agree with me!


Oak leaves on the bed... funny!


hmm your approach to row counting sounds vaguely is a bit of a worry isnt it? i think you have more excuses than me tho, and i too was glad to hear the mess on the bed wasnt also the cardigan. i am quite smitten with the new Dr. he is no DT spunk-factor wise but he has a certain charm, and i am going to be big fan of that lovely Ms Pond.


not a day for walking today!! Isn't this weather glorious!! Hope you are getting better everyday xxxxx


I liked the new doctor as well. I think all will be fine except for the tweaked about theme music which I thought was a little bit unnecessary.

Laurie (Moo!)

I always love the photo's of your girls but that tree in the bed brings me images of "The Godfather". Thank goodness it was only a branch and yarn!! Haven't seen the new Dr. show, yet. I think I'm only up to the 4th season but I like to sneak a peak when it's on TV.

You're very organized with your knitting. I'd have lost the paper and frogged the whole thing. Keep on going!!


What gorgeous doggalogg shots! Love to see them playing in the creek - what fun!! Out Chilli used to love walks by the creek; she would run along with her nose IN the water, as if smelling the creeky smells!

Grr to the stinky cardigan confusion and annoyance! Hopefully it's smooth sailing from here :)

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