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My So-Cold Life

MrsDrWho wondered yesterday whilst watching three more episodes of Farscape (82 to go) if I was allergic to her cats again, because I was rubbing my red and itchy eyes. Nope, this morning I woke up with a cold: sore throat, stuffed up nose and a headache. I am good in a poorly health situation though, I took The Girls for a quick walk, and bought Lemon and Honey tea and some Chicken Noodle soup and I am about to have a shower and then go to bed. It's all Pride and Prejudice here with no real cold medication I can take, instead it is Vicks all round and maybe some painkillers. I am just cross I have a cold when all my friends are on holidays.

This is Harki's lovely rose, from her Auntie MrsDrWho. It's a bright red double bloom Floribunda rose called Matthias Meilland.

Harki's Rose
Here, at last, is The Tempest/As Dreams Are Made On Cardigan. It took 5 balls of Regia Design Line Kaffe Fassett sock wool, and almost a whole ball of Bambi Grignasco for the stripes, hems and the buttonband cast off.  It has a v-neck and incredibly on sale buttons that cost 20 cents each. The buttons I really liked were going to cost more than the whole cardigan did.

Tempest ADAMO
So I'm off to bed now. Here's a picture of The Labradors on their walk, Peri and Gilly, side by side. Off they trot. Life goes happily on.

Peri and Gilly trot along
Look at those cute faces!! (And Gilly's plastic)

Peri and Gilly posing


Rose Red

The rose sounds lovely, and the cardigan is just fab! I really love the modifications you made to the striped pattern, and wow - excellent button purchasing!!

Peri and Gilly look very comfortable together, just what you want I imagine.


Oh that's a lovely rose! I like your Cardigan! Made out of sock yarn, wow, that would take forever if I knit that.
I hope you'll feel better soon. Do you think the girls bond is stronger now, that there are just two of them?


That cardigan turned out lovely! I love the combination of the two yarns.


The cardigan is gorgeous & I love the color. You have done a beautiful job. Hope you are feeling better. Take care.


I hope you get over your cold soon. I have been feeling a bit under the weather the last 2 days too but I think the kids are stressing me out with not letting me have real time to myself for a bit here and there. I love your cardigan, beautiful blues and the buttons look like a good match. Sometimes I wonder why buttons are so expensive!


Oh, do feel better! I don't do well with meds, either and I actually really love Vicks, but I hate being sick. Harki's rose is going to be lovely. Your sweater is lovely, too. Perhaps you can cuddle up in it till you are feeling better. It is so cute how the dogs walk side by side!


that regia design line is such versatile stuff, it looks great as a cardi! sorry to hear about the cold, i hope it stays just that and doesnt become a flu. i wonder sometimes whether we could train our dogs to bring us chicken soup in bed, instead of just wet feet and sloppy kisses!


The rose is beautiful...and I loooooove the cardigan!!! You are so clever. Hope you're feeling better soon. Love to you and the dogs. x

Lynne S of Oz

I hope the cold is very minor and passes quickly! I've had drippy nose and runny eyes and if I take antihistamines, voila! Mostly gone :-)
Aren't nice buttons expensive? It amazes me how much you can spend on buttons. If you only need one, a $5 or $10 button is ok if it is THE button but when you need lots... yikes!


oh Cindy I do hope you are over your cold very quickly, and the cardigan is amazing!!! so gorgeous just like your lovely new rose xx


I think Auntie DrWho chose a good rose for Harki.

I love how the centre buttons on Tempest are a different colour to line up with the solid stripes - very canny!

I hope this cold passes quickly and that the girls don't give you too much trouble in the mean time!


Great title! Amjust sorry for the cause of it. I love a rose that is for remembering. And do well done onthr cardi! I love a cardi as you know! One made out of sock yarn is getting my fingers twitching!


That is such a lovely photo of Peri and Gilly walking happily together :) Harki's rose is beautiful, it will be nice to see pictures as it grows and flowers for you.


Oh I hope you will be on the mend soon :)

The rose is beautiful, as are the girls on their walk.

Get well quickly xx


I hope your cold gets better soon Cindy. I'm still recovering from pneumonia & some minor surgery I had recently, but at least I can take some medications....just mixes with all my others to make me really dopey & dozey.

Harki's rose looks really healthy...can't wait to see it in bloom :)

Tempest looks lovely...easpecially the 'bargain' buttons!!

It's so sweet to see Peri & Gilly together.....and yes their faces are just sooooo cute!! :)

Laurie (Moo!)

The rose bush is beautiful.

Here's something you might try - my chiropractor said when I have a cold I should put Vicks on the bottom of my feet and put on socks. Wear that to bed and you'll wake up feeling better. I haven't tried it but if you're already hitting on the Vicks, maybe it will speed things along?

Ah, the girls are all hip-to-hip, on their run. So cute!

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