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Monday Munchies #14

Bakerella, she of the Cake Pops, also made some sort of Oreo Pop. I can't find it, but today I present TimTam Pops, and Mint Slice Pops. I can't taste them because they are chocolate, but they look pretty edible!!! I may try my hand at some Cake Pops before too long.

Pops all in rows

TimTam/Mint Slice Pops
  • 1 packet of TimTams or Mint Slice or other biscuit
  • 65g cream cheese (Philly)
  • 300g more or less of chocolate, to be melted
  • pop sticks, I cut some satay skewers

In your blender, whizz up the biscuits until they are crumbs and then add the cream cheese and whizz some more till it is all combined. Place in the fridge. When cold, cut into cubes of desired proportions, roll into balls. Insert sticks and refrigerate till 'set'. The dip into the melted chocolate and they are done!! I topped the Mint Slice Pops with a little crushed peppermint lolly. I poked holes in some polystyrene and then stood up all the pops to dry.

Look out here we come

Peri Naughty and Lorelai Gilmore were stalking the photo-shoot.

I wonder why???


Rose Red

How cool! What a great idea! I've made similar ones (cake based) using christmas cake, smooshed up with a bit of rum or similar, and rolled in chocolate. I really like the idea of using biscuits and skewering them though!


oh yummo. what a shame you can only look and not gobble them all up! i would have been stalking them too!


oh, yummy! that looks like a great holiday recipe to try with the kids!


They look delicious. Pity that you cant try them for yourself. I think we have eaten enough chocolate around here, with 2 kids driving me crazy I ended up in bed with a very bad headache, lol!


Tim tam pops?
And mine are WHERE????????
So the whole "I'm on a diet" thing you listened to???????????


The whining comment just posted was from me...MrsDrwho...I forgot to change the user namey thingy.


I have a great recipe for you. We call the Cake Balls here. Since you can't have chocolate, you can use just regular yellow cake mix and white frosting. Make the box cake according to the package directions. Let it cool slightly, then crumble the whole cake into a large bowl. Add a container of pre-made white frosting (like Betty Crocker or Duncan Hines). Mix it up with your hands. Roll them into 1" balls and dip them in white chocolate almond bark. You could use a wooden skewer to dip them and then just let them dry.

There you have your Cake Pops/Cake Balls. I usually make mine all chocolate (cake, frosting, and dip).

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